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Property Transactions 5/26/17


16 Middleline Rd., $540,000. Eric and Mary Hoover sold property to Stephane Renou and Helene Morel. 

13 Gartner Dr., $164,000. Terri Maxson  sold property to Andrei Squires. 

11 Carriage Run, $831,503. Old Westwind Farm LLC, sold property to Matthew and Alesia Carras. 


31 Redwood Dr., $649,900. Nicholas and Sandra Verola sold property to Michael and Mary Grygiel. 

46 Old Stage Rd., $480,000. Kariann Morris and Robert May, Jr. sold property to Stephen and Sarah Little. 

600 Charlton Rd., $50,000. Lisa Zambito sold property to Jeffrey Delano.

1 Edwin Dr., $225,000.. Robert and Cheryl Wold sold property to Bradford and Kayla Cooper.

41 Beechwood Dr., $100,000. Jean Hunsicker, Diane Holzmann, and Bruce Cooper sold property to Bruce Cooper and Patricia Kopper. 


658 Waite Rd., $342,500. Eivion Williams (as Trustee) sold property to David Danner.

15 Winding Ridge Ct., $310,000. Noreen Collins sold property to Alice and Anthony Cerone.

3 Woodside Dr., $230,000. Layne Zagorski sold property to Nicholas Lesniak.

7 Pine Tree Place, $240,000. Brian and Lynda Huba sold property to Robert Marx and Heather Brondi.

3 Legends Way, $472,500. Benjamin and Colleen Chase sold property to Daniel and Melissa Boisvert.

7 Mohawk Trail, $205,000. Chad Hill sold property to Evan Butterfield.

945 Riverview Rd., $293,800. Michael and Christine Ironside sold property to Jeffrey and Lisa Markowski. 

107 Gloucester St., $300,000. Phillip and Imelda Browning  sold property to  Hua Xu and Fan Yang.

1152 Balllston Lake Rd., $140,450. Ballston Realty LLC sold property to Autumn and Alex Sims.

432 Vischer Ferry Rd., $404,000. Michael and Lynn Wood sold property to Wallace Pete and Arvella Tardelli.

10 Esopus Dr., $267,800. Michael and Lindsay Martin sold property to Justin Gould and Laura Murray.

99 Gloucester St., $275,000. Owen and Jennifer Speulstra sold property to Morgan and Annemarie Dillon. 

4 Sherman Oaks, $335,000. Ida Sands sold property to Abhinav Jain and Tanya Jajodia.


2597 Old Mill Rd., $304,000. Louis Puglisi sold property to Jason Puglisi. 

5308 Bliss Rd., $249,900. Tracy Freas sold property to William Pearson.

7306 Teller Lane, $130,000. Loraine Kilallen (by Exec) sold property to Kurt Ladu, Brent and Paulette Bosworth. 


610 Locust Grove Rd., $399,900. Patricia Hatlee (Ind. and as Trustee) sold property to Billy and Adria Newberry. 

103 Spier Falls Rd., $164,000. William and Stephnee Lloyd sold property to David and Jennifer Canfield. 

25 Hughes Rd., $27,000. Joseph and Sylvia White sold property to Scott and Anna Watson. 

107 Allen Rd., $470,000. Todd and Margaret Bushee sold property to N.P. Dodge, Jr. and Leslie Delperdang (Co-Ttrustees).

107 Allen Rd., $470,000. N.P. Dodge, Jr. (Trustee) sold property to Aaron Goertzen and Stacey MacDonald.


10C Pointe West Dr., $266,251. Pointe West Townhomes of Halfmoon sold property to Ryan and Erin Mark.

