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Friday, 14 February 2014 15:01

Supervisor Lewza: “Milton Open For Businesses”

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Word-Of-Mouth Spreads That Milton Wants Development, Contractors Respond


MILTON – The Town of Milton is in the fast lane of development as individuals looking to invest are responding to the town's plans to help expedite development projects. 


In the initial works for three commercial structures on 11 acres located at 2143 Doubleday Avenue near Route 50 and Northline Road will house a 50,000-square-foot supermarket as well as two other structures that are to host a fast food restaurant and a bank. 


Also, recently having brought the pen to the sketch board and in the approval process are also plans for a 20,000-square-foot-structure that will house either a retail and or office space.


Jeffery Pfeil; developer, builder and real estate broker of Pfeil & Company Principals, and his partner have owned the lot situated between Ballston Spa National Bank and Cumberland Farms in Milton for several years with the intention of developing it, but they were waiting for the right time.


“We’ve owned the lot for many years, but it’s been sitting there,” Pfeil said. “But Milton is growing now so there is opportunity. We are just starting the approval process now. If everything goes well, we may start this fall.” 


Vanguard-Fine, LLC., developer of the supermarket lot was attracted to the area for similar reasons: a growing and open community. “We've been watching the downtown area prosper,” Barry Feinman said, broker and managing director. “We are watching the permits grow, and were looking to add to the community.”


It was not long ago that Planning and Zoning Official Wayne Howe can recall when growth in Milton had stopped at times in 2012 and 2013. “It had stalled at times to a point in which consecutive planning board meetings would be canceled because there would be nothing on the agenda,” he said. 


At the planning board meeting on February 12, there were six. 


“It’s now steadily picking up,” Howe said. 


The first large commercial projects to hit the stage in Milton were the 700-room Winner’s Circle apartments at 100 Madison Drive, now 50 percent complete and steadily developing, and the Milton primary care facility that began building in fall 2013. 


Word is out that Milton is growing and ready to receive more developers.  Aided by the Town of Milton’s Comprehensive Plan, which encompasses the Town Center Plan’s for sidewalks and street scape on Geyser Rd., the town has been attracting attention as a new downtown in the area, and they want a piece of the anticipated business.


“We’re receiving a lot of calls,” Howe said. “It’s probably because of the economy, but also because Milton has a sound comprehensive plan in place with a great mix of commercial and residential goals since 2001. Our comprehensive plan is moving forward, and I’m very encouraged by what I’m seeing and the people are interested in buying, building, living and working in Milton.”


Town Supervisor Dan Lewza said that a part of bringing in developers is not bogging down the process of bringing businesses into the area by, for example, helping them to organize their plans for the planning board. 



“We are open for business, and we will do what we can to welcome and not hinder businesses looking to come into the area,” Lewza said. “When I first got into office, I said we first need to invest in ourselves for people to invest in us.”

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