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General Election Results - Saratoga County

BALLSTON SPA — Unofficial results of the 2021 General Election, held Nov. 2, 2021, without absentees, as per the Saratoga County Board of Elections. 

County Supervisors

Ballston – Eric P. Connolly (R,C) unopposed.

Charlton – Joe Grasso (R,C)  unopposed.

Clifton Park (Vote 1) – Philip Barrett (R,C) 67.7%, Melissa L. Boxer (D,WF) 32.1%.

Clifton Park (Vote 1) – Jonathan G. Schopf (R,C) unopposed.

Corinth – C. Eric Butler (R, C) unopposed. 

Day – Carol A. Vaillancort (R) unopposed.

Galway - Michael A. Smith (R,C) unopposed.

Greenfield - Kevin M. Veitch (R,C) unopposed. 

Hadley - Arthur M. Wright (R,C) unopposed.

Halfmoon - Kevin J. Tollisen (R,C) unopposed. 

Malta - Mark E. Hammond (R,C) 58.1%, Michael J. Williams (D,WF) 41.9% 

Milton - Scott T. Ostrander (R,C) 50.65%;

Benny L. Zlotnick Jr. (D, MMF) 32.79%; Barbara A. Kerr (UMI) 16.49%. 

Moreau - Theodore T. Kusnierz Jr. (R,C) unopposed. 

Northumberland - Denise D. Murphy (R,C) unopposed. 

Providence - Sandra L. Winney (R) unopposed. 

Saratoga Town - Thomas N. Wood III (R,C) 64.26%; Paul F. Murphy (D) 35.74%.

Saratoga Springs (Vote for 2) - Tara N. Gaston (D) 26.30% and Matthew E. Veitch (R,C) 25.95%; Shaun D. Wiggins (D, RS) 22.69%; John F. Safford (R,C) 22.61%; Bruce Altimar (WF) 1.63%; Gabriel P. O'Brien (WF) 0.81%. 

Stillwater - Danielle M. Cowin (R) 59.66%; Amy McClements Williams (D) 23.99%; Jennifer M. Weaver 16.25%. 

Waterford - John E. Lawler (R) unopposed. 

Wilton - John J. Lant (R,C) unopposed. 

Countywide Positions

County Sheriff:  Michael H. Zurlo (R,C) 84.16%; Norman G. Boyea (WF) 15.62%. 

County Surrogate Court Judge: Richard A. Kupferman (R,C) ran unopposed. 

County Clerk: Craig A. Hayner (R,C) ran unopposed. 

County Coroner: Susan M. Hayes-Masa (R,C) ran unopposed.

Five Statewide Propositions

Saratoga County voters, and N.Y. voters statewide similarly voted in favor of two of five ballot proposals. They are: 

Proposition 2 - Right to Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Healthful Environment. 

Proposition 5 - Increasing the Jurisdiction of the New York City Civil Court.

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