Thursday, 06 October 2022 13:37

Dismay with Commissioner of Accounts, Commissioner of Finance & Public Works Commissioner

Dear Saratoga County neighbors and Saratoga Springs City Council,

I am writing to Saratoga Today to express my dismay with Dillon Moran, Commissioner of Accounts, Minita Sanghvi, Comm. of Finance and Jason Golub, Public Works Commissioner.

On 8/2/2022 The Aggressive Panhandling Ordinance was voted down 3 –2. The above 3 named voting against it. Mayor Ron Kim and James Montagnino, Commissioner of Public Safety, voting in favor. The aggressive panhandling ordinance was a measure that prohibits panhandling near an ATM, touching, and following people while asking for money. This ordinance, if passed, would increase the feeling of safety for our residents and visitors. As a recent victim of a non-violent crime, I do not understand how this could be voted down. Is the City Council trying to appease panhandlers? Is City Council trying to welcome even more crime onto our beautiful streets of downtown Saratoga and Broadway? 

I especially have an issue with Jason Golub’s statement “You’re going to have a rich white lady who says that and a homeless person, so who are you going to believe?” This statement is offensive on so many levels. Where to begin...

As I previously stated, I have recently been a victim of a non-violent crime that took place in Saratoga Springs. I am a “white lady” that lives, works, and is raising my family. Is Mr. Golub suggesting that I, or that any “white lady” should not be believed when reporting a crime to the SSPD? Or is he suggesting that a “white lady” would exaggerate claims when victimized? Does he think that most white ladies are rich?

Secondly, this statement is racist. What does being white have to do with the validity of reporting a crime? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2021, Saratoga County’s white population was 92.7%. Is Jason Golub suggesting that 92.7% of his constituents he represents are liars?

Thirdly, this statement is insinuating that the SSPD would not follow correct police procedures when a crime is reported by a “white, rich lady”.  And that the SSPD is biased towards a person’s gender, race and financial status. 

I believe that there is absolutely no room for racist and sexist comments from the SS City Council representatives and therefore Mr. Golub should apologize for his unfortunate remarks. As a taxpaying resident of Saratoga Springs I would also like to see the Aggressive Panhandling Ordinance vote revisited.

Respectfully, Adele Mazzotti

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