Friday, 29 March 2013 08:25

Wilton Looking to Expand Recreation Offerings

By Patricia Older | News

WILTON – With a very successful recreation program under their belt, Wilton town officials are looking at new ways to offer more passive recreational programs that would benefit all ages and abilities. 

Councilman Steve Streicher, liaison to parks and recreation said one of the things the town would like to do is build a small waterpark for toddlers and young children with spray pools similar to those found in Saratoga. 

“We are looking to do something similar to Saratoga Springs, but a little nicer and not as vulnerable to vandalism,” said Streicher, adding that while some board members had talked about making a larger waterpark that would charge a fee, he did not envision the town going in that direction. 

“Some had wanted to build a larger park where we would charge a fee,” said Streicher, “But I don’t want to charge our residents to use the waterpark.”

He said that they were looking at a number of different options for the waterpark, but that there were no plans at this time for a public pool. 

“We’d like to have spray pads like East Side Rec,” said Streicher. “We are still in the process of seeing how much we want for the water facility and how big – do we need eight, 10, 12? No, I don’t think so – we’d like to keep it simple and for younger families for now.”

He said they were also still working on the mile-and-a-half walking trail around Gavin Park, but that it was requiring a little more legal paperwork than originally anticipated. 

Part of the property, he explained, was owned by the Saratoga Springs City School District and they have some concerns with how close the trails would come to Dorothy Nolan schools. There is also the private housing development, continued Streicher, which has to be taken into consideration. 

The superintendent of highways, Kirkland Woodcock, has offered to help in building the five foot wide trail. 

Other things town officials hope to bring to the park is an ice skating rink for next winter and a play area designed so children with special needs and disabilities could access the rides and slides. 

“It would be added to the current playground so that anyone could use it,” said Streicher. “But it will be wheelchair accessible and designed for children with special needs.” 

He said they were also looking into adding an outdoor volleyball court, a shuffleboard court and a horseshoe pit for residents to use. 

“We have a great sports program so we are looking for more passive activities for the residents to enjoy,” said Streicher.

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