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Guns and Elections

By Winnie Baden | Letters to the Editor


After 99 peaceful gun show years, our Saratoga Springs City Center,  suddenly is harassed by protestors. Knowing that gun violence is most extreme in cities with the strictest gun laws, and they all have DEMOCRAT mayors, I realized that we must question who is behind the protestors in Saratoga Springs?  The president of the organization is female; she does not want her name or face revealed.  Why?  Who is she?  Who invited her?  Who is funding her organization?  

Two years ago Saratoga Springs elected a Democrat mayor.  immediately,  we must NOW question, why would the Saratoga Springs voter re-elect  her?  Two years is more than enough for this  administration, their level of incompetence, dysfunction, disorder and secrecy.  And I express this from my very own, first-hand, personal experiences. Can we assume our mayor and her administration might be behind Saturday's  gun protests at OUR City Center?

As a very concerned voter for the survival of our unique Saratoga Springs, please vote for John Safford for Saratoga Springs next Mayor!  One Saturday morning, he walked up to me on Division Street, and he asked for my vote!  After researching his background and experience, he is exactly the new, fresh, non-political blood that Saratoga Springs needs during these challenging times.  On Tuesday, November 3, please vote for John Safford.


Winnie Baden


Saratoga Springs

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