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Property Transactions: May 2 - May 8, 2020


21 Pasture Place, $291,750.
Rosetti Acquisitions LLC sold property to Iris Rush.


264 Lakehill Rd., $139,500.
Jean Coghill (by Atty) sold property to Jason Bikowicz.

NYS Route 147, $75,000.
Julie Fleron and Kurt Vanderhorst (Co-Trustees) sold property to Jeffrey and Robin Gill. 

1 Cortland Dr., $130,000.
Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Adam Sherman. 

874 Charlton Rd., $205,000.
Michael Armer and Kimberly Concilla sold property to Erika Daigle and Robert Ford.

652 Charlton Rd., $375,000.
Margaret McRindle sold property to Kimberly and Scott Otis.


7 Bevswood Oaks, $380,000.
Nucompass Mobility Services Inc. sold property to Pritibahen and Ashish Amin.

0 Route 146, $239,350.
Marvin Cohen sold property to Danick Holdings LLC. 

59 Esopus Dr., $305,000.
Karen Pierino (as Trustee) sold property to Weikang Lu and Sharon Wu. 

32 Juniper Dr., $304,000.
Linda McCann and Michelle Kellen sold property to Jennifer and Spencer Marzello. 

Christinamarie Dr., $977,500.
Abele Limited Partnership sold property to Abele Builders Inc. 

11 Newport Dr., $385,000.
Lucinda Fabozzi sold property to Kurt and Susan Mayer.

6 Shadowbrook Dr., $345,000.
Theodore Black sold property to Miranda Cooper and Dustin Cardona.

13 Kings Court, $365,650.
Terry and John Fitzgerald, Jr. sold property to James and Angela Thompson.


200 Oak St., $132,500.
GSC Properties (as Trustee) sold property to Nicole Duguay and Alex Seelow.

201 Oak St., $134,000.
Harry Plummer (by Exec) sold property to Michael Franke.


24 Canyon Crossing Rd., $265,000.
William and Merle O’Connor sold property to Bryan Zeoli.

374 Plank Rd., $77,000.
Katelyn Mulry sold property to Korey and Hannah Whitaker.

310 Daniels Rd., $315,000.
Stephen Rosamino sold property to Andrew Nally.


29 Bayberry Dr., $296,000.
Lynda and Aram Kaprielian sold property to Cathleen Keegan Tejada. 

205 Yorktown Dr., $146,900.
Mark McMahon sold property to Hope Corraro.

51 Chester Dr., $390,000.
Alice Thornton sold property to John Speta.

8 Hearthstone Dr., $105,000.
Abele Builders Inc. sold property to Abele Homes LLC.

8 Hearthstone Dr., $391,890.
Abele Homes LLC sold property to Dolores Hryckowian. 

2, 4, 6 Lower Newtown Rd., $185,000.
Susan Sharp sold property to John and Wilma Robert. 

6 Lancaster Court, $415,000.
Brian and Ellen Richless sold property to Fredric Katz and Carol Schmertz  Katz. 


67 Meadow Rue Place, $197,000.
Jason Verbick (by Atty) sold property to Miller Brothers Properties LLC. 

34 Copper Ridge Dr., $125,000.
Rockhurst LLC sold property to Abele Homes LLC. 

34 Copper Ridge Dr., $544,198.
Abele Homes LLC sold property to Michael Fox and Pamela Koebbeman.

696 East Line Rd., $65,000.
Christopher Bette sold property to Legend Development LLC. 

10 Cedarwood Dr., $215,000.
Bernard Gerrer sold property to Ibrahima Khatibi.

28 Rum Cherry Rd., $290,000.
Michael Wiwczar (by Atty) and Dana Wiwczar (Ind. and as Atty) sold property to Lauren Andress. 

450 East High St., $295,000.
Leslie Plaine sold property to Five Gates Avenue Ext. LLC. 

12 Mallard Cove, $335,000.
Marilyn Blanner (by Exec) sold property to Holly Luciano.

13 Copper Ridge Dr., $495,000.
Abele Homes LLC sold property to Nine Plus Holdings LLC.


93 Deer Run Dr., $180,500.
Kristen Walsh sold property to Kathy Wiszowaty. 

14 Linden Lane, $239,000.
John and Teresa Conlin (as Trustees) sold property to Eric and Kara Ebanks.

218 Drummond Dr., $262,500.
Michael Virkler sold property to Michael Nelson and Jenna Cassidy.

28 Pheasant Run, $370,000.
Bruce and Jean Biesenbach sold property to Robert and Suzanne Hanna.


2 Jamaica Ave., $227,000.
Howard Mulcahy sold property to Troy and Theresa Galusha. 

8 Edens Way, $389,449.
James Greenwood sold property to Ryan and Megan Armstrong. 

71 Spring St., $124,000.
Darrick and Margaret Simione sold property to John Williams.

383 Gansevoort Rd., $260,000.
Blue Stream Properties LLC sold property to Adam Thomas and Casey Russell. 

97 Butler Rd., $185,500.
Michael and Tracy Needham sold property to Janice Harvey and David Uebrick.

62 Wilson Ave., $139,900.
Reece Rudolph sold property to Daniel and Stacey Tucker.

14 Prospect St., $239,990.
Focus on Homes Inc. sold property to Kyle Fitscher and Paige Aubin.


12 Circle Dr., $110,000.
Jason Bronson sold property to R and R Property Trust.

50 Robins Run, $362,500.
Cecelia and Aaron Green sold property to Daniel and Nicola Gosselin.


888 NYS Route 29, $200,000.
Fireya Mercer and Carrie Whipple sold property to Dugan Osher.


16 Hathorn Bllvd., $235,000.
Jonnathan and Kristine Wilson sold property to Scott Sullivan.

44 Newton Ave., $215,000.
Laura Kleemeier sold property to Mike Verdile.

62 Hathorn Blvd., $300,000.
Carol Furman (as Trustee) sold property to Terry and John Fitzgerald, Jr.

7 Collins Terrace, $469,900.
Kenneth and Andrea Robb sold property to Robert and Carol Chauvin.

108/11 Clinton St./Pine Alley, $340,000.
Michael Rindone and Paul Mantello (by Exec) sold property to Matthew and Meghan Shepanzyk.

6 Oak Brook Blvd., $610,000.
Linda Snyder sold property to Albana Cami and Klevi Hoxha.


372 NY Route 423, $90,000.
Triller Development LLC sold property to Michael and Emma Cameron.

18 Secretariat Lane, $322,000.
Katie Allen sold property to Anthony and Susan Fiacco.


4624 NY Route 50, $160,000.
Joseph Biss, III sold property to Ryan King.

88 Damascus Dr., $354,000.
Shirley Podkulski sold property to Eric and Karen Willin.

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Property Transactions

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