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Friday, 19 September 2014 12:43

School Rules!

Simple Techniques to Help Your Children Have a Successful New School Year


By Meghan D. Lemery, LCSW-R

For Saratoga TODAY


Every year at the end of September my voicemail is full of anxious parents calling to get their kids into counseling for anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and poor grades. 

Do not wait until a crisis occurs to help your child have a successful year. Implement simple and effective basic rules that will help develop a healthy, confident, energetic student who succeeds in school!


Rise and Shine

What time do you expect your kids to get out of bed and get ready for school? Do you have to scream from the bottom of the stairs and run around like a crazy person to get them to school on time? 

Stop the insanity. Have a family pow-wow and be clear about what time they need to get up. Do not enable lazy behavior by being your child’s personal alarm clock. Provide them with their own alarm, help them set it and refuse to get pulled into the drama of a wake-up war every morning.  

Start as early as kindergarten teaching your child how to rise and shine. 

If you have kids in middle and high school, and you are still waking them up, you are setting them up for failure in college or at a job. Let them be late and suffer the consequences of detention. If you are always there to wake them up and race to school to get them there on time, they will never learn to do it themselves. 

Teach your kids to rise and shine in a responsible, calm way that keeps the household free of chaos.


Check Yourself

Are you the type of parent who is grumpy and snippy in the morning? Recognize that your mood in the morning will dictate how things go. Get organized and do what you need to do to stay away from creating a morning full of negativity and bad energy. 

Children who start their mornings with negative messages from their parents are more likely to suffer from a negative attitude and poor self-esteem. Take charge of your bad habits and make the changes you need to have a positive, peaceful morning with your family.


Clean the Pantry

One of the best indicators of how your child’s day will go can be found in your pantry. Check the labels. If you are serving your child a breakfast or lunch that contains high amounts of sugar, you are setting yourself up for a moody, miserable child who struggles to pay attention and has snug fitting clothes. They may feel a great surge of energy leaving the house, but in an hour they will be asleep on their desk and irritable.

Sugar is a HUGE energy drainer, pound packer, attention stealer and mood buster. Throw away the crap in your pantry and get serious about stocking it with foods that will boost your child’s energy and give them the ability to stay alert throughout the day.


Get Moving

I am alarmed when I work with teens whose parents let them come home from school and play video games or watch TV for hours. This is so bad for our students! 

Getting fresh air and exercising after each school day clears their minds from the busy day and helps them relieve anxiety and tension. Sign them up for sports, clubs or a gym membership. Teach your children that physically moving around releases endorphins that will calm them down and sharpen their study skills. 

Get off the couch and get moving! 


Check Please

Make it a ritual to go over all homework assignments and upcoming tests. Schedule a regular time that homework needs to be completed by and make sure it’s at least an hour before bedtime. Designate an area that is quiet for them to work and make cell phones and other electronics unavailable during this time. Your child will work faster without distraction and know that the bar is set for homework to be completed.  

Giving them guidance and tools to complete homework sets them up for success in college and teaches them how to have good study habits. Don’t be a passive parent and let your student fall behind and miss assignments. Be proactive to set up meetings with teachers as soon as you feel concerned that they may be falling behind. If you see academic success as a priority, your child is more likely to take pride in succeeding.


Lights Out

Make bedtime on school nights the same time every night. Turn off all phones, TVs and electronics before bed. 

Kids who are on electronics before bed have trouble falling asleep and an even harder time waking up. Try going back to the dark ages and giving them an actual book to read! 

I know it sounds crazy, but getting your child in the habit of reading before bed teaches them how to wind down the day and expands their knowledge and imagination. 

Spend time at the edge of your child’s bed every evening and give them a comfy cozy send-off to sweet dreams. This simple act of warmth and affection sets the stage for restful sleep and welcoming the new day with a sense of safety and security. 

Kids who grow up without security, structure, rules, attention and warmth are more likely to fall into the “wrong” crowd, use drugs or have sex at an early age. Make time to connect with your child at the end of each day. We are never too old to be tucked in!

