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Thursday, 07 February 2013 13:17

Milton to be the Site of New Saratoga Hospital Facility

By Patricia Older | News

MILTON – Residents in the Town of Milton will no longer have to drive into Saratoga or Malta for primary medical care, with the opening of a new medical building this fall. The medical facility will be operated by Saratoga Hospital and will be located in the Town Center. A Boghosian Brothers project, the Milton Medical Office will be the first of its kind in the Milton area. 


“It will be the first medical facility providing these types of services to residents in the town of Milton,” said Tom Boghosian. “It is an under-served area and this will give the residents medical care that they presently have to drive into Saratoga to get.”

The 12,000 square-foot, two-story building designed by architect Hyman Hayes, will be located between the miniature golf course and the firehouse on Geyser Road. The second floor will be occupied by medical professionals. 

“We are actively speaking with prospective tenants,” said Tom, adding that they all would be in the health-related field. 

Saratoga Hospital spokesperson, Ellen Kerness, said that the new facility is in the preliminary stages and while the hospital has not yet chosen a doctor for the medical office, it will be for primary care treatment and that they will occupy 5,000 square-feet of the new facility. 

“Hopefully, we will be opening in October 2013,” said Kerness. “It is in its very early stages.”

The façade of the building will feature several finishes and textures including stone, shingle and lap siding and has a cutout design. 

The Boghosians said they are excited with the new project and the look of the building. 

“We try to establish a standard above and beyond,” said Tom, adding that the architect, Hyman Hayes, has worked with Saratoga Hospital in the past. 

“We are always trying to set a new standard in the town of Milton,” added Bruce. 

The cut stone building will be easily accessible from Geyser Road and will have special landscaping including the installation of Milton’s streetscape plan. The plan was designed several years ago to make the Town Center District more pedestrian friendly by adding amenities such as street lamps, sidewalks, and trees. 

In anticipation of the streetscape plan for Milton, the town already had the traffic improvements completed a few years back, including the construction of turn lanes for anticipated new businesses. 

Tom said the Milton Medical Office will have the sidewalks, trees and lamp posts called for in the Town Center streetscape plans. 

“The sidewalks will go down to Trieble Avenue,” said Tom, adding that they will work with the fire department west of them to continue the streetscape through the Town Center. 

Boghosian Brothers brought Hannaford to Milton several years ago, along with the Allerdice Building Supply store and several other businesses to their Old Mill Town project. The Hannaford was a new prototype at the time and was the smallest footprint for a Hannaford Supermarket. It proved more than successful for the area, bringing in new jobs and career opportunities, as well as giving area residents a local supermarket. 

Crediting Milton’s new supervisor, Dan Lewza, with helping move forward the progression of their plans to bring new businesses and jobs to Milton, Bruce said they were excited about this latest project. 

“We want to thank Supervisor Lewza for helping bring about an atmosphere conducive to economic development,” said Tom. 

Bruce added, “There has been a positive change in Milton and we appreciate it. We’re excited – we view this as a catalyst for future development.”

Saratoga Hospital is also excited about the new facility. Vice President of Operations and Facilities for Saratoga Hospital, Kevin Ronayne, said the new location is a win/win situation for the residents of Milton. 

“We were looking for the right location in the Milton area and we are very excited to be entering that market in a brand new facility at the center of Town,” said Ronayne. 


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