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Team Dance Museum Wants You!

Seeking Support as they Train for Triathlon to Benefit LLS


SARATOGA SPRINGS – Their efforts are not for the faint of heart, and yet the cause it benefits could not be more worthy. 


A group of co-workers and friends of the National Museum of Dance (NMD) have come together to give back to the community, and they are requesting your support. They have formed a group called “Team Dance Museum.” The team’s mission is to raise funds by competing in endurance events to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) blood cancer research programs.


The Team Dance Museum members are:

- Exhibitions Coordinator and Designer Laura DiRado, 

- Programming and Outreach Coordinator Jessica Munson, 

- NMD Board Member John Witt, 

- Museum Member Tony Mariotti,   

- NMD Director Raul Martinez. 


The team is accepting pledges and donations, and is currently actively in training to compete in the Lake George Triathlon on September 5. This Olympic distance event will have three components. They will swim for 0.9 miles, then bicycle for 24.8 miles, and then run 6.2 miles! 


As courageous as Team Dance Museum’s efforts are, they are mindful that it pales in comparison to the Olympian courage a patient undergoing chemotherapy exhibits. All the members of Team Dance Museum made note of examples where their family or close friends were afflicted with cancer as their motivation for participating. 


For instance, DiRado spoke about the daughter of family friend, whose parents ran in four marathons in support of cancer research. For Witt, it was a good friend’s son who was diagnosed early. Martinez spoke about his grandfather who died of cancer. They cited losses, but also stories of bravery and survival they encountered. Indeed, it is a rare family these days where the impact of cancer has not been felt in some form. While LLS has made tremendous progress in the fight against blood cancer, much remains to be done.


So Team Dance Museum is training for more than just crossing a finish line in a race, grueling though it may be. Their efforts and those of others like them contribute to a greater mission – benefiting society at large to cross the finish line in the fight against this insidious disease. 


To that end, a fundraiser to support Team Dance Museum’s triathlon participation has been organized and will take place at NMD (99 South Broadway, Saratoga Springs) on Thursday, August 20 at 6:30 p.m. Named “TriDance to Fight Cancer,” the event will feature a Latin dance lesson and demonstration by Tango Fusion Dance Company Directors Diane Lachtrupp Martinez and Johnny Martinez. The lesson is geared toward all levels of experience and no partner is needed. Spring Street Deli and Lily and the Rose will provide food and drink. 


The donation to attend the August 20 event is $100. Tickets may be purchased by calling (518) 584-2225 ext. 3001 or via a paypal link on the event’s Facebook page: facebook.com/events/280321938809482.


You may also support the team in training in other ways. Should you be unable to attend on August 20, pledges in any amount are welcome and can be made on Team Dance Museum’s LLS Fundraising page: pages.teamintraining.org/uny/lkgrgtri15/TeamDanceMuseum


By supporting Team Dance Museum’s efforts, we all take a few lively steps closer to the finish line of a cancer free world. 

Thursday, 30 July 2015 12:23


Legendary Racing Cartoonist Honored at Saratoga Events this Summer

By Arthur Gonick

Saratoga TODAY


SARATOGA SPRINGS – He has a career spanning over 50-years developing what can only be described as a labor of love: Horse racing’s preeminent cartoonist, chronicling in caricature the leading lights of the sport of kings with verve, style and impish good humor. 


Pierre Bellocq, known affectionately to racing fans as PEB, whose iconic cartoons were a staple of the Daily Racing Form, is continuing to embrace life well into his ninth decade. And he shows no signs of slowing down. This summer, he is returning to Saratoga Springs for the first time in a few years (“a place that I always feel happy,” he said) to receive richly deserved accolades at some of racing society’s leading galas and events. PEB was one of the honorees at Equine Advocates Gala this past Thursday, July 30, at which several of his collectable cartoons were among the auction items.


He also has been commissioned to paint a fiberglass horse with the likeness of current triple-crown winner American Pharoah, to be auctioned at the Sunday, August 9 gala (“The Foods of Anne Burrell”) to benefit the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation at the Canfield Casino in Congress Park (for information, visit www.trfinc.org). PEB is planning to attend this event as well.  