Proactive parenting throughout the school year is essential to your child’s success in every way. Get a strategy in place and do whatever it takes to help launch the next generation of leaders. They are depending on you!

Wishing you all a fantastic New School Year! 


For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

SARATOGA SPRINGS – At the Saratoga Springs City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 16, Mayor Joanne Yepsen announced that the long-awaited groundbreaking ceremony for the Waterfront Park project, on the Northwest corner of Saratoga Lake, would occur on Monday, September 22 at 11 a.m. The public is invited. “We are looking forward to seeing this parcel developed into a major community asset.” She said. 


Also, the Mayor made several appointments, including the initial round of appointments to her Junior Committee, which is composed of students and young people who will be involved in community service projects. The initial appointees to this committee are: Katya Leidig, Alexander Shaw, Kaitlyn O’Donnell, Ethan North, Emily MacDougall, Sarah Marlin, Serena Egan, Michael Chille, Logan Briscoe and Lillian Doern. 


Also appointed were John Ellis to the city’s Ethics Committee and Cheryl Smith to Recreation Commission. Re-appointed to the Community Development Citizens Advisory Board were Rick Ferguson, Pam Polacsek and Lu Lucas; while Elisabeth Garofalo was a new appointment to that Board.


Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan announced the first in a series of public hearings on the 2015 Comprehensive Budget. It will be on Tuesday, October 21 at 6:45 prior to the council meeting. 


Commissioner of Public Works Anthony Scirocco announced that a hazardous waste collection day would take place on Saturday, October 11 near the Weibel Avenue skating rink. Pre-registration is required. The details and form is available for download on the city website: saratoga-springs.org 


Commissioner of Public Safety Chris Mathiesen invited the public to attend the next public safety forum next Thursday, September 25 at 7 p.m. Topics that the commissioner indicated he was seeking feedback on were the impact of the noise ordinance, the revised traffic pattern near the Saratoga Racecourse and Siro’s Restaurant, and the recent land transaction involving the Collamer parking lot on Broadway and a parcel East of Northway Exit 14.


Commissioner of Accounts John Franck had no agenda items, but got the biggest laugh of the night when he indicated that was because he had advance notice that there would be no TV cameras in attendance this evening.



- Arthur Gonick

By Arthur Gonick

Saratoga TODAY

LAKE GEORGE – I’ve been waiting for this one all summer. 


Yes, it’s still summer, folks – though the autumnal chill has descended and the foliage transformation has begun. It’s easy to tout you to a bunch of established entities, festivals and events. But we do our job best here at PULSE Central when we tell you about something that could be the next big thing. And this is the contender for that title. 


On a weekend chock-full of great choices, what you have before you is the “Reese’s Pieces” of music festivals: To paraphrase: two great genres that sound better together. 


The American Music Festival for the Lake is a two-day music festival and community block party, with a heart –

benefitting a Lake George “clean waters” nonprofit and celebrating the opening of the new Charles R Wood eco-park in the village of Lake George.  


Rock and roll is the central focus on Saturday’s performers, while Country rules the day on Sunday. And yet, within each of these broad crowd-pleasing categories, there is so much more.


Music highlights include performances by the international blues-funk superstar Robert Randolph & The Family Band and classic rockers NRBQ on Saturday (Rock Day) as well as cosmic cowboys New Riders of the Purple Sage and the female voice of bluegrass, Claire Lynch, on Sunday (Country Day).  A total of eleven acts will perform, including Paranoid Social Club (pop-punk), Wild Adriatic (neo-soul rock), North and South Dakotas (alt-twang), Rosco Bandana (southern Americana), Stony Creek Band (country-rock), Girls Guns & Glory (alt-country) and Rich Ortiz (singer-songwriter) round out the lineups over the two days.


In addition to the music, a full array of family fun is also on tap, including: a Kids Zone, a Saturday night balloon “moonglow” and fireworks, the Flashlight 5K for road runners, arts and crafts vendors and an array of food and drink.  


