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Man On the Street: Community Chimes In On Climate Change

By Staff Report | Local News
Saratoga TODAY went out into the community this week to have a question answered: Do you believe climate change is a reality? However, discrepancies are found throughout the debate concerning climate change. The responses of seventeen individuals who participated in this man on the street project illustrate some of them. The majority of the participants do come to some agreements and diverge at other points, such as: whether climate change has always been happening, whether they thought human activity is a catalyst, and whether it can be remedied by human efforts. In a follow-up question, to find out if their belief influenced their decisions or day-to-day activities, many felt that it is necessary to be mindful of their environment, such as recycling, conserving energy and driving less, regardless of their belief in climate change. Here’s what they said: Ashley Bucci: Mechanicville “I do think climate change is a reality, and I think a lot of people aren’t informed about it, including myself. I don’t really know the specifics of it. But I most definitely think it is a reality, and it’s happening.” Kealy Whiting: Glens Falls “Simply, yes. But I think there are many different things that play a part. I mean I do think that it’s possibly due to the burning of fossil fuels, but I also think that it’s a natural thing that happens because they’ve seen that the world changes over time, like the climate. I think it’s accelerating because of that.” Pat BaLasuriya: Queensbury “Of course it’s a reality. You might not agree, you know, climate is controlled by almighty God of heaven and Earth. He has a way of talking to us. We try to control everything, but weather is something man cannot control.” Keith Rector: Saratoga Springs “No. I’m 20 years old, and I’ve never seen it really change.” Elizabeth DiNuzzo: Colonie “Yes. It’s foolish to deny science .. Any educated person would believe that.” Bridget Donnelly: Saratoga Springs “I do. I thnk that the weather is becoming more drastic. And I know it’s a cycle but I think that since NY state has seen 65 degree winters and then the next year negative 20 degree winters shows something.” Charlie and Andrea Neldman: Saratoga Springs Charlie: “I would say yes. I do believe that it is a reality. And just from an objective standpoint when you see the plumes of smoke coming from smoke stacks; I think that’s an indication that it can’t be good for you....I also think that, the fact that you have a philosophy that global warming is taking place, is a indication that all the things that you do, relative to the Earth, you should be more sensitized to it.” Andrea: “(It’s affected) the way I garden because, in particular, this last spring it was a wet and cold spring and then an extremely hot summer. It affected times of planting and how to take care of the plant.” Chris Henderson: Saratoga Springs “Yeah, sure. Well, it’s just that the science makes sense. And part of the reason is on the one hand you recognize the logic behind it – the science of greenhouse affect, okay, but then the question becomes: how significant is that change? Especially in the context of the history of the world itself. We tend to look at it in anthropocentric terms.” Joyce Marucci - Balston Spa, & Maurice Inchley: Australia Inchley: “I think it’s natural. I think it’s a natural reality.” Marucci: “Yeah, I think the Earth continually rights itself. “ Saratoga TODAY also invited local weekend meteorologist and full-time real estate agent Neal Estano to ask him the same question in light of his profession, 29 years as a broadcast weatherman, to share his opinion. “There are other things in the world that have a greater effect on our atmosphere (the sun and volcanic activity),” Estano said. “My short answer is yes, do I believe in climate change. Do I believe we are directly responsible? No. The climate has always been changing. The climate has changed for a millenia and will continue to change long after we’re gone.” “If you get more specific and ask do you believe man is causing the Earth to warm, far fewer would say yes,” he said. Although his view is that climate change has not been, nor will be, an issue humans can mitigate and avoid, he shares a sense of responsibility toward the environment, echoing the sentiments of some other participants. “I just think we need to be good stewards of the Earth; take care of it the best we can, not cripple our economy, but continue to monitor and study it (climate change) and continue to adapt if in fact there is a change because it is going to continue to change, and there’s nothing we can do about it,” Estano said. Compiled by Colette Linton Did we miss you? Add to the discussion at
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