It’s been a long, cheerful road for the man who once voyaged to the US from France in the 1950s. “I was sponsored by the then owner of Laurel Race Course in Baltimore, John D. Shapiro, who was looking for an illustrator for his track program,” PEB said. “Most people don’t know this, but I actually came over on a cargo plane with five horses! For me, it seemed luxurious being able to sleep in all that hay. And it gave me an opportunity to brush up on my English with the grooms.” 


His patron, Shapiro, also connected PEB with work at a local advertising agency, and eventually, the Daily Racing Form, where he rapidly grew to be a 365-day institution – frequently his cartoons would be prominent on the front page of racing’s bible. “I mostly made my choice of subject with little direction, featuring the leading event of the day and focusing on the personality of trainer, jockey, horse as I saw them,” he said. 


How did the subject feel about being caricatured? “Well, usually they were gratified. I recall one person saying: When I’ve been drawn by PEB I know I’ve made it!” He said. “Although, I’ve learned over time that it is wise to be extra-sensitive as to how I draw the ladies.” 


While most of PEB’s cartoons would reflect the good-natured and humorous side of racing, he would also cover the controversial issues (such as doping or mistreatment of horses) when the situation called for it. Which is precisely why he is a worthy honoree at this year’s galas. 


Also, some may not be aware that for many years he pulled double-duty: Skewering politicians and the great issues of the day three times a week as a political cartoonist at the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I preferred international issues over local – they were less likely to come looking for me!” 


Even over the phone, you can feel the joie de vivre and warmth in his voice – the voice of a man who loves sharing his gift with others. 


Regarding Saratoga, PEB first came visited as a guest of jockey Jean Cruguet and his wife. “So many memories… on my first outing, Saratoga reminded me of the atmosphere at Deauville” (a race course in in the Basse-Normandie region of France,) PEB said. “So beautiful, the morning workouts, breakfast at the track, the museums…” 


“Saratoga. Going there, it’s always something I always look forward to,” he said.

By Arthur Gonick

Saratoga TODAY


SARATOGA SPRINGS – When talking to long-time trainer/driver John Mongeon, Jr., you can’t help but come away with the feeling that he has a lot to be grateful for. 


Mongeon was literally born to assume this role. A third-generation harness horseman (his grandfather raced in the 1950s while also delivering coal,) he first took the reins at age 10, and since then he has enjoyed a career liberally spiced with friends, family and success at Saratoga Raceway. 


Growing up, his family moved around quite a bit. Finally settling in Saratoga Springs in the eighth grade, he graduated from Saratoga Springs High School in 1979, and started working full-time at his father’s stable. While he began as a driver, he found his greatest success as a trainer of standardbreds. “It was a natural transition,” he said. “Driving was my first love, but now I mostly leave that to the younger generation.”


One of his greatest training success stories at Saratoga Raceway was 2004 Horse of the Year award-winning Flapjack Attack. Also, John trained Hidden Touch, who was named Filly/Mare Pacer of the Year in 2009. “She won over $360,000 at Saratoga Raceway,” he said. 


When asked what advice he would give someone who might want to get involved in harness racing, Mongeon said that patience is the key. “Our industry has gotten a lot more competitive with all the casino money at stake,” he said. “You’ve got to be patient and wait for your spot – a good horse doesn’t come along every day. I’m lucky to work for a great group of owners – many have been with me for 30 years or so – who recognize the importance of being patient.”


Throughout our conversation, Mongeon also went to great lengths to express gratitude about the blessings he has received on and off the track. “I use a great group of drivers; Frank Coppola, Jr., Bruce Aldrich, Jr. and Brian Cross mostly. The all have local roots and we’ve known each other since our teens,” he said. 


