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Our Elders, Our Actions: Sunny Summer Days, Long Summer Nights and Rainbows

By Clare Colamaria | Families Today

As the sun streams through my window on this beautiful summer morning, I reflect back to when I was a young girl and my mother and I would spend long summer evening sitting on our traditional Saratoga covered porch. Yes, like the ones you hear and read about.

It was a space where you felt like no one else in the world knew you were there. I would be eating watermelon in the soft comfy lounge chair, my mother doing needlework in the rocker next to me, with soft glows on her face from the street light and standing antique black and bronze lamp that now stands in my office. The soft sounds of the horses neighing from the barns at Fasig-Tipton and the crickets playing their timely tunes—what fond memories that will forever be in my heart and mind.

My mother Florence passed from this earth 15 years ago on July 14. It seems impossible that I have not been able to share with her my daily experiences, the raising of my two beautiful children and all the simple little life treasures. Although I do speak to her on a daily basis as though she were standing beside me, I do my best to carry on as many traditions as I have time to do. Many times when I am washing dishes or gardening, I look at my hands and see my mother’s. She is part of me always and it’s up to me and our family to keep her spirit alive. Florence was a remarkable lady, beautiful inside and out, through and through—a truly genuine, authentic lady.

I bet many of you who are reading this are also reflecting on the special people in your life who are no longer with us and the wonderful memories they have left with you. It’s very important to reminisce and reflect on these very special souls that have helped form who we are. It’s up to us to keep their spirits alive.

My mother never complained or spoke much of her illness and how her days were coming to an end. She was a classy lady who carried herself with pride and dignity. She was a strong lady with a gentle heart. I would like to share with you something that my father, my brothers and I found in her writing desk shortly after she passed: 

“When you see trees blowing in the wind, I will be there waving to you.

When you feel a soft breeze on a warm summer day, I will be with the breeze cooling you.

When the sunlight warms your face, I shall touch you with warm love.

I will come to you when the birds sing and when animals do wonderful, funny things.

When it rains, I will in the raindrops cool you.

I will fall with the snowflakes to beautify the earth and give you a place to sled, ski and play.

When the thunder roars and lightning streaks across the sky, let the sound of fury remind you of the power and magnificence of God, with whom I found rest.

Most of all, when you feel love and joy and peace, know that I am within you.

And the deeper within your heart that you search for me, the closer I will be.

I have been released from my body to dwell in the heart of God.

Nothing separates me from you now, for I am in God, and God is the love and joy and peace deep within you and all the beauty of the universe.

It is like a raindrop finding its way back to the sea from whence it came.

Time no longer matters and you will feel we have never been apart.

Please think of me when you see God’s wonders; look for me in everything in which God has had a hand.

But especially for you my loves, look for me in the glory of a rainbow.

Every time you gaze upon a rainbow’s splendid color, know that I am with you most of all.”

Clare Colamaria is the Founder of A Senior’s Choice, a referral and placement service which helps families navigate resources and options for aging loved ones. Go to or call (518) 424-2527.

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