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Giving Back

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WILTON – Jonathan Reid, a local menswear store, has been in business for almost fifty years outfitting weddings, proms, and other formal events. In anticipation of the upcoming prom season, Jonathan Reid will be offering free tuxedo rentals to over a dozen area school districts, in hopes those students who may not have been able to afford renting a tuxedo will be able to attend and enjoy their prom. The company feels it’s important to acknowledge the communities and patrons who have kept them around for almost half a century. 

Jonathan Reid has reached out to area high schools’ prom advisors, offering to outfit at least two young men for prom, free of charge. The store says it would be up to the school districts to determine who exactly should receive the offer, if they choose to do so. The deal would not be limited to certain items, but rather allow the recipient to select what they would want to wear, and match it to their date’s gown.  The schools involved range as far north as Ticonderoga, and as far south as Mechanicville.

“We sent blank certificates to these schools, and if the students come in we’re going to let them pick out what they would like to wear,” said the company’s operations manager Richard Houle. 

 Along with the tuxedo rental offers, each area school district will receive a $50 gift certificate to Jonathan Reid to be offered as a door prize for their after prom

“We feel it is very important to support the schools in their efforts to keep the students safe during prom night, and we commend them for offering a safe and enjoyable environment for their students,” said Houle.

The selected schools’ prom advisors were contacted privately a few weeks ago in a letter sent to them by Jonathan Reid.  Pam Driscoll, the advisor for Schuylerville City School district was impressed not only by the gesture, but that there was a way to include the some of the young men attending prom.

“We do a program for the girls involving their gowns, but there’s never been anything for the guys,” said Driscoll.  “We feel any student who wants to go should be able to go.”

While still the social pinnacle of any high school student’s year, the cost associated with attending prom for this generation can add up quickly. These days, prom night traditionally involves renting a limousine and tuxedo, and buying tickets, flowers, and other expenses, to where some students might not feel their family can afford for them to attend.

“We’re not looking to boast or brag.  We’re sincere about what we do, and how we give back to the community,” said Houle.  “A lot of families cannot afford everything in these harder times, so I decided it was time we did something special for them.”

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