The most heartfelt sentiment was saved for his family. “A good wife is the key to success, and I’ve got a great one in Ann,” he said, speaking of his wife of 25 years. “We dated for seven years before that as well… talk about patient! It takes a special person to put up with our job: seven days a week, like a farmer – plus nights.” He was equally proud of daughters Marie (22) and Nicole (18), who are both intending to have careers as physician assistants. 


Mongeon currently has 11 horses, in his stable. Of these, two 4-year olds, Fire N Diamonds and Anything I Want are in top form now. But he advises our readers to keep an eye out for 3-year old filly Yessir I’m Royal. “We had very high hopes for her, when she sustained an injury.” He said. “But she’s gearing for a big return.” 


Here’s hoping that happens soon for one of Saratoga Raceway’s good guys.  

Friday, 24 July 2015 08:53

Well in Hand!

The Hunt & Fish Club at Siro’s is Ready for a Big Debut Season

By Arthur Gonick

Saratoga TODAY

“People love the luxury here. Our job is to build upon a treasured concept.”

So stated Ben O’Sullivan, executive chef of the Hunt & Fish Club; a restaurant that has taken the discerning foodie community in New York City by storm since it opened at the beginning of this year. O’Sullivan is leading a core group that will be establishing something extra-special this race season – at a place that has always been special. 

Behold: The Hunt & Fish Club at Siro’s. The best meets the best adjacent to the Saratoga Racecourse, at a place where winners have always met. By the time you read this, it’s the surest of sure bets that they’ll be ready to dazzle and delight diners. “I see our role as establishing a brand that is faithful to the restaurant’s glorious heritage, while putting our own stamp on things,” O’Sullivan said. 

And so, while you will still see several familiar items on the menu, such as the colossal 7-10 pound lobsters that are a Siro’s tradition, expect to see some incredible upgrades. For one thing, the restaurant will feature miyazaki beef. Originating from a region south of Kobe in Japan, O’Sullivan noted that this Wagyu beef is rated A5 – the highest grade of prime beef available. All the beef served at Siro’s this summer will be dry-aged for maximum flavor. 

Some of the Hunt & Fish Club’s most popular dishes, including its signature Burnt Lemon Chicken, will be on the Siro’s menu. O’Sullivan mentioned that the menu will not be the same every time you visit, however.  “I expect that we’ll have changes in response to what are the best available products over the course of the next seven weeks – I’m a big believer in local sourcing and I’m looking forward to seeing what fish, mushrooms and other items are available to put on the menu. We are also discussing the idea of a special Tuesday ‘locals’ menu, where we can get a chance to really get creative.” He said.

O’Sullivan, a Napa Valley area native, sports an impressive background prior to taking the reins at The Hunt & Fish Club. He apprenticed for legendary Chef Todd Humphries on the West Coast (“…he would have us all forage for mushrooms with him,” O’Sullivan noted with a smile), with stops at leading restaurants in Toronto and Nantucket on his way to New York City, where, among other places, he worked at the prestigious ABC Kitchen under multiple-Michelin star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.  His training was evident in the quiet, confident and firm manner that he led his staff in preparing the dishes for this piece that make it evident that those visiting Siro’s this summer are in for a singular treat. 

It may come as a surprise to some that the kitchen staff at Siro’s manages to perform all this excellence with a rather small staff of six. Three were brought up by O’Sullivan from The Hunt & Fish Club, including his Sous Chef Jim and two line cooks. 

Another surprise is that this will be O’Sullivan’s first summer in Saratoga Springs. His impressions so far? “I love the ambiance. It reminds me of St. Helena in California, which has a seasonal wine culture.” 

Some of the things outside the restaurant he looks forward to include “…a long bike ride. I’m looking forward to seeing the lakes in this region. I can’t wait to visit the Farmers’ market here, as well as some of the other restaurants that I’ve heard so much about.”

“But mostly, I’m looking forward to just absorbing the racetrack atmosphere here. It’s going to be exciting to experience,” He said.

And it’s another  sure bet that O’Sullivan and his team will make your Hunt & Fish Club at Siro’s dining experience as world-class as the race meet next door. 