1 Outlook Dr. North, $350,000. Vincent Fadale sold property to Richard and Layne Zagorski. 

31 Saville Row, $452,233. Legacy Builders LLC sold property to Lindsay and Claudia Hough. 

4 Siena  Dr., $223,000. Jeffrey and Renee Pomeroy sold property to Steven Paolucci. 


1 Lake Ridge Dr., $600,000. Henryk and Melainia Lapinski sold property to David and Mary Hoefer.

4 Wake Robin Rd., $91,350. Joseph Murphy sold property to Levbow Associates LLC. 

14 Hunters Run, $330,000. Sandra Meier (as Trustee) sold property to Jeffrey and Michele Dignam. 

30 Lupine Dr., $276,000. Robert and Winifred Horn sold property to Benjamin VanGuilder. 


572 Victory Circle, $279,900. Eric Adams and Wayne Beale sold property to Christopher and Suzanne Jaynes.

176 Finley Rd., $14,200. JP Morgan Chase Bank sold property to Castlerrock 2017 LLC. 

42 Skylark Dr., $239,777. Peter Wilson and Michaela Reilly (by Agent) sold property to Kathleen Walsh and Fenton Jones.

7 Rowland St., $80,000. Brian Smith sold property to McConchie Properties LLC. 


152 Reservoir Rd., $22,000. David and Mary Farr sold property to Lindsey and Jared Amadon. 

1625 Route 9, $132,500. Thomas and Christine Bushey sold property to Alan Walkup.


34 Robins Run, $166,000. US Bank National Association (as Trustee) sold property to Adam Kurchner and Rebecca Tibbatts. 


145 Drager Rd., $296,000. John and Donna Ryan sold property to Nicholas and Sarah Hume. 


1316 Route 9P, $250,000. James Reed (as Trustee) sold property to Kevin and Heather Hanna. 

42 Burgoyne St., $70,000. Thomas and Janice Johnson (Co-Trustees) sold property to Donna and Donald Fish, Sr., 


6 – 14 Kirby Rd., $575,000. Kirby Burnt Hills Realty LLC sold property to HFICO LLC.

316 Ballston Ave., Unit D, $267,000. 316 Ballston Ave. LLC sold property to Melissa Alexander.

18 Granite St., $845,000. Shana and Robert Parkeharrison sold property to Jason Ohlberg and Scott Erickson. 

125 Union Ave., Unit 107, $145,500. Mitchell Berg and Jennifer Schiff-Berg sold property to Alyssa and Tessa Boyea.

1 Avery St., $185,000. Gerard and Diana Laing sold property to Thomas Roohan. 

7 St. Charles Place, $152,500. Michael Klosek, Jr. (as Trustee) sold property to Modern Antiquity (DBA). 


10 Champlain Rd., $164,908. Champa Sharma sold property to Rachel Jones. 

17 Meadow Lane, $41,499. US Bank National Association sold property to Marie and Maurice Bariteau. 


167 Saratoga Ave., $121,960. Wise Endeavors Inc. sold property to Tyler Mabee. 


32 Christina Ct., $225,000. Susan Arnold (By Exec.) sold property to Justin and Jennelle Miles.

330 Louden Rd., $282,500. Michael Rinella sold property to Jason Kerns.

5 Claire Pass, $415,000. David and Virginia Keefe sold property toSally Warner and Edward Fagan (Co-Trustees).

73 Coble Hill Dr., $291,000. Jason and Maureen Mangine sold property to Shawn and Tracy Lescault. 

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON SPA 4 Saddlebrook Blvd., $471,204. Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Mark and Cathy Molampy.  24 Saddlebrook Blvd., Lot 60, $369,344. Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property to Gregory Giuliano. 52 Sycamore St., $355,000. Mir Ali sold property to James Church III and Suzanne Rotella.  42 Chester St., $230,000. Matthew Spencer sold property to Andre Noel. 1 Howard St., $195,000. Donald and Bonnie Botsford sold property to Benjamin and Ashley Newsom.  MALTA 52 Wineberry Lane, $261,000.Gary Carpino and Jacqueline Brown-Carpino sold property to Michael and Cherie Powers.  122 Plum Poppy North, $388,234. Marini Land II Inc. sold…
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