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Hellomy Foodie Friends!   

In recent decades, avocados have surged in popularity. We find ourselves making this one of our favorite foods by putting it on toast, in avocado bowls, smoothies, salads, fries, soups, scrambled eggs, dressing, gelato, brownies, pizza, pancakes, yes, and even ice cream. These are among the large number of ways we have incorporated avocados into our diets. You can even just grab a spoon and eat avocado with some salt and pepper. Avocados can make just about anything taste better. Avocados may be considered a “high fat food;” however, they are also considered a super food. Not only does the fat from avocados provide essential nutrients, they also help to absorb nutrients such as vitamins from other foods eaten. They are also considered a high source of fiber. 

Avocados can be challenging to cut. They may seem harmless but can be a bit troublesome in trying to remove the pit. With the growing popularity of avocados, many people are learning that cutting the tasty and healthy fruit the wrong way can lead to a term called “avocado hand,” when an individual injures their hand trying to remove the pit from the avocado in a way that causes injury to the hand.

There is a tool that can assist with avoiding this injury. Removing the pit is the most dangerous part of avocado preparations The avocado tool makes the job way easier thanks to the rounded blades, which grip onto the avocado pit so you can twist and remove it without cutting through your hand. The Avocado Tool from Microplane features a straight edge blade with an exaggerated wide curve and rounded tip to effortlessly slice through avocado’s tough skin and scoop the flavorful flesh inside. Three prongs at the base of the tool safely and easily handle the tricky task of pitting the avocado without resorting to using knives. For easy clean up, it’s also dishwasher safe. Use the straight edge to cut through tough avocado skin, then pierce the pit with the tool’s prongs and twist to remove the pit! This Cinco de Mayo, scoop, slice, and serve avocados easily and safely with the Microplane Avocado Tool.

At Compliments to the Chef, your Neighborhood Kitchen and Cutlery store located at 33 Railroad Place, we offer many spices and culinary tools that can be used to help you with your Cinco de Mayo culinary creations. “Avo nice day” this Cinco de Mayo. Remember Foodie Friends, “Life Happens in the Kitchen.”

Take Care, John & Paula

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