By Arthur Gonick

Saratoga TODAY

SARATOGA SPRINGS – While a major focal point of Saratoga Casino and Raceway’s (SCR) card on Saturday, July 25 will be the seventh annual Joe Gerrity Jr. Memorial Pace, race fans should make a point to arrive early and stay late. That will afford fans the opportunity to view several races in the New York State Sire Stakes series, which is worth a trip unto itself. 

Seven other races on Saturday’s card will feature New York bred 3-year old pacing colts, one of several divisions of the Sire Stakes. Each division competes and (hopefully) accumulates points based on performances at the state’s pari-mutuel harness tracks. The top finishers in each division compete one of two final “Night of Champions,” which features a total of eight $225,000 championship finals for the New York Sire Stakes, with total purses of $1.8 million, in September (see side box). There are two races on Saturday’s card (4 and 9), which are in the major division – with purses in excess of $80,000 at stake. 

“These are extremely balanced fields,” noted SCR’s Racing Secretary Peter Iovino, “particularly the ninth race – which is why I made it part of the Pick 4 series.” 

The New York Sire Stakes began in 1961. According to Betty Holt, executive director of the Harness Horse Breeders of New York State, “the Sire Stakes was designed with the goal of protecting agricultural programs and green space. Horse breeding is an extremely important agricultural industry in New York State.” And this is not a program for only the elite of New York standardbreds. Not only will the top earning horses participate in the purses, Saturday’s card features five other Sire Stakes races in what is called the “Excelsior” series, affording opportunities for late-blooming two and three-year olds to compete against other harness horses of similar abilities. The purses for these races are above average for these horses—Division “A” has three races on Saturday’s card for a $15,000 purse; Division “B” has two for $6,500. 

Our local area is well represented among the leaderboard in the various divisions of the 2015 New York Sire States, in which the top eight will compete in a “Night of Champions” race:

  • -Currently in first place in the 2-year old pacing colt division is Skip Jive, who is trained by Gansevoort’s Paul Kelley. Kelley and owner W. Springtime Stable of Johnstown have entered Penji Hanover in Saturday’s ninth race.
  • -Also, Bettorhaveanother is currently first in the current standings for 3-year old pacing fillies. She belongs to Kellogg Racing Stable of Queensbury and Janie Martin (Fort Ann) and is trained by Wilton’s Jackie Rousse. 
  • -2-year old trotting colt Andrew Goldstein is trained by Stillwater’s Kim Crawford and is currently in third place in that division.
  • -Royal Deceptor scores in seventh place current among 3-year old trotting colts. Trained by Gansevoort’s Mickey McGivern, Royal Deceptor is owned by two Saratoga Springs residents (Charles Foster and Michael James) as well as Micheal Sentiwany of Rensselaer. They are probably looking forward to August 19, when this division competes at Saratoga.

SCR Director of Racing Operations Paul Matarazzo said that he regarded Saturday’s 3-year old pacing colt division, as “the best division of the Sire Stakes, a key part of what should be the best racing card of the year.” With all the festivities surrounding the evening, all with free admission and parking, it appears to be the formula for a winning Saturday night.

Upcoming 2015 NY Sire Stakes Races At Saratoga Casino and Raceway

DATE                                        DIVISION:

Saturday, July 25                  3-year Old Colt Pace

Wednesday, August 19        3-year Old Colt Trot

Wednesday, September 2   2-year Old Colt Trot

Thursday, September 17     2-year Old Colt Pace

Finals for all divisions will take place at Yonkers Raceway’s “Night of Champions.” 


2 and 3-year old fillies will race on Saturday, September 12, and 2 and 3-year old colts on Saturday, September 26. 

By Arthur Gonick

Saratoga TODAY

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Saratoga Casino and Raceway (SCR) is set to welcome some of America’s finest standardbred performers, with lifetime earnings totaling over $8 million dollars, during the running of the seventh annual Joe Gerrity Jr. Memorial Free for All (FFA) Pace on Saturday, July 25. The first post time is scheduled for 7:05 p.m. that evening. This year’s memorial pace boasts a $260,000 purse, and over $500,000 in total purses throughout the course of the evening, including seven races in which 3-year old New York bred pacing colts will compete in their division of the New York Sire Stakes (see page 47).