Admission is $15 Saturday, $10 on Sunday, with kids under 14 admitted at no charge.  Reserved seating is available on either day for an additional $10. A portion of each admission supports the clean water efforts of the Save Lake George Partnership in its efforts to control the invasive species threat. 


For additional information, directions, to buy tickets and updated schedules, visit FestivalForTheLake.com


Friday, 19 September 2014 11:25

Head On Down To Henry Street

Fifth Annual Harvest Festival Sunday

By Arthur Gonick

Saratoga TODAY


SARATOGA SPRINGS – I’ll tell you how lucky you are to live here.  


Most upstate towns would love to have our Henry Street as their MAIN street. 


A great vibe; a mix of unique and historic, cherished retailers. A destination in every sense of the word. Blending monks with funk. A mélange of salons and slices; places to paint and sip, or play darts and sip or – just sip. 


But this Sunday, they take it up a notch. From noon – 4 p.m., the Fifth Annual Harvest Festival will turn Henry Street into a good old-fashioned block party. 


During that time Henry Street will be closed to vehicular things from Lake Avenue to Caroline Street. Within these boundaries you may expect and enjoy: local performers, vendors and activities for kids. Henry Street businesses are ready to celebrate everything autumn with fall treats and family fun. 


Activities include live music, a dance performance, entertainment, festive food, seasonal snacks, pumpkin decorating, face painting, a dunking booth and a live broadcast from 101.3 The Jockey. 


This 2014 edition is extra special as it pays a special memorial tribute to Mana Behan, a beloved community member, yogi, and healer, organized by One Roof Holistic Health Center.


As from the beginning, proceeds from the Henry Street Harvest Festival benefit Gateway House of Peace, a local non-profit volunteer organization with a vision to serve the terminally ill of the northern Saratoga County community.

By Arthur Gonick

Saratoga TODAY


BALLSTON SPA – Stating that: “he couldn’t leave anything to chance” James A. Murphy, who will be unopposed in November’s election for Saratoga County Judge, announced that he was resigndising his position early as Saratoga County District Attorney – a position he has held for over fourteen years. 


The resignation, by letter to Governor Cuomo, took effect on Thursday, September 18, at 5 p.m. 


Because he has resigned before September 20, by statute Murphy forfeits the remainder of his salary, benefits and health coverage immediately. But the nearly 30 “at will” employees of the DA’s Office would retain their positions and the cases would continue without turnover in prosecutors assigned. Murphy cited these as the two main factors in reaching his decision. “I have worked for 27 years with these people,” Murphy said. “They have built strong relationships with the people involved with their cases, with the victims, the police, the community.”


Murphy’s DA term runs through November of 2015. So, had he stayed on until the end of this year, it would fall to the Governor to appoint a DA after Murphy takes the bench (which is a certainty as Murphy is unopposed for the County Court seat being vacated by Judge Jerry J. Scarano in this November's election).  


In that scenario, Murphy stated that he felt the strong possibility existed that the appointed DA would then remove the 21 Assistant DAs, the 5 investigators and 2 secretaries, since they are all “at will” employees and serve “at the pleasure of the DA.” The more than 500 felony indictments pending would then see a turnover in the prosecutor assigned to the case and victims would then be introduced to new prosecutors. Further, A second turnover could occur depending upon the results of the November 2015 election, which would result in more difficulty in the prosecution of cases going forward. 


With the resignation, First Assistant DA Karen Heggen would become Acting DA until the election this November, when there would be an election for DA for a full four-year term. Murphy has recommended Heggen to be endorsed by all political parties, praising her work ethic and acumen. 



Given the short time frame between now and election day, a strong possibility exists that Heggen will be endorsed by all parties, or at the very least run unopposed, continuing a tradition established of non-partisanship by James A. Murphy III since taking the Saratoga County DA office reins.

