Friday, 08 November 2013 13:34

Kidnapper’s Bail Increased

By Staff Report | News

BALLSTON SPA — Bail was increased to $50,000 cash or 100,000 bond for the man who is accused of kidnapping a former girlfriend and tying her up for hours after it was determined he was a flight risk. 

Ryan Place, 28, of 309 Greenfield Ave. in Milton, was arrested last July, a week after he allegedly kidnapped the former girlfriend. 

Place is presently incarcerated in the Saratoga County Jail. Bail had previously been set in town court at $25,000 cash/$50,000 bond.

The charges of kidnapping in the second  degree carry with them a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.The 11-count indictment alleges these crimes occurred on July 21 of this year in the Towns of Saratoga and Milton. 

Prior to the sentencing of the charge of alleged kidnapping, Place fled New York to Texas and was extradited from Texas.

“We believe that because the defendant fled from New York and went to Texas to avoid prosecution previously, he has demonstrated that he is, in fact, a flight risk and that he disobeys the order of the court,” said Saratoga Springs District Attorney James Murphy III. “In addition, as a sex offender and prior felon, he faces an  enhanced sentence and therefore we asked for bail to be increased.”


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