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Friday, 24 October 2014 12:13

City Police Announce Awards

SARATOGA SPRINGS —Public Safety Commissioner Christian Mathiesen and Chief of Police Greg Veitch announced a number of awards issued to officers for the period of 2012-13.  The following awards were presented at a ceremony held on Tuesday, October 21 at City Hall.

Life Saving Award to Officer John Bateholts. 

Responding to a call for service on July 10, 2012, Officer John Bateholts found an unconscious victim who was not breathing and had no pulse.  Officer Bateholts began CPR and was able to revive the individual prior to the arrival of additional medical assistance, thus saving the person’s life.

Gallantry Star Excellent Arrest awards to Sergeants Jason Mitchell and Aaron Benware and Unit Citations to Officers Chris Allen, Aaron Moore and John Guzek.  On October 24, 2013 the police department received a report of shots fired  Responding officers established a perimeter, made entry into the location where the shooter had been observed and subsequently arrested the individual, removing a violent threat to the community.

Gallantry Star Excellent Arrest awarded to Investigator Laura Emanatian for her undercover work in a lengthy investigation resulting in the arrest of an individual who was arrested after travelling to Saratoga Springs with the intent of sexually assaulting a minor female.

Grand Cordon awarded to Sergeant Aaron Benware and Unit Citations to Investigator Glen Vidnansky and Officers Dan Mullan, Jr, Mark Leffler, Kristin Van Wert, Aaron Moore and Adam French.  On May 22, 2012 officers responded to an assault near the intersection of Grand Avenue and South Franklin Streets. The offender was quickly located hiding in the area, the crime scene secured and assistance provided to the victim. As a result of the officer’s actions that night the assault was interrupted, preventing further harm to the victim, and the offender was arrested and convicted of multiple felonies.

Grand Cordon to Sergeant Benware and Honorable Service awards to Officers Dan Mullan, Jr and Mark Leffler.  On July 16, 2012 officers responded to a residential burglary involving an offender who was armed with a handgun who had raped a female victim. The officers’ actions on this date led directly to the arrest of the offender later that same morning. Officers Kiel Van Wagner, Steven Reside and Sean O’Leary (retired) along with Investigator Glenn Vidnansky were also awarded Letters of Commendation for their efforts related to this incident.

Grand Cordon to Sergeant Gregory Santos and Unit Citations to Investigator Jim Bell and Officers John Carey (retired) Matt Wilson, and Russell Faden.  On November 30, 2012 police received a report of a person running through yards in a residential area on the west side of the city. A search was coordinated, eventually leading to the location of the offender who was in need of medical assistance and in possession of a large amount of narcotics.  The offender was treated by medical personnel and charged with multiple felony drug charges.

Distinguished Service Award to Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Conine.  On September 13, 2013 Deputy Conine’s assistance was requested in locating a missing suicidal person reported in Saratoga Springs.  Deputy Conine located the unconscious and unresponsive victim and provided the necessary assistance to prevent a tragedy.  Officers Thomas Sartin and Chris Allen along with Dispatchers Joseph Decrosta and Charles Meagher (retired) received Letters of Commendation for their efforts during this incident.

Distinguished Service Awards to members of the FBI Child Exploitation Task Force for their efforts in protecting children through internet-based investigations. These investigations resulted in 44 total arrests by the unit during 2012 and 2013 including three arrests made in the City of Saratoga Springs.  Members of the Task Force include: FBI Special Agent Dave Fallon, Saratoga Springs Police Investigator Glen Vidnansky, Colonie Police Investigator Chris Smith, Columbia County Sheriff’s Investigator Anthony Brahm, Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Deputy Sal Greco, and Albany Police Detective Matt Fargione. 

Meritorious Service Award to Thomas Sartin and Honorable Service Awards to Officers Kiel Van Wagner, William Arpei, Tyler McIntosh and Mark Leffler.  On November 9, 2013 officers responding to a report of a domestic assault confronted a suspect armed with a knife.  The suspect threatened officers with the knife and after an unsuccessful Taser deployment the suspect was eventually taken into custody without further harm to the suspect or the officers. 

Drug Buster Award to Investigator Charles Fischer and Officer William Arpei.  During the summer of 2013 Officer William Arpei conducted a vehicle stop and developed information which led to an undercover narcotics investigation involving the DEA Capital District Drug Task Force and New York State Police.  As a result of the investigation large quantities of bath salts, cocaine and drug proceeds were made leading to the federal prosecution of large-scale drug dealers. 

Drug Buster Award to Investigator Charles Fischer.  In 2012 Inv. Fischer began an undercover investigation into local drug dealers, which led to large seizures of cocaine, marijuana and drug proceeds. 

Exceptional Duty Award to Investigator Laura Emanatian.  An investigation conducted by Inv. Emanatian in February 2012 resulted in the arrest and conviction of a child predator who had travelled with the intent of having sexual intercourse with a minor female.

Exceptional Duty Award to Officer Mark Leffler.  During calendar year 2013 Officer Leffler made 111 arrests for DWI and received a Recognition Award from the New York State Stop-DWI Foundation and Mother’s Against Drunk Driving- New York State.

Honorable Service Award to Officer Arianna Richards.  On January 1, 2012, Officer Richards investigated a missing juvenile female report and discovered that the child had been the victim of a sexual assault in another jurisdiction.  Officer Richard’s efforts ultimately led another agency making an arrest of a 23-year-old male. Educational Achievement Award to Officer Jason Cadoret for attaining an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice in August 2012.

Educational Achievement Award to Assistant Chief John Catone for attaining a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice in December 2013.

Educational Achievement Award to Chief Greg Veitch for attaining a Master’s Degree in Leadership in December 2012.


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