The quality of the Gerrity field is evidenced by the fact that for the last two consecutive years, the track record has been broken in this race. Last year’s record-setter (at 1:48.4), Dancin Yankee, with $1.2 million in lifetime earnings, is back to defend his title from PP 2. “We are very excited to have such a balanced field going to post in this year¹s edition of our marquee race, Dancin Yankee figures to be a slight favorite to repeat as champion,” said Race Secretary Peter Iovino. 

He will, by no means, have it easy. Entered in the race are five other pacers who have cracked the $1 million earnings mark. “There are horses with trainers that have won prestigious races such as The Hambletonian. You really can make a case for most, if not all of the entrants,” Iovino said. “Along with the New York Site Stakes and a few quality handicap races, it should be a great night of fun and excitement.”

“This is the marquee night of our summer racing season,” noted SCR’s Director of Racing Operations John Matarazzo. “It’s also an opportunity to give back to give back to our fans.”

To that end, the evening will kick off with the singing of the National Anthem by Saratoga Springs High School student, Alexandra Koshigarian. New York Racing Association announcing legend Tom Durkin will be on hand to sign autographs and meet with guests by the Winner’s Circle from 7 to 9 p.m. An autographed commemorative photo of Mr. Durkin will be given away to the first 500 race fans. Mr. Sam Grossman, AKA “Sam The Bugler” will also be present and interacting with guests in attendance, in between calling all the pacers and trotters to the post throughout the evening race card. 

“Along with several of the top standardbred pacers in the Northeast, we’re pleased to welcome two of Saratoga’s most prominent racing personalities to the 2015 Gerrity Night,” said Matarazzo.

Racing fans in attendance will also receive a coupon for a free commemorative 2015 ‘Gerrity Night’ t-shirt with the purchase of a $2 race program, while supplies last. Additionally, free Stewart’s Ice Cream cones will be given out to the first 500 guests in attendance starting at 6:30. The Agriculture & New York State Horse Breeding Development Fund sponsors this giveaway.

The Memorial was created in 2009 as a pacing series honoring the memory of Joe Gerrity, Jr. and his many contributions. “He oversaw our transition to a full-service entertainment facility,” Matarazzo said. 


A highly respected leader, inspiration and an icon for the horse racing industry, he was a breeder of horses in Loudonville, a licensed harness driver and became Chairman of the Board of Saratoga Harness Racing, Inc. (now Saratoga Casino and Raceway) on April 1, 1987. Mr. Gerrity later oversaw the installation of video gaming machines, funding the project in part himself. He also served as a Director for the Harness Horse Breeders of New York State for 20 years, and also acted as Treasurer for much of that time. Mr. Gerrity passed away in October of 2005.

Friday, 22 May 2015 14:30

Saratoga’s Newest Art Destination

SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Saturday, May 23, the Saratoga art scene will have a new destination as a variety of local artists host a grand opening celebration 5 p.m.- 8 p.m. at 454 Broadway, downtown Saratoga Springs, lower level of the Saratoga Marketplace.

AMP Galleries is the new home to some of the region’s brightest artistic talent. With intimate lounge-style galleries, this is the new hot spot for art enthusiasts looking to unwind. 

The galleries feature a collaboration of five local artists Rebecca Kane, Sharon Castro, Erik Laffer, Nancy Magnell and Elisa Coakley-Koch with rotating guest artists premiering every 8 weeks. AMP Galleries is pleased to announce that Miguel Hoyos will join in the opening celebration as the galleries’ first visiting artist.

Across the hall from AMP, you will find the Celeste Susany Gallery, featuring paintings by Celeste Susany and the new Flores Art Gallery, featuring jazz and equine paintings by Frankie Flores and abstracts by Rachel Durland. 

