Friday, 04 October 2013 10:30

Dennis Drue Pleads Guilty To Vehicular Homicide

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BALLSTON SPA — Dennis S. Drue pled guilty to all 58 counts, September 27, in the indictment which accused him of causing the accident which killed Chris Stewart and Deanna Rivers, both 17, last December 1. His pleading guilty to all the charges is the same result as if the jury had returned a verdict of guilty on all the counts in the indictment.  


Saratoga County District Attorney James A. Murphy, III announced on Friday that Drue, also known as Dennis S. Toomer, 23, of Clifton Park, pleaded guilty to all 58 of counts of the indictment, 52 of which are felonies. The top count being was aggravated vehicular homicide, a “B” violent felony. 

The charges include 20 counts of aggravated vehicular homicide, four counts of first degree vehicular manslaughter, two counts of second degree manslaughter, four counts of aggravated vehicular assault, eight counts of second degree vehicular manslaughter, four counts of first degree vehicular assault, two counts of second degree assault and eight counts of second degree vehicular assault.

Drue was behind the wheel of a Volvo when he crashed into a vehicle carrying Stewart and Rivers, and as well as Bailey Wind and Matthew Hardy last December.

Drue had been drinking at Koto Restaurant in Colonie where he had a number of drinks. Blood tests also revealed he had THC, an active ingredient in marijuana, in his system. 

One trooper testified at a hearing that Drue had initiated to try and suppress statements he made after the accident that Drue said, “Oh my poor car, I love my car.”

Murphy said Drue never asked about the condition of the other people involved in the accident. 

Sentencing has been scheduled for December 5 at which time the DA’s office will ask the judge to  give Drue a minmum of five to 15 years. 


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