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April Showers bring May Flowers: The Importance of Tears

By Meghan Lemery Fritz, LCSW-R | Families Today

Spring showers bring May flowers.  April tends to be a rainy month that prepares the earth for new seeds of growth and beautiful blooming flowers that we see in May.  Although rainy days can sometimes feel dark, depressing and chilly, they are necessary to provide new growth and abundance as we change seasons.

I often work with individuals who resist processing feelings of sadness and the tears that are the result of bringing up past hurts.  This resistance leads to emotional blocks that manifest into anger, bitterness and detachment.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is to learn how to acknowledge sadness and let the tears flow.  Just like the rain brings new growth, tears cleanse the heart and allow for new beginnings and healing.

People get stuck emotionally when they refuse to allow feelings of sadness to be processed.  Anger makes us feel more in control and puts us in a position of power.  “You were wrong and I am so angry with you” is easier to say than, “Your actions have really hurt me and I’m just not sure how to move forward.”

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable you open the door for healing.  Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you are a weak person who is constantly walking around in tears, rather, it means you are strong enough to acknowledge your feelings and you respect and love yourself enough to share your feelings with others.

I have seen people bury sadness for years and the result is a sick person emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Our bodies break down when we don’t allow sadness to be expressed through our words and tears.  Dis-ease begins to take over our bodies and this is when we are susceptible to illness and disease.

Don’t wait until you are sick and tired to let yourself begin the healing process. Whatever anger or bitterness you have buried, get some help to process the feelings and allow yourself to heal.

Have you ever had a really good cry and after you experience a deep quietness and peace in your heart?  Tears express our pain in ways that words are unable to.  Next time you feel the tears come, don’t stop the flow. Get into a safe place emotionally and physically and let yourself express the sadness.

It’s no coincidence that after a big rain storm we see a rainbow.  Whatever dark time you have experienced there is light and healing after the storm.  The sun will always shine again.  Don’t let yourself fall into a pit of anger, depression, bitterness and anger. Let the tears flow and if you need it, get the help to heal and move forward.

You are worth it!

Meghan Fritz is a psychotherapist practicing in State College, PA.

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