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Support for Safford

By Jack A. Dejnozka | Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Saratoga Needs a New Mayor Who Doesn’t Sit On Major Projects 

As a Captain of the Saratoga Springs Fire Department for 21 years, now retired, and a member of this great department for 39 years, I believe Mayor Yepsen is looking out for herself as a career politician rather than the city. 

Yepsen is a synonym for endless dialogue. She prefers to talk, talk, talk rather than making decisions or accomplishing what needs to be done. The debate on adding a hotel and spa (one of the things which made us famous) at the Saratoga National Golf Course has been going round like the Kaydeross carrousel because the Mayor hasn’t provided leadership. 

Ditto for building the City Center garage, which we need to help tourism and keep down taxes. Yepsen just praised a significantly bigger development with apartments and businesses, which would cause even worse traffic and parking problems. The one thing she has accomplished is to delay the vote until after the election, allowing her to hide her opinion. 

Let’s vote for John Safford for Mayor. He is the opposite of Mayor Yepsen. He is straight forward, has good judgment, makes decisions, and will take the lead to accomplish what needs to get done. 

Captain Jack A. Dejnozka


Retired Saratoga Springs Fire Department
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 

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