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Property Transactions: Jan. 18 - Jan. 24, 2020


15 Red Barn Dr., $488,031.
Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Andrew and Jennifer Desantis.

Kasey Pass Unit 33, $240,671.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Robert Kearns.

555 Goode St., $390,000.
Alan Feuer and Barbara Sperling sold property to Mark Hopper and Susan Hennessy.

153 W. High St., $201,075.
Bank of New York Mellon (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Victor Sosnowski and Amy Jones

1347 W. High St., $50,500.
Della O’Donnell  (by Admin) sold property to Stand By Me Properties LLC.

28 Pine Grove Ave., $220,000.
Brian Scribner and Kimberly Fortune sold property to Catherine Bonga.

8 Red Barn Dr., $445,000.
Barbera Homes Kelly Farms LLC sold property to Ryan and Tara Szczesniak.


26 DeGraff Rd., $345,000.
Nancy Salisbury sold property to Carrie Casabonne.

1407 Cosgrove Dr., $510,132.
Bordeau Builders Inc. sold property to Jamie and Lauren Mattison.

Dawson Rd., $85,000.
Stanely and Jacqueline Miller sold property to Matthew and Kristen Nathan.

20 Jolly Rd., $251,750.
Scott and Holly Gould sold property to Dean and Jacqueline Pitts.


55 Redfield Park, $350,000.
Frank and Theresa Izzo sold property to Lizhen Weng.

989 Main St., $475,000.
Nine Hundred Eighty Nine Main Street Associates LLC sold property to Hag Enterprises LLC.

35 Knollwood Dr., $432,500.
Joseph Romano sold property to Zoe and Frank Montanaro.

326 Moe Rd., $100,000.
Gordon Just sold property to Joseph and Daniel Griner.

29 Parkland Court, $305,000.
Karyn Thompson (as Trustee) sold property to Dorothy and Mario Forte.

3 Maureen Court, $318,000.
Robert and Anne Dippoliti (as Trustees) sold property to Patrick and Lisa Akard.

3 Hilltop Hollow Dr., $373,000.
Jonathan and Jeanine Lea sold property to Katherine and Jason Bless.

00 Route 146 and Miller Rd., $1,000,000.
V and R LLC sold property to Clifton Park Meadows LLC. 

106 Ashdown Rd., $210,000.
Mark Sharp (as Trustee) sold property to Anthony and Christina Falasco.

3 Brittany Oaks, $467,000.
Melodye Eldeen and Marc D’Aquila sold property to Benjamin and Marlena Cooley.


305 Palmer Ave., $145,220.
Dean Bartlett sold property to Joshua McCarroll.

5 Ryans Ridge, $219,500.
Babson Homes LLC sold property to Robert Crist.

115 Pine St., $144,000.
Rejean and Suzette Lescault sold property to Janna Kopacki and Timothy Shudt, Jr. 

32 Hack Rd., $170,000.
Charlotte Hrdlicka (by Agent) sold property to Amanda Zimmermann. 

114 Eggleston St. Ext, $145,000.
Jean Lamore (by Exec) sold property to Richard and Danielle Beck. 

8 Fourth St., $60,000.
Robert, Clarence and Michael Marcotte and Jacqueline Pillesky sold property to Robert Marcotte, II. 

4839 Route 9N, $500,000.
Frederick and Sigrid Koch sold property to Ziggy and Timber LLC. 

156 Hunt Lake Rd., $295,000.
Ann and Robert Alexander, Jr. sold property to John and Cynthia Pepper.

333 Center St., $105,000.
Raymond and Elizabeth Bellon sold property to Erin Carter.


NYS Route 29, $1000.
David and Victoria Sparks and Russell Sparks (by Admin) sold property to Ryans Garage Inc.

2948 NYS Route 29, $364,000.
David and Victoria Sparks and Russell Sparks (by Admin) sold property to Ryans Garage Inc. 

5447 Parkis Mills Rd., $139,900.
Corine Houry Kling sold property to John Gabri.

5038 Jersey Hill Rd., $188,000.
Francis Rosania sold property to Douglas and Linda Brooks. 


433 Alpine Meadows Rd., $40,000.
Carol Osborne Macica sold property to David Kirchhoff.

24 Russell Rd., $169,000.
Kimberly Hewitt sold property to Walter Hunter.


3 Tourtise Dr., $406,047.
Marini Land II Inc. sold property to John Choi and Jungha Ko.

2 Larsen Place, $383,189.
Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Richard and Terilynn Curtin.

22 Whites Lane, $50,000.
Nancy Roberts and Cynthia Tinkham sold property to David and Nancy Roberts.

21 Bedford Circle, $395,000.
Caruso Martin (as Trustee) sold property to Leslie and Arlene Lewis (as Trustees).

15 Cambridge Dr., $250,000.
Melissa Marlow (Ind. and as Exec), Elizabeth Brown (by Exec), Scott Brown, and Stacy Markell sold property to Laura Laventure.