Festivities begin at 4:45 p.m. ribbon cutting with Mayor Joanne Yepsen, live music by the Missing Toad Band, sparkling refreshments, original art and home cooked Italian food donated by Augie’s Restaurant.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — A Broadway hit musical will visit Saratoga Springs’ Broadway as Saratoga Children’s Theatre stages Into the Woods at Saratoga Music Hall, 454 Broadway in Saratoga Springs this weekend. Performances will be on Friday, May 22 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, May 23 at 2 and 7 p.m. 

Into the Woods debuted on Broadway in 1986 starring Bernadette Peters and won several Tony Awards. It was also released last holiday season as a movie starring Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt and Tracey Ullman, among others, Into the Woods has received three Academy Award nominations. 

The original musical features over 30 talented young actors and actresses from across the region. It draws from several Grimm Fairy Tales characters, including Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Cinderella. The story line involves a childless baker and his wife and their quest to begin a family, their interaction with the storybook characters, including a witch who has placed a curse on them.

Tickets for the Saratoga Music Hall productions are $15 for adults, $10 for ages under 18. They will be available at the door. For more information, visit saratogachildrenstheatre.org

SARATOGA SPRINGS –The three-day Saratoga Wine & Food Festival and Concours d’Elegance, scheduled for Sept. 11-13, will bring the epicurean lifestyle to the forefront with three days of gourmet events showcasing fine international wines, innovative chef-prepared menus, cooking demonstrations and wine seminars, expansive tastings, upscale auctions and a showcase of luxury automobiles. Attendees will enjoy opportunities to get up close and personal with expert chefs, wine connoisseurs, vintners and luxury automobile experts. Tickets to all events of the Saratoga Wine & Food Festival are now on sale and are available at spac.org, by calling (518) 584-9330, or in person at the Route 50 Box Office. 


“The Saratoga Wine & Food Festival provides a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of fine wines and spirits, gourmet cuisine, and magnificent luxury cars in SPAC’s renowned atmosphere,” said Marcia J. White, SPAC president and executive director. 


Among the celebrity personalities attending the festival will be Joey Limongelli, better known as “GT Joey,” whose recent book Around the World in a Ford GT (almost.) chronicles his travels across the United States, Canada and Europe with the legendary automobile. GT Joey” will be available for a book signing  and more than 20 Ford GTs expected to be on the grounds during Saturday’s events. 


There will be other celebrity guest announcements from the culinary field and other updates posted on spac.org as well as full program descriptions of the weekend’s programming. Returning to the festival are some favorite epicurean events including:


Adirondack Road Tour and Gourmet Luncheon - Friday, Sept. 11. A road rally to the historic Lake George Club.  Event price: $75.


Fired Up! - Friday, Sept. 11 ­ This evening grill-off competition will serve as the kick-off event to the weekend’s events on the SPAC grounds as top chefs from the Capital Region’s finest restaurants compete against New York City grill masters. Event price: $85.


Grand Tasting and Concours d’Elegance - Saturday, Sept. 12 ­ The centerpiece of the festival, the Grand Tasting takes place under expansive, elegant tents on SPAC’s lawn, and features hundreds of fine international wines, delicacies prepared by the region’s top chefs, cooking demonstrations, and connoisseur-led wine seminars. The festival partners again with The Saratoga Automobile Museum to present a show of luxury collector cars including invited classes of Shelby Cobra, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Lancia, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat-Abarth and more. Event price: $75. A VIP Grand Tasting ticket, which allows earlier entry to the Grand Tasting and exclusive access to the Connoisseur’s Tent, is available for $175.



In The Groove Jazz Brunch - Sunday, Sept. 13 ­ This sumptuous Sunday Brunch will feature gourmet offerings from six of Mazzone Hospitality’s finest restaurants at Saratoga National Golf Club. Live jazz and the Best in Show Auto Awards highlight the event. Event price: $75.


Ardie Russell Named as Chairperson

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Saratoga Springs Mayor Joanne D. Yepsen has announced her latest appointments to the first Saratoga Springs Arts Commission. This expanded commission will serve as an advisory body to the mayor and the city council. 


