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Primaries Heat Up

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The primary for Saratoga County Sheriff is on Tuesday September 10, Noon - 9 p.m.


Michael Zurlo - Candidate for sheriff on the Republican Ticket

Endorsed Republican Candidate for Saratoga County Sheriff

Q: What is the most pressing issue in Saratoga County does the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office need to address?

Zurlo: Keeping our neighborhoods and children in school safe are my top priorities as the next Sheriff. Utilizing and building on our relationships with local police agencies will ensure that our communities remain safe place to live and work and engaging our youth and educators will promote safe initiatives within our classrooms.    

Q: What makes you qualified to lead a multimillion dollar department with several hundred employees?

I am the only candidate for Saratoga County Sheriff who has the working knowledge and experience of working with all aspects of the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office. In fact, I have more than 30 years’ experience working directly with corrections, communications, road patrol and civil. This experience has led me being the only candidate to be endorsed by the top law enforcement unions including the Saratoga County Deputy Benevolent Association, the New York State Law Enforcement Officers Union-Council 82 and the New York State Deputies Association.  

Q: What is the biggest difference between you and your opponent?

My service as a Town Judge in Stillwater and more than 30 years of policing experience protecting the streets of Saratoga County as a dedicated law-enforcement professional where I proudly served as a Sergeant, Lieutenant and Senior Criminal Investigator separates me from my opponent. My vast experience handling arson, burglary and homicide cases, on top of managing department resources and having a firm understanding all aspects of running the Sheriff's Office makes me the most qualified candidate to become the next Sheriff of Saratoga County.

 Jeff Gildersleeve - candidate for sheriff on the Republican ticket

Q: What is the most pressing issue in Saratoga County does the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office need to address?

Gildersleeve: Bringing the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department into the 21st Century with technological and cost-effective upgrades to more efficiently serve the public safety of Saratoga County. That would also entail creating department emails, establishing a user-friendly website, utilizing video arraignments and fighting welfare fraud. It’s also important that we stop the rise in drug use within the county and work to educate our youth on the dangers of drugs. That’s why I’ve announced I will bring back an updated DARE program for our kids in Saratoga County schools.


Q: What makes you qualified to lead a multimillion-dollar department with several hundred employees?

Gildersleeve: The diversified experience I’ve earned working for a multitude of well-respected organizations, from my beginnings as a United States Marine to today as a Warren County Sheriff’s investigator and everything in between. I’ve learned firsthand the best and most effective ways to manage a department and will be fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars while planning long-term for the future.

Q: What is the biggest thing between you and your opponent?

Gildersleeve: My leadership abilities; being the most qualified and experienced Republican candidate running for Saratoga County Sheriff, as a United States Marine, retired New York State Trooper, DEA Drug Task Force Supervisor and current investigator with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. This diversified experience will allow for an effective administration as the Saratoga County Sheriff with new perspectives on how to upgrade and improve the Sheriff’s office.



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