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Thursday, 05 September 2013 12:11

Steve Gottman – Running For Malta Town Justice

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Q:  What would you say qualifies you for the position of Town Justice?

Gottman: I have the training, education and experience to handle the matters that come before the court. In law school and in practice, attorneys are trained in the law, including identifying issues, researching the law and making decisions that affect substantial rights. As an attorney, I have handled traffic tickets, misdemeanors, small claims, evictions and other matters in Town, Village and City Courts throughout the area. These are the matters that Town Justices handle on regular basis. In addition, a Town Justice is required to run the court efficiently and properly. Malta Town Court is the second busiest court in the county with revenue over $800,000 per year. As a small business owner, I have experience managing a business, understand challenges of Court Administration, and have the flexibility to set my schedule to meet the important demands of this part-time position.

Q: What is your motivation for running for this office?

Gottman: As an attorney and student of the law, I greatly respect the Judiciary and the rule of law.  An independent and impartial judiciary is crucial to the proper enforcement of the law and the protection of individual rights. Serving as a Judge or Justice is the highest calling of my profession. I would be honored and humbled to serve as Town Justice. In addition, I believe Malta is great place to live, work and raise a family, in large part because of the people who serve the Community.  As an attorney, the Town Justice is a great way for me to serve, as I can bring my years of education, training and experience to the Court.

Q: What can you bring to the position that you don’t think is already there?

Gottman: The residents of Malta are fortunate.  Malta has one of the best courts in the area. The staff is top notch.  My legal experience and training will help maintain the high standard set by the Malta Town Court. My financial background will help insure the proper financial administration of the Court. Finally, my respect for the Judiciary and the rule of law will compel me to impartially apply the law to the facts of each case and administer justice fairly and properly.

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