Thursday, 01 December 2022 15:35

Last Call: City Sets Tuesday Public Hearing Re: Changes to Bar Closing Times

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The City Council this week set a Public Hearing regarding efforts to change its bar and restaurant closing times from 4 a.m. to 2 a.m. The 15-minute Public Hearing will take place in advance of the council’s next regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 6. 

Through different administrations over the course of the past several years, the city has attempted to install earlier an earlier closing time for its downtown bars, but ultimately the county must agree for the city to be able to do so. 

To the latter point, the council unanimously approved a formal letter be sent to the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors requesting prohibition of sales of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption after 2 a.m.

“I think this is a step that we need to make, but we need to be prepared to do more, because I don’t think it’s going to be recognized,” said city Accounts Commissioner Dillon Moran. Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim agreed. “We need to leave no stone unturned in how we deal with the issues Caroline Street presents to us. Unfortunately, I don’t think the county will do this, but, yes, we need to send the letter,” said Mayor Kim. 

The portion the city is requesting be changed refers to Section 17.11 of the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control Law, which states that any potential change made to restrict the hours of sale of alcoholic beverages by the state Liquor Authority must first come in the form a resolution adopted by the county board of supervisors. 

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