Friday, 12 September 2014 16:01

Owls To Orbit Washington County Saturday

By Arthur Gonick

Saratoga TODAY


HUDSON FALLS – There are several things I like about this gig, but this is one thing I LOVE. 


To have the opportunity to tout you towards something new in the A+E arena; to expose you to, perhaps, a new star appearing in our musical constellation. Maybe off your radar at this point - yet not for long, and to give it a wider showcase. 


It says here that Owls In Orbit – a duo which is pairing Washington County residents Jessica Jenks and Marc Clayton on a variety of electronic gizmos, electric gadgets, acoustic instruments and vocals, could have that type of star power. 


The short course is that they will be making their debut performance this Saturday at Hudson River Music Hall and it should prove to be worth the trip from anywhere in our distribution area. Their presentation will be multi-media, with a movie screen that will be the first use of the black box theater inside the Music Hall.


Samples of their music are available on their reverbnation site (see below.) Owls in Orbit describe their music as featuring “musically atmospheric landscapes set upon mood and rhythm…transporting and thought provoking…. A soundtrack to the soul.” The feeling they wish to convey includes ephemeral elements such as “…waves, saltwater breeze, leaves crunching underfoot on an autumnal walk, owls calling out to each other in the night, comets, moons of different planets in various universes.” 


“We both love owls, so it made sense to us when we were kicking ideas around,” Jessica said, speaking about the bands intriguing name. “The word owl also sounds like ‘io,’ which is one of Jupiter’s moons.”


Both bring to the table rich musical resumes, despite their relatively young ages. A chance meeting at their church rapidly cemented their harmonious partnership. Songwriter Jessica has also owned the Happy Keys Piano School since 2002, and offers in-home lessons all over the region. 


Long Island native Marc’s background includes being signed by Pie Records in the 1990s, a label whose studio in Los Angeles has had appearances by Aerosmith, The Scorpions Dar Williams, Cheap trick, Cyndi Lauper and The Rolling Stones. He immersed himself in the Nashville songwriter scene for a time, working with songwriters who ventured in from around the world, and relocated to be closer to his family and raise his son, Shane (11). Currently, he is involved in many projects, acting as producer, arranger, recording engineer and multi-instrumentalist as needed. A recent achievement was having two songs licensed for a Discovery Channel show called “Deadliest Catch.”


So, suffice to say they know what they’re doing. But this is the music they both really want to play.


“We’re really like two space oddities,” Jessica said, with an expression that was at once amused and yet serious. “This is the best expression of our musical evolution and growth.”


Listening to their music, I felt an eerie flashback to a time over a decade ago – when I was a local radio DJ and a mutual friend handed me a demo CD from a new Saratoga Springs duo she was working with and wanted to get on the air. The band’s name, at the time, was Charlie Everywhere. 


Later, they changed it: To Phantogram. They of the worldwide tours, MTV and Jimmy Kimmel appearances. The whole thing. 


Whoa! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s by no means a slam-dunk that Owls In Orbit will achieve anything like Phantogram. For one thing, lifestyles (for instance, Jessica has four children – Trinity, 14; Turner, 8; Jacob, 7 and Caden, 5) may prevent them from ever fully capitalizing on their gifts to that extent. 


But it’s certainly nice to have that kind of potential. It’s also nice that they might stay around the area longer, too.


For more information about Owls in Orbit visit reverbnation.com/owlsinorbit and facebook.com/owlsinorbit


Owls In Orbit

With special guest Jeff Westerman

Saturday, September 13 at 7 p.m.

The Hudson River Music Hall

10 Maple Street, Hudson Falls


Tickets at Door: $10 / $8 Students and Seniors

Friday, 05 September 2014 15:47

Still Steely After All These Years

- Super Group Rips Up SPAC In LiveNation Concert Finale

By Arthur Gonick
Saratoga TODAY

SARATOGA SPRINGS – In a concert season that had many highlights on the schedule, many would argue that LiveNation saved the best for last with Steely Dan’s performance at SPAC on Sunday evening, August 31. For most in the rain-dampened yet enthusiastic crowd, there was no argument.

