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Voter’s Guide-County Supervisor Races - Malta

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Candidates from Malta answered the following questions:



Q1: What are the three most critical issues facing Saratoga County today and in the near future?

Q2: Given the growth in population and economic development in Saratoga County, what is your vision for the next ten years?

Q3:What is your motivation for running for this office ? What special skills, knowledge, experience or training do you bring to this position?



Paul J. Sausville 

Q1: The three most critical issues facing the County in the near future are State unfunded mandates, the need to grow our economy and growing employee expenses including post employment expenses.

Q2: A great future is in store for Malta and Saratoga County. A new and modern Round Lake Road will be constructed to solve existing traffic problems. GlobalFoundries will be building FAB 8.2 that will create 21st Century jobs for our children and grandchildren. Brown's Beach will be restored for public use. The Hudson Valley/Malta TECH SMART Campus will expand to educate future high-tech workers; The Round Lake Preserve will be constructed and have a new canoe launch.

Q3: I am motivated by the belief that we all should contribute to making the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. For the skills that I possess, I can make the biggest contribution to the world right here in Malta. I have eight years of experience as Town Supervisor, six years as Councilman, 35 years as a Professional Engineer, many years leading the Planning Board and Zoning Update committee. I am a graduate of the University of Vermont.


 Cynthia C. Young 

Q1: In Saratoga County, development pressures, maintaining our quality of life and making sure that we are fiscally sound are, in my opinion the most pressing issues. We need to encourage economic development by finding creative incentives to businesses. Saratoga has a lot to offer and is a great place to live and work.

Q2: I believe that Saratoga County will become a region on the cutting edge of new technologies. We are already encouraging growth in STEM education and technologies. I hope that this trend continues. New industry and jobs will help to make us fiscally sound.

Q3: I believe that the Town of Malta needs new leadership. Malta faces development pressure and we need to face the future with a realistic vision. I also hope to promote a more open process and transparency. I have served the town in many different capacities and believe that I have the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill the position.

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