Mrs. Gulick, 6th Grade – Burnt Hills Ballston Lake School CSD

This teacher received TWO nominations!

#1 I nominate Mrs. Gulick because she is a very patient, understanding teacher who helps me learn Social Studies.

She always tries to help you if you are stuck on something, like a question on your homework, and arrives at school ready to teach us kids every day with a smile on her face. Mrs. Gulick makes learning fun, and always lights up your day with her smile. Last year, my least favorite subject was Social Studies. It was boring and dull to me, and I never really understood it. This year, my favorite class is Social Studies, and this is all because I have someone I am proud to call my wonderful, amazing teacher - Mrs. Gulick! - Maria

#2 Mrs. Gulick is a 6th grade math teacher. Before Mrs. Gulick I use to hate math but now I love it. Mrs. Gulick makes math fun by turning it into a game. We have fun while learning at the same time. When we don't understand something she will slow down and help us when we need it. If we get a bad grade she allows us to try again to do better. Mrs. Gulick is patient, kind and always there for us. This is why Mrs.Gulick should be teacher of the year! - Madeline

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