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Friday, 13 February 2015 12:21

Snow Angels

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Local Family “Plows” it Forward

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Old Man Winter made another appearance this week, bringing even more snow to upstate New York; but the recent storm also brought out Good Samaritan activity. A local family, with help from their neighbor, took to the streets after the snowstorms to clear the way for neighbors, family members and strangers. 

Lee Rothaupt, with help from sons Brian and Christopher and their neighbor, Zachary, have spent the last week putting their shovels and snow blowers to good use, helping people clear snow from their homes, sidewalks and driveways. Lee says it all began with one elderly woman who needed help clearing snow that had blocked her van so it wouldn’t get towed.

“From there it just kept going,” said Lee. “I’d say we’ve done about 50 just from Facebook, but while we were out we’d see other people who were stuck in driveways and we’d help them too.”

Once word spread online that this team of snow angels were helping those in need, requests for snow removal assistance came pouring in via Facebook. Lee’s wife, Debbie, says she compiles lists when she gets home from work and the messages have jumped in the thousands.

“The last I looked at it, Monday night, we had over 1,500 and it’s still going,” said Debbie. “My heart goes out to the guys because I worry about them when they go out.”

The guys don’t accept payment of any kind. All they ask of the people they help is to pay it forward. They’re hoping their efforts will start a chain reaction of kindness throughout the community.

“One woman tried to throw $30 in the window and we took it and put it back in her mailbox and drove away before she could give it back to us,” said Brian. “We went on our way, we don’t want anything, and we just want people to pay it forward.”

“We’re just like everybody else. We live paycheck to paycheck, we survive, we get by,” added Debbie. “But if we can do something for somebody else who is in a little more dire need than we are…it’s all about helping people and hoping that they’ll pay it forward.”

The family’s kind acts have even inspired one snow removal company in Glens Falls to help some customers at no cost.

“We’ve got snow blowers and shovels, but he’s got plows and snow blowers…he’s got it all,” laughs Lee. “We have one new snow blower, one old snow blower that’s about to go out and three shovels.”

The word “help” seems to be the connecting theme for this family. Lee says he met Debbie while helping her fix her car and their daughter, 6-year-old Danni, is planning on raising chickens this spring to give the eggs to the hungry.

"It's better to give than to receive," said Lee. 

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