Thursday, 26 March 2020 12:50 Written by John Reardon

Hello my Foodie Friends!

We are certainly in an unprecedented time. Going to the grocery store has taken on a new meaning. This stuff makes us smile or chuckle or laugh out loud, exactly what we need as we face an unknown future amid the most serious disruption of our normal daily routine. Stress, boredom and a natural appreciation for culinary pleasures is sending millions under home confinement to the same place – back to the basics of cooking at home. For some, that means a new challenge of cooking from scratch more than usual (if that’s you, you might find solace in cooking from the pantry or freezer). But for those who have always loved cooking as both a respite from the news and a creative hobby, being inside during a pandemic presents a unique opportunity to get cozy with finicky and time-intensive recipes and kitchen skills that have previously been hard to carve out time to try. 

This is a time to do some of the things that you have put off for so long being challenged on time. Since we are all together under one roof; getting back to the basics takes on a new meaning. 

Cooking can be a way to nurture your self and learn things and stay active. It can be therapeutic focusing on that recipe you have always wanted to try, instead of thinking about the other worries you may have.

During this time of crisis and uncertainty; stay connected through cooking as a family, call your family and friends, and get back to the roots of cooking at home and eating as a family. Realize that this is a short period of time, and will change. Take time to lay low, smile and enjoy each other. Put some music on, dance, sing, and cook together under one roof. 

We at Compliments to the Chef, your Neighborhood Kitchen and Cutlery store try to live by the definition of family (we consider our foodie friends our family). While the direct legal and genetic relationships you share with others can help you create your definition of family, there is more to family relationships than these basic concepts. A true family provides emotional and spiritual kinship through our shared values, beliefs, and tradition, our common interests and experiences, and being a support during difficult times like these (acting as inspiration and giving unconditional friendship). Please call our store phone number (leave a message) if you need culinary items that we may stock. We can work out how to get them to you. 

 Take Care,
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