Thursday, 30 May 2013 13:32

Party Endorsements May Swing Tight Election Fights

By Arthur Gonick | News

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The 2013 Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County elections are expected by many to feature several hard-fought and closely contested elections. 

In contrast to previous eras where the two major political parties—Republican and Democratic—principally fought it out (with the Republicans often dominating, particularly at the county level and in towns surrounding the city of Saratoga Springs), modern elections have taken on the character of coalition building not unlike the English Parliamentary system, where smaller parties have provided the margins for one of the two ‘majors’ to obtain a majority and thus govern. 

Traditionally, it has become fairly standard, though by no means exclusively, for Republicans to obtain the endorsement of the Conservative Party, while Democratic candidates receive the endorsement of the Working Families Party. Each of these endorsements can give a candidate crucial percentage points (or fractions of percentages) to their vote total. 

In that connection, the Independence Party endorsements, released to Saratoga TODAY Thursday morning, can have an even greater impact—in the past few election cycles, this party’s endorsement has provided the margin of victory in several close elections. As its membership has grown, the Independence line in the voting booth has become highly sought after, with most major party candidates submitting to the scrutiny of its screening process. 

Of course, nothing is a slam-dunk at this point. Candidates still have to campaign and earn your votes. Yet it is a safe bet to say that those candidates whose names appear on the list below are feeling better about their prospects this morning. 

The complete list of Independence Party endorsements for Saratoga TODAY’s readership area candidates and the offices they seek are as follows: 


Saratoga County

Michael Zurlo, Sheriff
Craig Hayner, County Clerk


Saratoga Springs

Joanne Yepsen, Mayor
John Franck, Commissioner of Accounts
Michele Madigan, Commissioner of Finance
Rick Wirth, Commissioner of Public Safety
Bill McTygue, Commissioner of Public Works
Matt Veitch, Supervisor
Peter Martin, Supervisor


Town of Wilton

Art Johnson, Supervisor
Sue Baldwin, Town Clerk
Kirkland Woodcock, Highway Superintendent


Town of Malta

Steven Gottmann, Town Justice
Ellwood A. Sloat Jr., Town Justice
Roger W. Crandall, Highway Superintendent
Maggi Ruisi, Town Board
John Hartzell, Town Board
Cynthia Young, Town Board


Town of Charlton

Alan Grattidge, Supervisor
Joe Grasso, Town Board
Mark Hodgkins, Town Board
Mike Emerich, Highway Superintendent


Town of Galway

Regina Doi, Supervisor
David Costanzo, Highway Superintendent


Town of Greenfield

Walt Chandler, Town Board
Dan Pemrick, Town Board


Town of Milton

Daniel Lewza, Supervisor
John Mancini, Town Board
Frank Blasidell, Town Board


Town of Moreau

Preston Jenkins, Supervisor
Jeanne Fleury, Town Clerk
Robert Prendergast, Town Council
Bob Dick, Town Council
Paul Joseph, Highway Superintendent


Town of Stillwater

Edward Kinowski, Supervisor
Ralph Peluso, Town Justice
Ed Richardson, Town Justice
Sue Cummingham, Town Clerk
Arthur Baker, Town Council
Kenneth Petronis, Town Council
Anne Robyck, Tax Collector
Mark Minick, Highway Superintendent


Town of Saratoga

Tom Wood, Supervisor
Dan McCabe, Town Board
Michael McLoughlin, Town Board


Town of Ballston

Patrick Ziegler, Supervisor
John Antoski, Town Board
Joseph Whalen Jr., Highway Superintendent


City of Mechanicville

James Peluso, Mayor
Jodie Gilheany, Commissioner of Finance
Mary E.Timpanaro, Commissioner of Public Safety

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