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Meet the Candidates: Greenfield

By Kevin Matyi | News

DanPemrickSUPERVISOR: Dan Pemrick

Greenfield is the largest town in Saratoga County and includes Middle Grove, Porter Corners, Greenfield Center and some of Route 9 referred to as Maple Avenue. As a result we continually look for ways to develop and foster a sense of community within our town. We are accomplishing this by continually developing our parks and expand out recreational programs and activities for our citizens of all ages.

With close to 100 miles of roads in our town and a growing population we will continue to support our excellent Highway Department and our Road Improvement Program that works to keep us all safe. We have improved our website making it more interactive and useful. We have a strong presence on Facebook and use this tool to communicate with our residents, announce events and keep the public informed.



I am looking forward to the opportunity to give back to a community that I benefitted from while growing up. 

As a volunteer, I have had the opportunity to chair a Veteran’s Committee that developed the Greenfield Veteran’s plaques on display in the Town Board meeting room.  I also chaired a Recreation Committee which devised a plan that recommended the  development of a park in the hamlet of Greenfield Center and a pavilion at the Park across from Brookhaven Golf Course. 

If I am fortunate enough to serve as a Councilman, I look forward to assisting the Town in developing and maintaining the recreational opportunities for all citizens with the main focus on youth programs.

As with any community, there is a balance that needs to maintained between development and the rural character of Greenfield. Our zoning law has been designed to be a living document to assist in guiding the Town during development. Along with a growing Town, a highway department needs to be supported in order to ensure the safety of our citizens throughout the year.



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