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Property Transactions: Jan. 11 - Jan. 17, 2020


23 Sherman Way, $360,000.
Craig Valente and Nicole Klym sold property to Corbin and Kira Joshu.

26 Kasey Pass (Unit 26), $239,707.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Lorraine Coryer.

53 Kasey Pass (Unit 53) $264,716.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Randy and Kathy Hastings. 


26 DeGraff Rd., $345,000.
Nancy Salisbury sold property to Carrie Casabonne.

1407 Cosgrove Dr., $510,132.
Bordeau Builders Inc. sold property to Jamie and Lauren Mattison.


305 Palmer Ave., $145,220.
Dean Bartlett sold property to Joshua McCarroll.

5 Ryans Ridge, $219,500.
Babson Homes LLC sold property to Robert Crist.

115 Pine St., $144,000.
Rejean and Suzette Lescault sold property to Janna Kopacki and Timothy Shudt, Jr. 

32 Hack Rd., $170,000.
Charlotte Hrdlicka (by Agent) sold property to Amanda Zimmermann. 


NYS Route 29, $1000.
David and Victoria Sparks and Russell Sparks (by Admin) sold property to Ryans Garage Inc.

2948 NYS Route 29, $364,000.
David and Victoria Sparks and Russell Sparks (by Admin) sold property to Ryans Garage Inc. 

5447 Parkis Mills Rd., $139,900.
Corine Houry Kling sold property to John Gabri.


171 Squashville Rd., $119,000.
Renee Law sold property to Shawn and Lisa Crawford.

75 Tannery Hill Rd., $215,000.
Frank Kramer III and Ryan Kramer sold property to Dorinda Gifford Levan.


42 Candlewood Dr., $475,000.
Santo and Kimberly Famulare sold property to Derek and Cindy Gray.

31 George Ave., $191,200.
Lisa Santy sold property to Jennifer Kotch.

15 Burton Dr., $424,000.
Lance and Joan Wilkinis sold property to Tsungsheng Kang and Kun Li Dong. 

11 Goldfoot Rd., $670,000.
Joseph and Maye Aschauer sold property to Leo Liu and Anqi Chen.

16 Ordelia Lane, $369,660.
Farone Amedore LLC sold property to George and Sharon Cooper.

7 Weston Way, $345,721.
Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Andrew Long and Heather Mashuta.

19 Weston Way, $433,028.
Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Jenness Clairmont.


1348 Route 67, $146,260.
Marc Sullivan sold property to Emily Coates.

324 Lexington St., $280,000.
Joseph and Ann Bender sold property to Paul and Kimberly Miller.

10 Columbia Ave., $305,000.
Amiteye Properties LLC sold property to James Davidson and Kimberly Tesar.

101 Prospect St., $78,000.
Pamela Babson sold property to Heron Creek LLC. 

571 Victory Circle, $232,000.
Joseph Rausch (as Trustee) and Anna Rausch (as Trustee) sold property to Michael Carl.

303 Atomic Project Rd., $170,000.
Greggory and Renea Aussicker sold property to Nathan and John Dortch.

8 Margaret Dr. S., $208,000.
Timothy and Mary Whalen sold property to Jeffrey and Erica Buckley.


1402 Route 9P, $180,000.
Marie Esposito (by Admin) sold property to Stephen and Rachel Licciardi. 

110 Casey Rd., $159,000.
Evelyn Tierney (by Exec) sold property to Liliana, Michelle and Giuseppe Duca.

15 Herkimer St., $180,000.
Chad Bradfield sold property to Johnathon Cayea.

58 Gates Ave., $96,460.
Jason Young and Clifford Lawrence, Jr. sold property to Austin Phillips.


16 Jane St., $20,000.
Saratoga East Ave. Assoc LLC sold property to Mary Vyskocil.

3 Campion Lane, $805,000.
James and Cynthia Oplinger  sold property to Ballyartney House Properties LLC. 

21, 23, 25 Marvin Alley, $878,500.
Performing Assets Strategies LLC sold property to Ellsworth Square LLC.

431 Grand Ave., $393,000.
Robert and Talara Hedgpeth sold property to Alexander Mytelka and Sarah Wong.

39 Lefferts St., $650,000.
Lynne Knauf sold property to Michael and Aleksandra Mooradian.

115B York Ave., $310,100.
John and Anne Bishop sold property to JLLAG LLC.

87 Railroad Pl., Unit 407, $725,000.
Gary Dake sold property to Stephen and Mary Conners.

11 King Arthur Court, $186,500.
Todd and Lori Coffin sold property to Todd Coffin.

246 West Ave., $4,100,000.
246 West Avenue LLC sold property to Nanak Management LLC. 

670 Belmont Lane Rear, $290,000.
James and Mary Morrell sold property to Carlos and Estelle Cruz.

53 Jane St., $502, 526.
Blitman Saratoga LLC sold property to Joseph and Rebekah Balsamo.

123 York Ave., $463,000.
Robert and Theresa Kennedy sold property to Rick and Mary Jo Bernardo.

114 Middle Ave., $715,000.
Jason and Heather Ward sold property to Tao Qiu and Xiaoshuo Hou.

13 Patricia Lane, $429,000.
Paula and Nancy Robbens sold property to Richard Schlansker and Angela Nevarez.

117A East Ave., $311,000.
Darlene Murray sold property to Nicholas and Julie Yusavage. 

138 Elm St., $285,000.
Peter Darcy sold property to Francis and Bridget Duffy.


42 State Route 423, $145,000.
Shirley Ligiecki sold property to Richard VonAhn.

10 Morgan Court, $336,562.
Camelot Associates Corporation sold property to Caroline and Andrew Krupski III.

1 Royal Court, $145,230.
John Scarati (by Agent) sold property to Joshua and Katie Oxentine.

91 Luther Rd., $605,000.
Michael and Carol Zappone sold property to Thomas and Anne Bena.


574 Route 9, $175,000.
Barbara Bull (by Exec) sold property to Rolland Hoag and Paulina Grinnell. 

4507 Route 50, $455,000.
Katelyn Mulry sold property to Joseph Chermak and Sarah Paris.

9 Traver Lane, $280,412.
Sommerset Real Estate Investment Corp/Chris and Gina Buy Houses LLC sold property to Steve and Meghan Valotta.

2 Blue Lupine Lane, $215,000.
Ballard Road Development LLC sold property to Blue Lupine Properties LLC. 

177 Traver Rd., $247,000.
Patricia Laclair sold property to Caitlin Johnson. 

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Property Transactions

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