The mission of the Arts Commission is to build upon Saratoga Springs’ reputation as a premier arts destination, to advocate for artists and arts/cultural organizations, and to inspire, encourage, and develop inclusive artistic and cultural activities and initiatives that will stimulate economic development, further advancing the quality of life and the vibrancy of our city.


The Arts Commission has already been working on various activities. Since December, the commission’s initial members have submitted a grant proposal for $50,000 to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to create an Arts Master Plan for the City of Saratoga Springs. Also, a creative planning “charette” (a design and planning activity) has been held to gain input from the community. Other activities are being scheduled for late spring and summer. 


“I’m thrilled to announce the creation and expansion of the first ever Saratoga Springs Arts Commission,” said Mayor Yepsen. “The Spa City and the greater Capital Region truly has unlimited potential when it comes to benefiting from the natural synergy that exists between sustainable economic growth and the creative arts. I’m proud to be joined by the many volunteers that I’ve appointed to this important commission.” 


Mayor Yepsen has named Ardie Russell, Arts Administrator and owner of Studio 518, as the commission’s chairperson. Other members appointed to the Saratoga Springs Arts Commission are: 

Amejo Amyot

Founder, Arts District on Beekman

Lance Bell

CEO, LGB, LLC Advertising Agency

Ian Berry

Dayton Director, The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College

Devra Cohen-Tigor

Professor at Union Graduate School, Empire State College and New York Institute of Technology. 

Ria Curley

Ria Curley Music and Art 

Lawrence Edelson

Artistic and General Director, Opera Saratoga

William Finlay

Founder and former Artistic Director, Saratoga Shakespeare Company; Professor and Chair, Theater Department, Union College

Pantelis Kodogiannis


Founding Member, Renegade Theatre and Film Group


Jack Hyndman

Creative Director, Fingerpaint Marketing

Meg Kelly

Founder and Executive Director, Saratoga Children’s Theatre, Inc.

Beverley Mastrianni

Artist (sculptor); Former Member, National Advisory Council, The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery

Chris Millis

Writer, Producer, Cartoonist

Peter Nelson

President, Friends of Music Saratoga Springs

Director of Product Management, Informz

Joel Reed

Executive Director, Saratoga Arts

Susan Rivers

Fiber Artist, Artist Advocate

Planner, Elan Planning and Design

Dee Sarno

Chair, Board of Directors, Saratoga Arts Fest

Retired Arts Center Director and Educator

John Wager

Filmmaker, Director, Producer, Writer

Owner, Galileo Media Arts 

Marcia White

President and Executive Director, Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Dianne Winter

Associate Director, Caffe Lena


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  • Saratoga County Court  Sara N. Babinski, 35, of Schuylerville, was sentenced to 3 months incarceration/ 5 years probation, after pleading to felony DWAI, charged January 2024 in Saratoga Springs.  Thomas R. McCall, 35, of Rensselaer, pleaded to criminal possession of a weapon in the second-degree, in connection with a March 2024 incident in Saratoga Springs, when city police initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle on South Broadway and located a Magnum .357 revolver with ammunition underneath the driver’s seat, according to a statement by Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen. Further investigation determined that the firearm belonged to the defendant,…

Property Transactions

  •   BALLSTON  Frederick Wright sold property at 78 Beacon St to Jacqueline Zielinski for $361,000 Barbera Homes Kelley Farms sold property at 30 Paddock Pl to Erik Weiskopf for $716,959 Harold Tomlinson sold property at 429 Devils Lane to Amy Hotaling for $575,000 CORINTH Khalil Grant sold property at 5049 Rt 9N to Colin Murray for $239,500 Angela Wingle sold property at 83 Clothier Dr to Brittany Dunston for $249,900 Foothills Builders sold property at 49 Black Bear Path to Zachary Yetter for $455,605 Gwendoyln Matson sold property at 116 County Route 10 to Victoria Bourque for $169,000 MALTA  David…
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