Friday, 19 October 2018 10:07

Camp Boyhaven: SOLD

MILTON — On Oct. 8 John Munter Sr. of Munter Enterprises, a family owned construction company, purchased the Camp Boyhaven property from Twin Rivers Council for the asking price of $1 Million. Munter bought the property to give the town of Milton and the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) time to assure the property will remain in public ownership.

“John (Munter) came to us and met our criteria for the sale. It was very important for us to maintain green space with the property, so he met that criteria,” said Mark Switzer, CEO of Twin Rivers Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

“Several groups were interested but our number one criteria was to maintain green space with the property,” he added.

The Boy Scouts are endowing all of the proceeds from the sale, and interest off the endowment will help maintain their other properties. Munter has been interested in the property since the Town of Milton failed to meet the closing deadline of May 11 set by the Twin Rivers Council.

Munter says he has no plans in the meantime for the property and said that it is not yet open to the public, although conversations have been had between the Milton town Supervisor, Scott Ostrander, over the last month.

“I knew that he was interested in purchasing the property a month or two ago about what would be the town’s interest. I said lets do it the right way and we’ll set up a committee, we’ll get together and we’ll figure out costs, what its going to cost the town and they can get back to me and the board and it will have to go to a permissive referendum, then we’ll go from there,” Ostrander said.

Munter also said that he has had conversations with the DEC. “I feel it’d be nice if the town at least took a portion of this property and maybe a balance of it could pin point it towards DEC,” Munter said.

Ostrander estimates the acreage that the town could potentially own would be roughly 30 to 40 acres of the 297-acre property.

“It’s mixed emotions, there’s a lot of families and a lot of scouts that enjoyed the property over the years and so we’re sad that its no longer a scout camp but looking towards the future, it really establishes a great opportunity for the council to provide for our new families,” Switzer said.

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