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Thursday, 01 August 2013 15:11

Let the Auctions Begin: Fasig-Tipton Kicks Off Monday

By Brian Cremo | News
As the yearlings are showing up the the Fasig-Tipton sales, people are already starting to look at the lot for confirmation, size, and pedigree. Photo provided. As the yearlings are showing up the the Fasig-Tipton sales, people are already starting to look at the lot for confirmation, size, and pedigree. Photo provided.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The yearlings have arrived and the 93rd Saratoga Auction, run by Fasig-Tipton Co. Inc., is set to start Monday, August 5.

The Fasig-Tipton yearling auctions in the Humphrey S. Finney Pavilion will provide another year of some of the best yearlings available, a trait the event has been known for.

“I think the statistics through 2012, shows that this was a sale that had the highest percentage of quality race horses than any sale in North America,” said Fasig-Tipton Director of Marketing and Senior Sales Announcer Terence Collier. “It’s the fact that these horses do go on. It’s one thing to pay a lot of money for a yearling that makes you feel good at the time, but unless it gets to the winner’s circle it’s somewhat of an empty investment. The statistics show that Saratoga has been one of the most productive ways to buy quality race horses.”

Last year the there were 107 yearlings sold for an average of $300,000 with total sales of $32,000,000. Almost 60 percent of 2007-09 horses eventually won at least one race.

This year there are 152 horses catalogued, most of which started pre-sale showing today.

The auction, which will have people from all over the world in attendance, has seen the likes of the ruler of Dubai and Charlotte Weber of Campbell’s Soup in the past. More guests are expected from outside the country, including the arrival of the international team from Coolmore’s Ballydoyle (Ireland), who is expected to arrive Friday and Saturday.

“Many of the old clients have made this a very successful sale in past years,” said Collier, who will be sitting in the auction stand the entire time from Hip No. 1 to No. 152. “We’ve been in touch with them and making arrangements for hotels and things like that for them, so we’re expecting a very large crowd. I think [the 150 celebration] will (make this year special). I think that it focuses the tradition of Saratoga. It shows people how long this sale has been around. You only stay around if you do a good job and you’re producing good race horses and this sale has been known, certainly since the 1900s, as a place to buy superior race horses.”

Whether someone is looking to purchase a Thoroughbred or just looking to see what the auction is all about, everyone is welcome to the horse sale. The Humphrey S. Finney Pavilion houses a small auditorium and an oblong walking ring the horses are presented on with many large barns, a restaurant, snack bar and an office on the grounds.

The full 2013 catalogue can be found at www.fasigtipton.com and then selecting “The Saratoga Sale” toward the bottom left corner of the page where there will also be updates, an auction analysis, results and a live sale video available.

August 5 will cover hips 1-76, starting at 7 p.m. August 6 starts at 7 p.m. and will round out the remaining 76 horses.

“There are some wonderful pedigrees in this lot and the sales toppers could literally come from any one of the 152 horses in the catalogue,” Collier said. “The first thing that has to happen is they have to survive the scrutiny of the buyer. Second is they have to survive the scrutiny of the veterinarian. And then they have to be the subject of two people’s desire to win over. There’s not one horse in here that you can clearly say this horse is going to be the sales topper.”

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