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Property Transactions: June 19 - June 25, 2021

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
38 Stratton Lane, Stillwater • $430,000 38 Stratton Lane, Stillwater • $430,000


Zachary Robbiano sold property at 203-205 Kingsley Rd to Evan Comilloni for $441,500.

Sonta Mone sold property at 259 Lake Rd to Nicholas Mangino for $449,500.

Brookview Court Inc sold property at 3201 Stonebridge Dr to Nicole Capasso for $312,673.

Christa Ippolitti sold property at 82 Connolly Rd to Christopher Mosca for $407,000.


Trevor Gowan sold property at 3141 New York State Rt 9N to Thomas Pedulla for $280,500.

Matthew Houle sold property at 453 Maple Ave to Elizabeth Keenan for $245,500.

Grant Selfridge sold property at 23 Old Stone Ridge Rd to Derek Demeo for $1,325,000.

Cassandra Johnston sold property at 565 North End Rd to Richard O’Connor for $438,000.


Sharon Spadaro sold property at 869 Malta Ave Ext to Joshua Heald for $232,000.

Romel Gobunsuy sold property at 12 Sage Ct to Stephen Leisenfelder for $600,000

Nelson Hildreth sold property at 262 Old Post Rd to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc for $689,000

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc sold property at 262 Old Post Rd to Frank Opie for $689,000

Spyridon Manesis sold property at 2 Cambridge Way to Catherine Catalano for $309,900.


James Polson sold property at 41 Red Oak Lane to Michaela Conway for $201,585.

Veronica Cooney sold property at 29 Crestline Dr to Nicole Ronca for $175,000.

Cailin Peek sold property at 19 Kristan Dr to Samuel Williams for $260,000.


Vicki Bucciantini sold property at 1158 NYS Rt 9P to Sandra Sullivan for $775,000

Thomas Macica sold property at 155 Cemetery Rd to Leila Harrison for $288,900.


Gordon Male sold property at 37 Clark St to Skia Realty Company One LLC for $485,000

Helen Case LLC sold property at 69 Phila St to Joseph Deleva for $285,000.

Anderson Holdings LLC sold property at NYS Rt 29 to Stewarts Shops Corp for $400,000.

5A High Rock LLC sold property at 38 High Rock Ave Unit 5A to Tri Properties High Rock 5A LLC for $670,000.

Mel Macy sold property at 42 Eureka Ave to Seth Mceachron for $595,000.

West Ave Development Saratoga LLC sold property at 116 West Ave Unit 203 to George Zanaros for $468,937.

Eric Nagler sold property at 32 Lexington Rd to Herbert Nagler for $262,600.

Bernard Gurtler sold property at 26 Dyer Switch Rd to Peter Terranova for $359,600.

Spencers Landing LLC sold property at 16B Arrowhead Rd to Ann Marie Dalessandro for $591,263.

Manuel Ballesteros sold property at 3 Mijas Trail to Amy Koshgarian for $150,000.

James Kennedy sold property at 36 Piping Rock Circle to Erin Ennis for $485,000.

Saratoga County sold property at 31 Woodlawn Ave to Adirondack Trust Company for $2,800,100.

Richard Lofink sold property at 130 White St to Erin Ennis for $485,000.

Saratoga County sold property at 31 Woodlawn Ave to Adirondack Trust Company for $2,800,100.


Alison Pase sold property at 37 Fairmount Dr to Michelle Lottridge for $320,000.

Megan Pero sold property at 4 Erinn Ct to Caitlin Allen for $612,000.

John McKeon sold property at 28 Glenburnie Rd to Patricia Logan for $305,000.

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Property Transactions

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