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Property Transactions: April 25 - May 1, 2020



216 Kingsley Rd., $229,000.
Iris Rush sold property to Aaron and Mallory Rapp.

190 Blue Barns Rd., $216,300.
Lynn Bradley sold property to Brenda and Ellen Bufe.

18 Pasture Place, $291,130.
Rosetti Acquisitions LLC sold property to Bruce Doud.

45 Kasey Pass (unit 45) $270,397.
Brookview Court Inc/Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Eric Rentz.

197B Blue Barns Rd., $30,000.
Cristy and James Durrant sold property to Jason and Lisa Vedder.

33 Cypress St., $344,980.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Charles and Joyce Willson. 

17 Outlet Rd., $470,000.
Justin and Ellen Katz sold property to Michael and Patricia Banaszewski.


3 Mapleline Road, $375,000.
Michelle and Norman Violette, Jr. sold property to Tyler and Julie Reynolds.

3 Amity Pointe, $465,000.
John Ferraro sold property to Hikmatullah Siraj.

3 Muirfield Lane, $260,000.
Julianne Pelletier sold property to Taylor Buell.

593 Clifton Park Center Rd.
Mary Empie sold property to Michelle Geloso and Lloyd Caesar.

22 Aster Dr., $355,000.
David and Heather Sanford sold property to Ryan Thomson and Amy Smith.

14 Ashdown Rd., $250,000.
Michael Kniffen sold property to Kai Garlipp and Hanna Girard. 

8 Via Da Vinci, $285,000.
Joseph and Rosalie Liguori (as Trustees) sold property to Anne Hagstrom and Michael Varga. 

68 Via Da Vinci, $290,000.
Owen Shevlin, Jr. sold property to Huirong Shi. 

121 Southbury Rd., $270,000.
Jarid Meagan sold property to James and Sheryl Manning.

8 Sheridan Court, $345,000.
Esther Fung sold property to Linda Wheeler.

44A Wheeler Dr., $340,000.
Patrick and Bonnie Marshall sold property to Alexander and Lori Blackburn.

8 Wall St., Unit 40, $186,000.
Clifton Park Senior Living LLC sold property to Matthew and Elyse Hyde.

611 Clifton Park Center Rd., $370,000.
Andrea Palerino and Sidney Newbold, III sold property to Kevin Coloccia.

11 Wilshire Dr., $395,000.
Emily Wild sold property to Dustin and Jillienne Krause.

74 Blue Barns Rd., $194,900.
Derek Snyder sold property to George and Amy Liddle.


264 Lakehill Rd., $139,500.
Jean Coghill (by Atty) sold property to Jason Bikowicz.

NYS Route 147, $75,000.
Julie Fleron and Kurt Vanderhorst (Co-Trustees) sold property to Jeffrey and Robin Gill. 

1 Cortland Dr., $130,000.
Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Adam Sherman. 


1 Gurney Lane, $45,000.
Carl Paquette sold property to Sara Bacon Conklin and Donald Conklin.

12 Ryans Ridge Rd., $275,000.
Babson Homes LLC sold property to Stuart Smead and Lara McFadden. 


433 Lake Desolation Rd., $36,000.
Ingrid Edwards sold property to Joshua Gordon.

3172 State Route 9N, $525,000.
Robert and Debra Hammond sold property to Martin and Elizabeth Harr.

Lot 3, 91 King Rd., $109,000.
Gerald Magoolaghan sold property to Robert and Jennifer Berben.

28 S. Greenfield Court, $382,500.
Duane and Mary Wright sold property to Christopher and Heather Sonderman.


31 Vettura Ct, Lot 41, $424,900.
DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders sold property to Lynne Jaquay and Keely Ralston.

14 Essex St., $302,125.
Marie Johnson sold property to Craig Cornwell. 

17 Weston Way, $351,424.
Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Karlee Singh, Theresa Farrigan Sinicropi. 

61 Thimbleberry Rd., $201,500.
Lisa Goupil sold property to Max Kornstein. 

101 State Farm Place, $1,300,000.
LSREF 2 Tractor Reo Malta LLC sold property to Calco Construction and Development Company.

101 State Farm Place, $1,300,000.
Calco Construction and Development Company sold property to Maple Grove LLC.


18 Van Brummel Lane, $350,000.
Christopher and Jeannine Haley sold property to Frank and Christina Cimmino.

505 Middle Line Rd., $314,000.
Laura and Brian Mullins sold property to Kailey Rothacker and Ryan Campion. 


2 Eagles Way, $234,000.
Francis Hunter sold property to Dylan Goslin and Raelyn Passino.

201 Patriot Hill Dr., $85,000.
Northeast Green Tech LLC sold property to Cerrone Construction LLC. 

201 Patriot Hill Dr., $503,540.
Cerrone Construction LLC  sold property to Ronald and Wendy Simmons.

83 Pearl St., $143,000.
Joanne Hanna sold property to Shawn Rivers. 

60 Morgans Run, $185,000.
Dragos Minciunescu sold property to Jedidiah Simpson.


Dyer Switch Rd., $125,000.
Thomas J Farone and Son Inc. sold property to Christopher Huyck and Jane Perkins Huyck. 

38 Rip Van Lane, $357,000.
Neil Salisbury sold property to Kevin and Regina Hickey.

176 Phila St., $991,000.
Michael Los and Mary Gage Los sold property to Joseph and Susan Vecchio.

20 Timber Lane, $467,895.
Twenty Timber Lane Properties LLC sold property to Anthony Ianniello.

12 Newton Ave., $343,820.
Alexander Ciota and Keli Scott sold property to Lucas and Nicole Ionescu. 

66 South Franklin St., $265,000.
Jason and Sheila Sweeney sold property to Rebecca McNamara and Brian Gerowski.

173 Lake Ave., $400,000.
Peppers Corner LLC sold property to Warren Lake Springs LLC. 

30 Whistler Ct, Unit 221, $375,000.
David and Linda DeCerbo sold property to William Hirtzel and Helen Venezia.


1103 NYS Route 32, $25,000.
Adam Crosse sold property to Samuel Hoving.

26 Clinton Court, $235,000.
Jo Ann Taglione sold property to Jessica Doll.


9 Kendrick Hill Rd., $635,000.
Walter Washco and Heide Petermann sold property to Timothy and Amanda Luby (as Trustees).

49 Fairway Blvd., $195,700.
Joan Kuba sold property to Joseph Gabriele.

11 Palmer Terrace, $252,000.
John and Kimberly Mayhew sold property to Colleen Whitaker.

13 Claire Pass, $412,000.
Terrayne Stortz sold property to Arnold and Dawn Barsky and Byron and Rosalie Terry.

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Property Transactions

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