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“Because I’m the Mother, That’s Why!”

By John Reardon | Families Today

Hello my Foodie Friends,


My mom had to explain why she chose a particular meal choice or why she wanted us to wash our face and hands before dinner. My dad said “wash up” and there were five kids racing to the sink. Mom was very patient but always used her standard answer to any of these questions; “I’m the mother, that’s why!”  


It was always followed by, “How come you don’t ask your father why?” or “I don’t know, go ask your father.” The worst was when she would use the nuclear option and say “Wait till your father gets home and I tell him that you didn’t want to wash!”


We finally figured out how to disarm the nuclear weapon. When Dad came through the door we would have our baby sister run up to him showering him with kisses and saying, “We missed you so much, Daddy!” The weapon was disarmed and it only cost us a nickel.


The biggest thing for my mom was to have the whole family eat dinner together so even if Dad had to work late she would have us wait. To tide us over she would let us snack on a glass of milk or some fruit. We would have an apple, pear peach or plum. No crackers or bread. Having dinner with freshly washed kids and a great meal ready for my dad was a sense of pride for my mom. Dinner was special and my mom was better than Rachael, Giada, Mario, Guy and Bobby all put together! There wasn’t a lot of conversation but he would look at her with a very tired smile and say, “You are the best!”


I think about these meals we had together a lot, and when a friend of mine whose whole life is about going to meetings told me he missed one, I asked him why. He said it was the last day before school started and they had a tradition to have at least that dinner together as a family, and he would not miss it for anything. I know it’s maybe not popular but if I was asked, “What’s important for the American family?” I believe it’s sitting down and having that meal together every night!


So my Foodie Friends have a nice dinner tonight and remember: “Life Happens in the Kitchen”


Take care,

The Reardon Family


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