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Property Transactions 3/24/17


4 Harvester Way, $417,930. Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property to Legacy Custom Homes LLC. 

33 Forest Rd., $220,000. Louis Hoebel sold property to Michael Turgeon and Cynthia Thomas-Turgeon. 

412 Goode St., $190,000. Charles Sammons sold property to Geoffry and Karley Hoffman. 

8 America Way, $412,391. Briarwood Brooks Development LLC sold property to Joshua Terranova.

76 Church Ave., $180,000. Jean Dahlgren sold property to Scott, Rosemary and Avrum Tabachneck. 


3483 Boyhaven Rd., $79,900. Donald Sanders and Joyce Caver sold property to Geoffrey and Jillian Jones. 

342 Middle Grove Road, $95,000. Thomas Merrills, Jr. sold property to Joyce Anderson. 

Fox Hill Rd., $55,000. Edward and Carole Siragusa sold property to Neil Risso and Tina Raia.

150 Medbury Rd., $340,000. Audrey Belt and William Boehmke, Jr. 


140 Thimbleberry Rd., $190,000. Katherina Duval sold property to Daniel and Lori Flatoff. 

0 Raylinski Rd., $1,200,000. Peter Belmonte, Jr. (Ind and Co-Trustee), Paul Belmonte (Co-Trustee) sold property to Mabeys Realty Inc. 

18 Applewood Dr., $260,000. James Moran, II sold property to Jessic Dechene and David Cayole. 


326 Stone Church Rd., $159,000. Khris Clemens sold property to Casey Hart.

3291 Galway Rd., $110,000. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Thomas Clark. 

1375 Armer Rd., $70,000. David Roner, and Elizabeth and Catherine Shrome sold property to Derek and Ashley Heald. 


8 Morgans Run, $110,000. FE Saratoga Inc. sold property to Harold Reiser.

271 Hayes Rd., $30,000. US Bank Trust (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Donald Ormsby.

443 NYS Rte. 32, $44,162. County of Saratoga and Terrence Sarro sold property to Mark Harrison. 

27 Burgoyne St., $85,000. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Davin and Jordan LeClair. 

164 County Route 338, $104,369. Paul Irish sold property to Katherine and Thomas Irish. 

114 Chelsea Dr., $260,000. Jullian Reilly (by Agent) and Robert Reilly sold property to Meghan Myers.


8 Sunset Dr., $117,950. Sunmark Federal Credit Union sold property to Gabryshak Construction Inc. 

58 Fifth Ave., $1,100,000. Agatha and Victoria Benton and Maureen Colonell (co-Trustees) sold property to 519 Broadway LLC. 

1 Tommy Luther Dr., $388,500. Jayne Maahs sold property to John Waddell. 

68 Putnam St., $200,000. BMC Property Development LLC sold property to Caroline Street Owners LLC. 

2 Balmain Ct., $1,200,000. Marcia Pascuito sold property to James and Kelli Tammaro. 

60 Greenfield Ave., $250,000. Patrick Cronin (as Trustee) sold property to Thomas, Lisa, Peter and Theresa Buser. 

14 Richard Ave., $130,000. Andrew Kazanjian sold property to DGD Holdings LLC. 

62 Greenfield Ave., $250,000. Patrick Cronin (as Trustee) sold property to Thomas, Lisa, Peter and Theresa Buser. 

260 Ballston Ave., $220,000. 146 Middle Ave LLC sold property to Yuanzhao Chen. 

354 Grand Ave., $228,500. Robert Zetterstrom (by Exec) sold property to Timothy and Lauren Hatch. 

1 Spring Street Unit 202, $145,000. Broadway Spring Corp sold property to McMahon Properties Inc. 

25 Wedgewood Dr., $500,000. Michael and Christiana Holland sold property to David Taylor and Annmarie Cipollo. 

3 Sunset Dr., $133,875. Bank of New York Mellon (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to 146 Middle Ave LLC. 

23 Park Place, $620,000. Alice O’Brien sold property to John and Marlene Wood. 

7 Chloes Way, $495,993. McKenzie Estates of Saratoga Springs sold property to Sean Donohue. 

7 Michael Dr., $205,000. Marian Beckman (by Agent) sold property to Thomas and Marilyn Scott. 

45 Arrowhead Road Rear, $875,000. Michael and Ruth Perkins sold property to Virginia Touhey and Kathleen Simmons. 

8 Nelson Ave., $640,000. Sarah Morse sold property to Brian Vecchio. 

6 Quevic Dr., $215,000. Patricia and William Joubert, Sr. sold property to David and Sally Sheldon. 

3 Iris Dr., $569,900. Christopher and Carla Rekucki sold property to Franesa and Bert Pyle III. 

7 Deerleap Place, $240,000. Gordon and Terra Myers sold property to Steven Floch. 


18 West St., $103,500. Eighteen West Street Land Trust sold property to Francis and Kelly Callahan. 


13 Anyhow Lane, $310,000. Kathryn Parker and Michelle Berry (co-Trustees) and Samuel Lantz (Ind and as Atty) and Sharon Lantz (by Atty) sold property to Karen Murray. 

14 Northern Pines Rd., $232,500. Jeffrey and Robin Irish sold property to Sebastian Whiting. 

4 Cedarcrest Dr., $211,150. CP SRMOF II 2012  (a Trust by Atty), US Bank and Trust (as Trustee by Atty)  sold property to Justin Orozco. 

5 Ho Hum Lane, $225,000. Tyler Kelley sold property to Gina Sidway. 

148 Ruggles Rd., $405,000. Paul and Lisa Vinsel sold property to Wayne and Diana Terwilliger. 

9 Timberlane Dr., $200,000. Richard Duerr (by Exec) sold property to Richard  Duerr. 

316 Northern Pines Rd., $138,000. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Jeffrey Reale. 

42 Worth Rd., $405,000. Abraham and Angie Sultan sold property to Paul Beasly and Wendy Mayes-Beasly. 

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Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  1341 West High St., $335,000. James and Mary Schmitz sold property to Matthew and Devin Whalen.  5 Thomas Ave., $105,000. Equinox Properties LLC sold property to McConchie Properties LLC.  8 Roseland Blvd., $206,000. Herbert Gott (by Admin) sold property to Andrew and Amy Ferrone.  8 Willem Way, $135,000. Frank Volpe (by Atty) and Denise Volpe (Ind. And as Atty) sold property to Christopher Naughton and Donna Arini.  38 Forest Rd., $215,000. Aven Real Estate Enterprises LLC sold property to Craig Kincaid. Lot 14 MacKenna Ct., $427,116. John Paul Builders LLC sold property to Richard and Mary Leonard.…
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