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Monday, 14 April 2014 15:46

Madigan: City of Saratoga Springs 2013 YEAR-END FINANCES STRONG AND IN THE BLACK

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SARATOGA SPRINGS -- Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan reports that 2013 City general fund (operating budget)

revenues have outpaced City expenses, and unaudited year-end figures reveal an annual operating

surplus. For 2013, the City is required to have a fund balance between $4,044,002 and $6,066,003.

Unaudited figures indicate that the surplus resulted in a fund balance that is in excess of the

maximum amount by about $1.7 million.


The 2013 surplus is driven by higher than expected revenues coupled with lower than budgeted

expenses. Actual revenue collected totaled $41,585,774. Actual expenditures totaled $38,846,104.


On the revenue side: Mortgage tax collection was unexpectedly high, building permits and planning

board fees followed suit. VLT Aid, distributed by the state to offset the costs of hosting VLTs, was

increased by $331,251 by the State in the late spring of 2013 (after the City’s budget had been adopted).

The City ambulance program also collected more revenue than anticipated, and sales tax revenue

topped out at $10.65 million – the highest collection that the City has ever experienced. In sum,

revenues collected were $848,872 more than amounts budgeted.


On the expense side: Due to adjustments to new health insurance programs and slower than

anticipated hiring for new positions (and those left open by employee turnover), expenditures for

employee benefits and personal service funds were lower than had been budgeted. Commissioner

Madigan cautions Departments to forecast expenses carefully. “I will be scrutinizing this in 2014 through

2015. We must strive to establish a balanced budget that adequately funds the delivery of solid essential

services in a safe community.


Commissioner Madigan states “these funds should be returned to the taxpayers, possibly through

reduced property tax rates if closer scrutiny of departmental budgets and expected revenues reveal

that this would be sustainable”. Madigan points out that she has kept property taxes low with her

recommendations to: create and strengthen reserves that have helped keep annual changes to the tax

rate at or near 0% for two years; contribute to critical capital needs, such as infrastructure and

equipment; plan for future retirement needs; and, she has set aside funds to settle long expired labor



City policy requires that any funds in excess of the maximum allowable Fund Balance be utilized, and the

Commissioner of Finance is required to make recommendations to the City Council regarding the use of

such funds. There is one long awaited project that she will recommend for immediate attention:

updating the City website. Limited resources and funding has made upgrading the website a challenge

in recent years. “This is beneficial to our citizens, the business community, City departments and our

City. The City website is a portal to City government and a vital gateway to the City. This is an


opportunity to use one time funding for a one time project that is universally beneficial.”

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