Thursday, 08 October 2020 13:34

Saratoga Springs’ Own Version of NY State’s 3 Men in a Room

By Richard Sellers | Letters to the Editor

With no public discussion…not even Zoom meetings or press releases…the self-anointed charter change leaders were able to make the bad 2017 Saratoga Springs charter proposal much worse by 1. Adding Wards, and 2. Enriching the future mayor.

Wards mysteriously appeared on this year’s ballot rejecting their 2017 charter change committee which had decided against wards after discussing in a public meeting. 

And the proposed mayor’s salary was increased by another $25,000 to an excessive $65,000 for a part-time job, again ignoring 2017 committee members’ research and recommendations. 

Official committee minutes reveal: “Jeff Altamari said he had read through NYCOM data and the average salary of a Mayor with the City Manager was $19,000.” Rob Kuczynski said “that $40,000 was too high for the Mayor’s position. He reminded everyone that we will have a City Manager to do the work.” 

Since the mayor’s responsibilities are identical with 2017, ask yourself: Did someone push for this much higher salary for themselves hoping to get $65,000 for a part-time job? One candidate seems to be maneuvering already.

These two bad decisions that will make city government worse were made in a back room, rather than receiving public input. I’m voting No.

- Richard Sellers, Saratoga Springs

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