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Raising Awareness About Eating Disorders: Flutters Of Hope

Raising Awareness About Eating Disorders: Flutters Of Hope

SARATOGA SPRINGS - Flutters of Hope was born a few years ago after Cheryl Marron saw the immense need to raise awareness of Eating Disorders, a disease which has been hidden behind education, the lack of medica/mental health care, and insurance providers.

“I know first-hand the suffering an eating disorder in a family member or friend can cause,” Marron says. ‘My daughter, Annalise, has had issues since she was a teen. Throughout the years I have met so many people with eating disorders or parents and friends who know someone with one. Along the way I have had the opportunity to hear their unique stories and can personally relate to their hardships regarding stress, guilt, shame, financial disruption, and want to bring awareness to our community on the topic. ”

Upcoming event:at Adirondack Sports Expo, March 18 & 19, from 10-4 at Saratoga Springs City Center, 522 Broadway. Free admission. 

For more information, visit: you know anyone suffering from the disease or a family member/friend who needs help contact: Cheryl Marron This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 716-818-0170. Flutters of Hope, is a 501c3 state and federally recognized organization to help those with eating disorders. 

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