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Hello my Foodie Friends!

Most people fall into a rut when it comes to bread options. However, Popovers can be a deceptively simple item that will impress your family and friends and tickle their taste buds. Not only are popovers cost effective, they’re also a breeze to make as long as you follow a few simple rules: make sure the pan is hot before pouring in the batter, don’t fill the cups more than half full, and no opening the oven while they’re baking.

Having the correct pan is important to making airy popovers with golden domes. The secret is how the batter lies in the pan. Popover pans are used for making popovers. They are specially constructed to convey the heat directly to the batter, which needs to be added to a hot pan, similar to the way Yorkshire puddings are made. Popover pans are also made with tall, narrow cups, which create a distinctive shape. This creates steam that helps the popovers expand and become light and hollow on the inside. Then you can stuff them with things. A popover pan is deep with steep-sided wells.  This forces the batter upwards creating puffy domes and crispy sides. Investing in a real popover pan eventually starts to feel quite justifiable. These tins are really only useful for making popovers, but oh, what beautiful popovers they make! The trick is to make sure the pan is very hot before you add the butter and the batter.

At Compliments to the Chef, we carry popover pans from Nordicware and USA Pan.  Both the Nordicware pan and USA Pan’s are made in the U.S.A. These pans are designed to allow maximum airflow so popovers reach their full height. 

The next time you are not sure what to pop on over with to visit a friend or a family member, or to serve as a bread option, think about a creative popover to serve with the meal. During this challenging time – popovers may be a fun and creative way to add to your meal planning. Please call John at 518-226-4477 to set up an appointment to assist you’re your culinary needs. I’ll greet you wearing my mask and remember, “Life Happens in the Kitchen.”

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