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Accountability, Ethics & Transparency

By Patty Morrison, Candidate Elect, Commissioner of Finance | Letters to the Editor

For too many years City voters had little choice for who gets elected to the City Council. But this year things are different. In the recent Democratic Primary for Commissioner of Finance, we won an important election and with it an opportunity to present a different vision to all city voters. 

Very simply, I’m running for a seat on the City Council to give voters a qualified, passionate, professional alternative to the incumbent, one who will truly represent your voice in City Hall. I believe good government should rely on a few basic principles. 

In the race for Finance Commissioner the issues center around:

Accountability where many believe we are losing control of our city to big money and out of control development, increased traffic and inadequate infrastructure all without adequate benefits coming back to the City. 

Ethics & Transparency must include complete disclosure while avoiding conflicts of interest and no special loopholes for public officials.

For City voters, the upcoming General Election represents a chance for positive change in City Government. Development is a good problem to have, but boundaries must be drawn and neighborhood fairness must be protected. 

On November 5th, I ask for your support and vote. Together we can make the changes needed to strengthen our City.

- Patty Morrison, Candidate Elect, Commissioner of Finance

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