They saw the best in the business, still innovative and at the top of their game.

Normally, we have Mark Bolles cover these retro groups, but I was anxious to see a unit that I had enjoyed since their first hit Reelin’ in the Years decades ago, yet had not seen since their tour in support of their first album (it was a record, meaning: Vinyl, back then) Can’t By A Thrill in 1972. In truth, the band had stopped touring for nearly 20 years because founders Donald Fagen and Walter Becker felt that they could not replicate the studio sound at a live venue.

Well, they certainly worked it out – and how!

Part of working it out comes from innovation, improvisation and keeping the band young by adding fresh members to the group. In this connection, the “Danettes”- a trio of backup (and sometimes lead) singers, drawn from a roster of about a half-dozen each night, were a crowd-pleasing standout.

Part of working it out is launching hit after hit until the crowd is frenzied. Consider this list in rapid succession: Black Cow, Aja (in which Fagen debuted a concertina solo,), Hey Nineteen, Black Friday and Rikki Don’t Lose That Number.

The audience barely had time to catch its breath when the “Danettes” brought them up to a higher level: Taking the lead on a soulful version of Dirty Work followed closely thereafter with a ripping, rapid rendition of Bodhisattva that was easily the evening’s highlight among highlights.

But they weren’t even close to being done. More big boys and best-sellers: Daddy Don’t Live In That New York City No More, Josie, Peg, My Old School, Reelin’ and Kid Charlemagne for an encore. Neat, tight and done.

A great tribute to Steely Dan’s performance is that they left a few hits in the tank, as it were. Two that come to mind are Deacon Blues and Do It Again.

Hey, Freihofer's Jazz Festival! How about these guys as the mainstream headliners next year? They are certainly more faithful to jazz tenets than some of the others you’ve put up at the top of the bill. Just sayin’.


Friday, 05 September 2014 15:35

We Will Remember

City To Commemorate 9/11’s Anniversary

By Arthur Gonick
Saratoga TODAY

SARATOGA SPRINGS - Mayor Joanne Yepsen and the Mayor’s 9/11 Memorial Committee is inviting the public to join them for a City Wide Ceremony and Remembrance on the anniversary of the Tragedy which befell our nation.

This ceremony will begin at 8:15 a.m. on Thursday, September 11 at the Tempered by Memory sculpture in High Rock Park. The ceremony is expected to last approximately one hour. A schedule and event program appears on Page 9.

“While 13 years have passed, few who were alive in the United States on 9/11/2001 will ever forget where they were or what they were doing.” Mayor Yepsen said. “It is best that we not forget, both personally and for the sake of our country as we share those thoughts and feelings with those who were just children. Please join me and other citizens of Saratoga Springs as we remember the lives of the men, women and children who were killed. And may we “Never Forget” or allow those around us to forget.”

A significant event on the program will occur on 8:46 a.m. when churches and other structures city wide are requested to ring their bells for one minute – to coincide with the timing of the first airplane impact on the North Tower of NYC’s World Trade Center thirteen years ago.

Schedule of Events:
Saratoga Springs 9/11 Ceremony and Remembrance
High Rock Park

8:15 - 8:40 a.m. Bag Piper – Peter Lounsberry

8:40 a.m.  Color guard- Div. of Military and Naval Affairs (DMNA) under the direction of New York State's Adjutant General, Major General Patrick Murphy.

