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Property Transactions: September 5 - September 11, 2020


43 Westside Dr., $90,000.
Borys Wolosenko (by Atty) and Joan Wolosenko (by Atty) sold property to D and T Property Group LLC. 

11 America Way, $427,327.
Briarwood Brooks Development LLC sold property to Frederick and Immaculata Lieber.

5 Horseshoe Bend, $540,000.
Scot and Guna Rukmane sold property to Tara and Rebecca Clark.

4 Pine Grove Ave., $218,900.
Robert Richter sold property to Shauna Agneta.


2 Torrey Pines, $345,000.
Elizabeth Longo and David Edelson (Co-Trustees) sold property to John Hunt and Erica Zappia.

422 Vischer Ferry Rd., $977,000.
Angela Jukonski sold property to Todd Slingerland and Joella Vicusi.

531 Macelroy Rd., $365,000.
Thomas Putzel sold property to Jason and Renee Gagnon.

6 Cypress Point, $320,000.
Rebecca and Samuel Rivera, Jr. sold property to Tony and Tamarah Riley.

132 – 134 Lapp Rd., $125,000.
Thomas Farone sold property to Anthony Massaron.

8 Sweet Brier Dr., $275,000.
Olaolu Adewunmi sold property to John Thomas.

14 Bittersweet Lane, $427,500.
Susan and Michael Papa, Sr., sold property to Virginia Jackson and James Malanowski. 

26 Addison Way, $549,900.
Vicki Piluso sold property to Tram Nguyen.

341 Miller Rd., $241,000.
Kenneth Swart and Miriam Dugan sold property to Karl Burghart and Mariah Peterson.


36 Heath St., $137,800.
Donna Galvani sold property to Brandon Degener.

331 Angel Rd., $249,900.
Brian and Laura Hutcherson sold property to Gregory Hutchinson and Desiree Clark.


6 Country Squire Court, $585,000.
Brian and Margaret Wagner sold property to Robert and Marikate Carter.


1 Placid Place, $392,710.
United Residential Group LLC sold property to Michele and William Germain, Jr. 

194 Brookwood Rd., $575,000.
CGM Construction Incorporated sold property to Richard Hughes, II. 


11 Woodshire Court, $394,000.
Domenico Fuda sold property to Felipe Suarez Jr. and Rachel Tierney.

101 5th St., $135,000.
Robert and Georgianna Pennacchia sold property to Scott Morrissey and Meaghan Leary.

15 Damascus Way, $395,000.
Randy and Jaime Simmons sold property to Kiersten Marsicano.

6 Featherfoil Way, $321,000.
Joseph Gritser sold property to Kathleen Tiano.

27 Vettura Court, $342,000.
Cheong Sik Yu (by Agent) and Hye Sung An (by Agent) sold property to Karen Hores. 


64 South St., $195,000.
Donna Kane and Patricia Fitzgerald (Co-Trustees) sold property to High Rock Property Management LLC. 

Science St., $5,000.
Spencer Tacy and Christi Kerls Tacy sold property to El Mondo Properties LLC. 

35 Bath St., $520,000.
El Mondo Properties LLC sold property to Skratch Property Services LLC. 


104 – 106 Saratoga Ave., $1,633,829.
South Glens Falls DNYP LLC sold property to DG South Glens Falls LLC. 


209 Patriot Hill Dr., $85,000.
Northeast Green Tech LLC sold property to Cerrone Construction LLC. 

209 Patriot Hill Dr., $774,950.
Cerrone Construction LLC sold property to Sean and Lucy Crotty.


6 Gateway Dr., $660,000.
PHJ LLC sold property to Daniel Reilly and Drayton Patriota.

42 Schuyler Dr., $425,000.
James Burns (as Trustee) sold property to Jacob Burby.

1 Maria Lane, $549,900.
Edwin and Agnes Knott sold property to Alexis Blair and Nadim Hraibi.

27 Cliffside Dr., $770,000.
Lisa Thomson sold property to Marilyn Kacica Dudeck.

66 Hathorn Blvd., $300,000.
Sheryl Jackson sold property to Tasha and Israel Coelho.

55 Fifth Ave., $1,500,000.
Mathew and Jaime McPadden sold property to John Towers and Joanne Thorburn.

38 High Rock Ave., Unit 5L, $755,000.
Kathleen and Andy Hauser sold property to James Smitka and Alexandra Morgan.


996 Hudson Ave., $105,000.
Tory Bevins sold property to Jonathan Harbeson and Meghan Bevins.


271 Dimmick Rd., $345,000.
Stephen and Deborah Kohanek sold property to Bethel Brake.

60 Smith Bridge Rd., $999,000.
Robert and Michelle Fonda sold property to Brendan and Kerry Ohara.

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Property Transactions

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