58 Mann Blvd., $366,000.
Qiushi Wang sold property to Mohsin and Lubna Ahmad.

1 Schuyler Court, $188,000.
Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Chen Yang and Arthur Forrest. 

3 Raymond Lane, $259,500.
Michael Bennett sold property to Matthew Bateman and Christine Austin.

149 Plant Rd., $150,000.
Edwin Palmer (by Exec) sold property to John Rucinski.

115 Victory Way, $140,000.
Gladys Balbin sold property to Karalee Mazzaferro and Francesca Vallone.

39 Stone Crest Dr., $435,000.
Dinesh Koli and Deepthi Ipparthi sold property to Eric and Emily Miller.

32 Timothys Way, $294,000.
Meaghan Warner sold property to James and Kristin Little.

9 Dormie Ave., $360,000.
Troy and Yesnith Edwards sold property to Mark and Lauren Sheehan.

10 Barn Owl Place, $450,000.
Zhou Fang and Danni Chen sold property to Shaun and Eleftheria Miller.


3 Basswood Court, $269,000.
Robert Kuttruf (by Agent) sold property to Nickolas Goupil and Sarah Merkel Goupil.

2858-2860 Route 9, $646,850.
Ronald, Vincent and Gilbert Delucia, III sold property to Two Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Eight Realty LLC. 

2862 Route 9, $203,150.
Ronald, Vincent and Gilbert Delucia, III sold property to Two Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Eight Realty LLC.

3 Sand Spurrey Rd., $252,000.
Douglas and Sandra Usher sold property to Brianna Foley.

2458 and Route 9 and Blacksmith Dr., $1,350,000.
Sunmark Credit Union sold property to Saratoga Blvd. Apartments II Inc. 


19 Kristan Dr., $157,500.
Benjamin Tatanus, Jr. (by Exec) sold property to Cailin Peek.

32 Dublin Dr., $180,000.
James Reagan (by Co-Execs) sold property to Stephanie Scotti and Christopher Collier.

54 Malta Ave., $190,000.
Adirondack Crossings, LLC sold property to Morgan Jones.

157 Madeline Rd., $66,000.
Catherine Saracco sold property to Kevin Beaton and Jean Hudson.

43 Huntington Way, $381,286.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Patricia Bush. 

22 Barber St., $205,000.
Paul and Elizabeth Gadoua sold property to David Morris.

328 Stone Church Rd., $221,000.
Landmark Assets LLC sold property to Xavier Altamirano.


18 Greenway Rd., $144,000.
Secretary of Veterans Affairs sold property to John Liberty.

6 Circle Dr., $268,000.
Brenda Morrissey sold property to Shelby Gauthier.

1311 State Route 9, $1,500,000.
KC Business Inc. sold property to Stewarts Shops Corp.

2 Lewis St., $235,000.
Scott Estabrook sold property to Thomas Mulligan.

1 Garnet Mine Court, $60,000.
Jeffrey Attanasio sold property to Corey Johnson.

28 Macory Way, $75,000.
Golf Links of McGregor Corporation sold property to Charles Peterson, Jr. and Deborah Alekel.

3 Sandy Blvd., $295,000.
Cerrone Builders Inc sold property to Noreen Valentine.

27 Macory Way, $75,000.
Golf Links of McGregor Corporation sold property to David Dowling.

1 Jackson Ave., $125,000.
Michael and Laurie Villa sold property to Christopher Seeley.

243 Reservoir Rd., $228,660.
Michael and Allyssa Yole sold property to Nyssa Perry.

28 Reservoir Rd., $75,000.
Debora Irwin sold property to Shaunn Irwin.


51 Stevens Court, $40,000.
Charlene Hewlett sold property to Mark and Heidi Mahay.

42A Brampton Lane, $367,200.
MJP Property Development Inc. sold property to Alden Acheta.

74 Pettis Rd., $46,000.
Keybank National Association sold property to Jeffrey and Shannon Beard.


300 NYS Route 32, $90,000.
John and Monica Varley sold property to Joshua Baranowski.

0 NYS Route 29, $51,000.
K4K LLC sold property to Gary Barbolt.


12 Katie Lane, $20,000.
Saratoga East Ave. Assoc LLC sold property to Scott Varley.

4 Deerleap Place, $254,000.
Paul Drosness sold property to Kirk Denero.

132 Hathorn Blvd., $225,000.
Nancy Jones sold property to Kirstyn Vaughn.

94A North St., $258,000.
Julian Stallard sold property to Louis, Rosalie and Fiona Recchia.

156 Elm St., $110,000.
Marilyn Gobel sold property to James Doyle.

NYS Route 50, $5,000.
Northeast Kidney Foundation sold property to Schuyler LLC. 


NYS Route 32, $362,000.
Robert and Zoe Coleman sold property to Robert Gannon.

1255 Hudson Ave., $49,500.
Stephen Lupi sold property to Raymond Skaarup.

19 Fathom Dr., $115,000.
Ward Peek sold property to William and Bernadette Terrill.

158 Route 67, $112,500.
US Bank National Association (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Albert Goldner and Jenna Langlois.


31 Dandelion Dr., $303,000.
Russell and Patricia Otto sold property to Bethany Meys.

2 Cheyenne Court, $340,600.
Adam and Shannon Fromma sold property to Mark Ma and Yang Peng.

45 Hearthstone Dr., $495,000.
Victor and Linda Bye sold property to Adam and Shannon Fromma.

2 Pine Bark Place, $475,253.
VanVeghten Construction LLC sold property to Daniel and Jennifer McCarty.

338 Gurn Springs Rd., $178,500.
George and Tammy Emery sold property to Ethan and Lauren Atwood.

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