8:46 a.m.  Ringing of Bells City Wide

8:47 a.m.  Welcome – Dottie Pepper
National Anthem –  Choraliers- Saratoga Springs High School
Pledge – Ken Klotz
Invocation – Rev. Coqui Conkey
Mayor Joanne Yepsen Remarks and Introduction
Matt Tully – Keynote Speech
Wreath Presentation 
God Bless America –    Choraliers – Saratoga Springs High School
Benediction – Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein

Approximately 9:15-9:30 a.m. Taps – Erne Bellinger of Wilton

Friday, 29 August 2014 13:37

Zac At SPAC: Brown Is The New Black

By Arthur Gonick
Saratoga TODAY

SARATOGA SPRINGS – In modern English language, the world ‘awesome’ is one of the most abused around. As such, it becomes common currency. Everything is awesome, dude. I got a stain out of my t-shirt at Cudney’s – awesome. My dog didn’t bite anybody today – awesome! I got 14 likes on my Facebook post – awesome!

You get the idea. So I propose to reclaim the word for what it is supposed to mean. At the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) on Sunday night, August 24, I heard Zac Brown say this to the large crowd:

“We truly appreciate each and every one of you coming. We remember what it was like to play for beer money not so long ago, and we take nothing for granted, I assure you.”

Now, in the sometimes jaded world of big-time rock ‘n’ roll, THAT’s awesome, ladies and gents. And while we’re at it, the music was pretty darned special as well. That seemed to be the consensus in the electric amphitheater and from the jammed (and jamming) lawn crowd. The weather made it a great night to wander and be among the people, as it were.

Not only does the Zac Brown Band have some sparkling originals that span a wide spectrum of genres such as country, reggae, bluegrass and rock (a personal favorite in tonight’s set was “Whiskey’s Gone,”  but you could make a case for several others), but spices things up with a similar variety of popular cover tunes, each stylized in their own way and running the gamut from James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain” to Metallica’s “Never, Never Land” to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” and back over to Marshall Tucker’s “Can’t you see?”

The latter tune found me next to a father/daughter combo with Dad explaining to his pre-teen daughter that this was one of Peter Frampton’s biggest hits. I was having such a nice time, as were they, I didn’t have the heart to tell them it was someone else.

So all in all, this was the fourth time I have seen ZBB and he’s yet to disappoint. They are my ‘go-to’ guys for a guaranteed good time. Brown is the new Black – and that’s awesome!

New BBQ, Blues & Brews Event To Kick Off SPAC’s Wine & Food Fest



NEW YORK CITY – Marc Murphy, a celebrated Manhattan restaurant owner, executive chef and a frequent judge on the Food Network’s highly rated program "Chopped," will be the host of the inaugural "BBQ, Brews & Blues" competition to kick off the annual Saratoga Performing Arts Center’s (SPAC) Saratoga Wine & Food Fest on Friday, September 5.



In addition to his work on "Chopped," Chef Murphy has also made appearances on "Iron Chef America," "Hot Chefs," "The Martha Stewart Show," "Make My Day," "Unique Eats," "The Best Thing I Ever Ate," "The Best Thing I Ever Made," "The Rachael Ray Show" and "The TODAY Show." He is the president of the Manhattan chapter of the New York State Restaurant Association, and a board member of City Harvest, Culintro and Passport NYC at the 92nd Street Y Culinary Camp.


Reached by phone in Manhattan, Chef Murphy was forthcoming on a variety of topics. Interestingly, though he has lived (and cooked) in several of the world’s culinary capitals (including Paris, Milan and Monte Carlo) his trip next month will be his first ever to Saratoga Springs.


"I’m excited about this trip," he said. "I’ve heard so much about this place, the history and of SPAC itself."


While the fine points about how the BBQ, Brews & Blues competition will be structured are still being determined – even Chef Murphy was unaware of this "I’m ready for anything, though!" He said - he was familiar with some of the chefs that are part of the New York City team (see below) that will square off against some of their leading Capital Region counterparts.


However, "In something like this, I always have to give the edge going in to the home-based team." Chef Murphy said. "They can bring their best help, they know the local purveyors. In a competition, these are big advantages."


The wine and food festival reached out to Chef Murphy, who now is the owner of five leading New York City restaurants in addition to an event and catering company under the umbrella name Benchmarc, earlier this year.


Being a Food Network devotee, I had to ask him all about Chopped.


