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Property Transactions: Jan. 4 - Jan. 10, 2020


336 Charlton Rd., $350,000.
Darryl Levan and Dorinda Gifford Levan sold property to Justin and Marissa Page.

123 Powers Lane, $67,000.
Daniel Warner (by Admin) sold property to Walter and Nicole Katz.

35 Kasey Pass, Unit 35, $267,990.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Richard and Janet Fuelner.

2 Marlyn Dr., $245,000.
Leon and Esther Grieb sold property to Sixin Jiang. 

13 Independence Trail, $395,254.
Briarwood Brooks Development LLC sold property to Penne and Earnest Gaeta II.


47 Sterling Heights Dr., $362,500.
Pankaj and Mona Marria sold property to Shaukat Hayat.

990 Route 146, $372,000.
Richard Fanch sold property to Arquette Holdings LLC.

79A Southbury Rd., $414,949.
Tristan and Marie Cooper sold property to Gabriel and Catherine Karathomas.

4 Vista Court, $435,000.
Daniel and Jaqueline Ranta sold property to Brian and Janice Nissley. 

13 Chevy Chase Lane, $320,000.
Ryan and Erin Silva sold property to Yinjie Li.

5 Lilac Court, $325,000.
Dry Creek Building and Development LLC sold property to Abdalqadir and Deanna Muhsin.

9 Stoney Heights Court, $570,000.
Ronald and Maria Olson sold property to Byron Stahl and Jessica Denooyer. 


13 Circle Dr., $50,000.
Adam French sold property to Craig Ross.


1337 Ridge Rd., $105,000.
Thomas Fake (by Admin) sold property to Michael Montuori.

5481 Crooked St., $85,000.
CMH Homes Inc. sold property to Christopher and Kathryn Brown.


15 Ormsbee Rd., $143,100.
Howard Evans III sold property to Arthur Avery, Sr. and Lisa Pisano Avery.


4 Magnolia Way, $430,000.
Ryan and Tara Szcesniak sold property to Shawn and Megan Zamzow.

34 Vettura Court, $85,000.
Lecmor Residential LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc.

12 Pennyroyal Rd., $301,790.
Triller Development sold property to Douglas and Sandra Usher. 


58 Malta Ave., $390,000.
GLORYB LLC sold property to Fifty Eight Malta Avenue LLC.

885 Rock City Rd., $700,000.
William Loveland and Richard Hahn, Jr. sold property to Acorn Milton Self Storage LLC.

551 Rowland St. Ext., $312,500.
Michael and Katie Pawloski sold property to Ryan Kish and Elizabeth Martindale.


70 Broad St., $135,000.
Bergin Properties LLC sold property to MM Bentley Brockway LLC.

4 Corrine Court, $359,000.
John Smith sold property to Conan and Kristine O’Rourke.

31 Church St., $134,900.
Wendy Hayner sold property to Gilead Group LLC.

108 Schuyler Hills Rd., $485,960.
Cerrone Construction LLC sold property to Alan and Charlene Mapes.


30 Lakewood Dr., $350,000.
Luke England sold property to Alma Faviola Schmalz Herold and Christian Schmalz.

23 Elizabeth Lane, $278,000.
Derrick and Kristine Wurl sold property to Carl and Jean Preuss.

16 Moore Ave., $216,000.
Frank and Rhoda Pickus sold property to Christian Dorsey.

8 Clubhouse Dr., $265,000.
Anne Acton, Kimberly Barber and Margaret Barber sold property to Sueann Barney. 

32 Greenfield Ave., $1,500,000.
Whitney Lawlor sold property to Joseph and Stacy Gullion.


33 Railroad Ave., $100,000.
Kathryn Cassier (by Exec and Co-Exec) to Danielle Shanahan.

8 Walden Circle, $502,500.
Jason Resner sold property to Kevin and Karen Hickey.

2 Battleridge Place, $950,000.
Allen Budde and Nancy Flint Budde sold property to Thomas Weber and Lynne Maxwell.

6 Blizzard Rd., $235,000.
DNK Holdings LLC sold property to Elise Sieber.


15 Thistle Rd., $289,000.
Joseph Russo (as Trustee) sold property to Kent Johnson.

22 Tom Sawyer Dr., $286,000.
Suzanne Barber Meltzer sold property to Joseph Redding and Diane Cantamessa.

29 Burnham Rd., $346,027.
John and Debra Leroux sold property to Gary and Robben Thompson.

138 Ingersoll Rd., $277,000.
Judith Richards sold property to Ryan Bombard and Lydia Lalonde.

6 Bear Cub Crossing, $320,000.
Daniel Rutledge sold property to Peter and Molly Darcy.

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Property Transactions

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