Thursday, 25 June 2020 13:06

Let’s Dine on Broadway in Saratoga Springs

By Charlie Samuels | Letters to the Editor

Governor Cuomo has allowed sidewalk dining in Saratoga Springs. This should turn out to be a win-win for its residents, tourists and the finances of our city, provided our Covid-19 cases remain suppressed. According to most health experts, gathering outside as long as masks are worn before being seated and social distancing is abided by is considered low-risk of getting Covid-19. Now Saratoga is considering letting restaurants basically take over some sidewalks on some side streets and creating walkways on the streets with cement “jersey barriers” as safety buffers. 

So why stop there?

Let’s ask permission from the State to let S.S. have one of the two travel lanes of Broadway for parking (as a safety buffer) so tables can be put where the parking is now. They will hardly impede traffic flow as one lane will remain open in both directions and there will be minimal loss of on-street parking.  Deliveries can be made at a few designated parking spots for trucks only.

In other words, it will repurpose existing curb side parking lanes as expanded pedestrian and public space so Broadway restaurants and other businesses so the winning would be HUGE for all.

- Charlie Samuels

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