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Property Transactions: June 13 - June 19, 2020


68 Ballston Ave., $235,000.
Mark and Carlo Kelly sold property to Allison Keib.

37 Woodside Dr., $399,000.
Matthew and Debra Hathaway sold property to Kevin, Amanda, Brian and Nancy Simpson.

17 Pasture Place, $279,000.
Rosetti Acquisitions LLC sold property to Ronald White. 


2 Meadow Lane, $232,500.
Richard Solosky and Shawn Van sold property to Megan Allen.

10 Pine Hollow Dr., $125,000.
Garry Heflin sold property to Heflin Builders Inc. 

10 Pine Hollow Dr., $407,400.
Heflin Builders Inc. sold property to Conor Maloney and Chelsea Craig.

1581 Division St., $231,000.
Donald and Deborah Baldwin sold property to Brandon Bell.

0 Division St., $18,750.
Gerald Arey sold property to J and J Upstate Construction LLC. 

256 Lapp Rd., $334,000.
Kenneth and Susan Kimball sold property to David and Valerie Wilson.

520 Charlton Rd., $300,000.
David and Kimberly Skinner sold property to Christopher and Justyna Delprado.


4 Tamarack Lane, $243,800.
Joseph Galluppi and Monica Pedioletto sold property to Timothy Lake and Kathryn McLelland Lake.

8 Lincoln Ave., $21,500.
Keith and Therese Jordan sold property to Tristan and Jacquelyn Blickfeld.

48 Spruce St., $335,000.
Vladimir and Emira Shirokov sold property to Nicholas and Irina Polsinelli.

17 Denhelder Dr., $429,000.
ER Land Development LLC sold property to Thomas and Melissa Tiberio.

18 Denhelder Dr., $527,886.
ER Land Development LLC sold property to Joseph and Christina Natuzzi.

37 Castle Pines, $400,000.
Gerardo Rocha Galicia sold property to Sidney Newbold and Andrea Palerino. 

4109 Foxwood Dr. S., $150,000.
Joseph Rando sold property to Barbara Patterson. 

10A Woodbine Dr., $185,000.
Andrew Heffner sold property to Diane Carpenter.

747 Plank Rd., $224,500.
Ryan Brown sold property to Georgina Russo.


118 Lemont Ave., $159,000.
John and Sharon Hurley sold property to Katelyn and Ricky Tennant, Jr. 


Old Mill Rd., $76,000.
Gary Kalinkewicz and Sharyn Kalinkewicz sold property to Stephanie Burns. 


68 Cemetery Rd., $140,000.
John Rucinski sold property to Bruce Tanski.

9 Domenica Dr., $285,000.
Gerald and Naomi Crola sold property to Isak and Melanie Kallman.

10 Highway Way, $328,000.
Thomas Hamilton (as Trustee) sold property to Gregory and Deborah McCann. 

23C Macoun Dr., $333,430.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Alexandra Valle Wagner.

18 Fairview Lane, $489,900.
Andrew and Francesca McCann sold property to National Transfer Services LLC. 

18 Fairview Lane, $489,900.
National Transfer Services LLC sold property to Disha and Joshua Spath. 

12 Hearthstone Dr., $105,000.
Abele Builders Inc. sold property to Abele Homes LLC.

12 Hearthstone Dr., $410,011.
Abele Homes LLC sold property to Raymond and Debra Parafinczuk.

542 Hudson River Rd., $126,000.
Eric Vandenburgh sold property to Daniel and Leann Cook.

17 Stuart Dr., $480,000.
Weihong Gao and Yian Liu sold property to Ryan and Amanda Keleher.

71 Willowbrook Terrace, $375,000.
Zhiguo Sun and Xiaohuan Zhou sold property to James Moran.


14 Wineberry Lane, $230,000.
Padraig and Katie Timoney sold property to Steven Backus and Taylor Mancini. 

24 George Ave., $261,450.
Boscott LLC sold property to Sean Rowe and Amanda Whitfield. 

16 Weston Way, $364,912.
Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Joanne Sastri.

17 Saratoga Farm Rd., $1,300,000.
Serge Dupuis (by Atty) and Anne Marie Rose (by Atty) sold property to Sara Bott. 


202 Whitetail Court, $133,800.
Wells Fargo Bank sold property to Eric Adams. 

4 Back Stop Lane, $340,000.
Shawn and Melissa Olmsted sold property to Kim Gillespie.

218 West Milton Rd., $280,000.
Chad and Jennifer Hickok sold property to Charles and Martha Rydzak.


11 Oakwood Dr., $264,500.
Bruce and Michele Ostrander sold property to Joseph and Ashley Pulsoni.

303 Old West Rd., $139,000.
Ashley and Joseph Pulsoni sold property to Christopher Hayes.

8 Markwood Parkway, $194,000.
Karen Tomasovic sold property to Shelby Gauthier. 

130 Hudson Ave., $152,500.
Deborah Dana (as Successor, Co-Trustee and Agent) and Rena Powhida (as Successor, Co-Trustee and Agent) sold property to Seth Johnson.

36 Pheasant Way, $325,000.
Blake and Stacey Naranjo sold property to Andrew Graves and Holly Klingbeil.

109 Old Bend Rd., $292,985.
Cerrone Construction LLC sold property to Lori Lopez Hammond. 

28 Van Buren St., $166,800.
Marie Dickinson (by Atty) sold property to Michael and Heidi Jiguere.

36 Wynefield Dr., $243,800.
Silvana Bonesteel sold property to Cahill and Jennifer Buytler. 


4746 Route 50, $205,000.
James and Lorri Zarro sold property to Colin and Heather Hannon.

1902 Route 32N, $162,000.
Christine Dishon sold property to Julie Decker.


179 Swamp Rd., $355,000.
Christian and Bridget Babcock sold property to Ryan and Jami Walker.


13 Jenna Jo Ave., Lot 117, $195,000.
Oak Ridge Development LLC sold property to Nicholas Chauvin.

5 Pamela Lane, $480,000.
Iljung Park and Kim Minjung sold property to NP Dodge, Jr., (as Trustee)

5 Pamela Lane, $480,000.
NP Dodge, Jr. (as Trustee) sold property to Ian Zapp and Jennifer Savino.

1312 Route 9P, $8,950.
Terri and Glen Lavender and Cyndi Walter sold property to Raymond Rysedorph, III. 

52 Curt Blvd, $144,301.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Adam Cox. 

2 Michael Dr., $235,000.
Walter Read sold property to Brady Boyer.

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Property Transactions

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