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Property Transactions: May 1 - May 7, 2021

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
3 Ella Dr., Moreau • $350,000 3 Ella Dr., Moreau • $350,000


Andrew Scram sold property at 143 West High St to Richard Osgood for $334,000.

Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 17 Tamarack St to Daniel Hayward for $444,980.

Briarwoods Brooks Development LLC sold property at 17 Spring Circle to Michael Beyer for $387,175.


Tyler Ecuyer sold property at 632 Cty Rte 25  to Kevin Whelden for $163,000.

Tracy Torda  sold property at 4658 Rt 9N  to Ashley Ecuyer for $172,500.


Donna Turan sold property at 262 Allen Rd to Trevor Gowan for $377,500.

Karen Rappleyea sold property at 12 Russell Rd to Kristin Gaba for $222,000

Heather Burch sold property at 33 Barney Rd to Tyler Davis for $180,000.


Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property at 36 Linden Park Dr to Gerald Doyle for $392,455.

Travis Harris sold property at 5 Alexandra Ct to Cordova Cintron for $385,000

Andrew LaPorta sold property at 13 Elena Ct to Amy Lindner for $375,000.

Traditional Homebuilders and Developers sold property at 7 Williams Way to Tuba Ahmedi for $466,762.

Zhang Tong Cheng sold property at 7 Halfmoon Dr to Garrett Graber for $200,000

Andrew LaPorta sold property at 13 Elena Ct to Amy Lindner for $375,000.

Town of Halfmoon sold property at 293 Middletown Rd to Townline MCA Development LLC for $201,100.

David Skackowski sold property at 32 Park Plaza to Jennifer Skackowski for $205,000


Hwang Jungtae sold property at 35 Maiden Circle to Anthony Bertagnoli for $470,000.

Douglas Calvey sold property at 31 Featherfoil Way to Nathan Byham for $425,000

Kyle Magne sold property at 57 Snowberry Rd to Ashley Mahadeo for $224,900.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 12 Yachtsman Way to Kaitlyn Amico for $528,655.

Curtis Kunz sold property at 66 Riley Cove Rd to Jeffrey McDonald for $275,000

Henry Julio sold property at 37 Hills Rd to Weichert Workforce Mobility for $309,900

Weichert Workforce Mobility LLC sold property at 37 Hills Rd to Derek Wallinga for $309,900.

Thomas Brockway sold property at 27 Penny Royal Rd to Matthew Hockemeyer for $300,000.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property at 882 Middleline Rd to Robin Boice for $110,000


Leonora Wolfe sold property at 1092 Route 32N to Brandee Woodcock for $176,866

Linda Baldwin sold property at 1930 Rt 32 to Wilson Longdaue for $182,310.


Jason Menard sold property at 106 Pearl St to Travis Schoonmaker for $100,000.

Matthew Fuld sold property at 7 Wright Rd to Ethan Bain for $415,000

Cynthia Dudziak sold property at 282 Hayes Rd to David Woodward for $625,000

Pantelis Kodogiannis sold property at 106 Franklin Beach Rd to Holly Kimball for $225,000.

Ethan Bain sold property at 23 Eagles Way to Joseph Ferrone for $271,500.


Helen Cheltowski sold property at 90 Catherine St to Denise Donlon for $650,000

Denise Donlon sold property at 73 Belmont Dr to David Zaltsman for $325,000.

Helen Fabrizio sold property at 38 High Rock Unit 4A to Riposa Properties LLC for $665,000.

West Ave Development Saratoga LLC sold property at 116 West Ave Unit 212 to Elliott Rosen for $664,557.

William Latour sold property at 40 Tompion Lane to Sean Mansfield for $220,000.

Eric Lawson sold property at 79 Railroad Place Unit 401 to Michael Ryan for $776,000.

Robert Rothschild sold property at 146 Washington St to Michael D’agnese for $475,000.

Jeffrey Walton sold property at 74 Marvin St to Robert Blake for $575,000

Patrick Graham sold property at 0 Arrowhead Rd to Thomas Iacobelli for $124,900

Meadowbrook IV LLC sold property at 50 Winding Brook Dr to Philip Mazzotti for $355,875.

Donald Colosimo sold property at 55 Waterview Dr to William Crane for $712,500

William Jameson sold property at 557 Lake Ave to Christine Guarnieri for $407,500.


Robert Young sold property at 5 Newington Ave to Madeline Rogers for $260,000.

120 Division Street holdings LLC sold property at 12 Commerce Park Dr to Joseph Ernst for $350,000.

Joshua Galarneau sold property at 9 Sydney Hill Rd to Trojanski Custom Builders for $205,000

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property at 71 Cypress St to Norbert Czelusniak for $344,683. Heidi Childs sold property at 24 Sherwood to Quiet Acres LLC for $258,500. Brookview Court Inc sold property at 2103 Stonebridge Dr to Christine Famiano for $257,424. Brookview Court Inc sold property at 2201 Stonebridge Dr to Danny Deweese for $281,517. Kent Chase sold property at 1 Chase Lane to Mark Barkyoumb for $450,000. Brookview Court Inc sold property at 2204 Stonebridge Dr to Anne Menkens revocable trust for $264,756. Brookview Court Inc sold property at 2202 Stonebridge Dr to David Kelley for $277,224.…
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