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2013 16th Annual SRA Invitational

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2013 16th Annual SRA Invitational

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The 16th annual Saratoga Invitations is set to host upwards of 1200 teams from the Northeast this Friday, April 26 to Sunday, April 28. After about 900 entries in 2012, the Invitational has continued to see growth, as it becomes more and more renowned as one of the fastest regattas available for competition.

Aside from Saratoga Springs, local teams from Shenendehowa, Niskayuna, Shaker, Albany, Burnt Hills, Stillwater, Ballston Spa, Emma Willard and Scotia-Glenville will be competing amidst the couple thousand athletes who will be in town from states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

As the regattas enter what Saratoga Rowing Association Executive Director Eric Catalano calls one of the most exciting times of the season, Saratoga Springs is sure to be packed with crew athletes and enthusiasts this weekend.

In what is by far the largest Saratoga Invitational to date, the Saratoga Rowing Association is in its second consecutive year of having to make the event span over a period of three days. In addition to the invitational, the Liberty League Championships will also be underway Sunday morning before the invitational starts back up at 9:30 a.m. and goes until about 4:30 p.m.

Saratoga Schedule: Invitational


Time                 Race Name 


3 a.m.               Mens 1x Flight 1 (A)
3:21 a.m.          Mens 1x Flight 4
5:13 a.m.          Mens 2x Flight 2 (A)
5:20 a.m.          Mens 2x Flight 3 (B)
5:41 a.m.          Mens Ltwt 2x Flight # (B)
5:48 a.m.          Mens HS Ltwt 2x Flight 1(B. McKenna)
5:55 a.m.          Mens HS Ltwt 2x Flight 2 (W. Peake)
8:09 a.m.          Mens Frosh/Novice 4x Flight 2 (B)
8:54 a.m.          Mens 2nd Varsity 8+ Flight 2 (B) 


7:59 a.m.          Mens Fros/Novice 4x Flight
9:36 a.m.          Womens Middle School Flight 1 (A)
9:46 a.m.          Womens Middle School Flight 2 (B, C, D)
10:06 a.m.        Womens Frosh/Novice 4+ Flight 2
10:33 a.m.        Mens JV 4x (11th grade and under only)
10:40 a.m.        Mens Varsity 4x Flight 1 (A)
11:11 a.m.        Mens Frosh/Novice 4+ Flight 2
12:30 p.m.        Mens Middle School Flight 2 (B)
1:47 p.m.          Mens HS Ltwt 8+ Flight
2:08 p.m.          Womens 1st Varsity 8+ Flight 3
2:22 p.m.          Womens 2nd Varsity 8+ Flight 1
2:57 p.m.          Womens 4th Varsity 8+ Flight
3:04 p.m.          Womens 5th Varsity 8+ Flight
4:21 p.m.          Womens Freshman 8+ Flight 1
5:53 p.m.          Mens HS Ltwt 4+ Flight 1
6:14 p.m.          Womens Frosh/Novice 4x Flight 1
7:32 p.m.          Womens Junio 8+ Flight


2:24 p.m.          Womens Novice 8+ Flight 3
2:41 p.m.          Womens 3V 8+ Flight 1
2:48 p.m.          Womens 4V 8+ Flight
2:55 p.m.          Womens 5V 8+ Flight
3:53 p.m.          Mens 3V 8+ Flight
4:07 p.m.          Mens Middle School 4x/+ Flight (A)
4:21 p.m.          Mens 2v Quads Flight   (A)
4:28 p.m.          Womens 2v Quad Flight


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