He enjoys the variety of judges that rotate through the panel. "It’s always a good day at that job." He said, noting that several are personal friends, citing fellow judge (and Iron Chef) Geoffrey Zakarian as someone who he recently took a trip with recently.


According to Chef Murphy, a typical single episode of "Chopped," which gets edited down to a 30-minute show, takes about 10 hours to shoot. "They spend a lot of time in between courses," he said, laughing. "It can get pretty messy out there with all the food flying around!" Iron Chef, on the other hand, is much quicker even though it is an hour show, as that particular competition involves cooking a complete meal in one continuous segment.


Of course, when you get one of the world’s great chefs on the line I have to have him pick a meal for us. So I set the scene: I’m at one of your restaurants, Let’s say Landmarc, chef’s table. Important client to impress. Money of course not a concern. I leave it to you, Chef Marc: what will I be served.

He didn’t hesitate. "Well, for appetizers, I’d set you up with a tasting array," he said. "Of course, sometimes the best of these would depend on seasonality and availability, but two popular apps that would be on that plate are our smoked mozzarella & ricotta fritters with a spicy tomato sauce and grilled scallion and tomato confit flatbread.


"For the salad course, we serve our chopped salad family style. It has celery, cucumber, hearts of palm, tomatoes and beets with balsamic vinaigrette.




"A popular fish course is our grilled salmon, served with ratatouille and parsley pistou (a sauce from Provençe made of basil, garlic, olive oil and sometimes Parmesan cheese and tomato paste).


(Keep going…)



"Ok, for the entrée I would select our 22 oz. grass fed bone-in painted hill farms ribeye steak, grilled. Since you are impressing a client, I’d probably slice it myself for you tableside. Dessert I’ll leave up to you; we always have a wide variety to choose from."




That’s why the chef is a judge, ladies and gents.



For more information about Chef Marc Murphy’s restaurants, visit


benchmarc-events.com. To learn more about SPAC’s Wine & Food Fest, visit spac.org




The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn!



The Lineups for the BBQ, Blues & Brews event at the Saratoga Wine & Food Fest at SPAC


Friday, September 5



Capital Region Restaurants and Chefs



Druthers Brewing Company- Chef Sean Comiskey



Angelo’s 677 Prime- Chef Jaime Ortiz


Henry Street Taproom- Chef Maria Mendez


The Brook Tavern- Chef Kyle Lewis





New York City Restaurants and Chefs


TESSA- Chef Cedric Tovar


Nice Matin & Marseille- Chef Andy D’Amico


Tolani- Chef Cesare De Chellis


Dukes Original Rodehouse NYC-


Chef Seth Lowenstein & Chef Nick Cataldo


Page 23 of 39


  • Saratoga County Court  Sara N. Babinski, 35, of Schuylerville, was sentenced to 3 months incarceration/ 5 years probation, after pleading to felony DWAI, charged January 2024 in Saratoga Springs.  Thomas R. McCall, 35, of Rensselaer, pleaded to criminal possession of a weapon in the second-degree, in connection with a March 2024 incident in Saratoga Springs, when city police initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle on South Broadway and located a Magnum .357 revolver with ammunition underneath the driver’s seat, according to a statement by Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen. Further investigation determined that the firearm belonged to the defendant,…

Property Transactions

  •   BALLSTON  Frederick Wright sold property at 78 Beacon St to Jacqueline Zielinski for $361,000 Barbera Homes Kelley Farms sold property at 30 Paddock Pl to Erik Weiskopf for $716,959 Harold Tomlinson sold property at 429 Devils Lane to Amy Hotaling for $575,000 CORINTH Khalil Grant sold property at 5049 Rt 9N to Colin Murray for $239,500 Angela Wingle sold property at 83 Clothier Dr to Brittany Dunston for $249,900 Foothills Builders sold property at 49 Black Bear Path to Zachary Yetter for $455,605 Gwendoyln Matson sold property at 116 County Route 10 to Victoria Bourque for $169,000 MALTA  David…
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