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Property Transactions 3/31/17


190 Kingsley Rd., $191,000. Zachary Whitney (by Agent) and Rachel Whitney (Ind. and as Agent) sold property to Michael Burke and Rebecca Routh. 

3 Ironweed St., $341,034. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Timothy and Jean Mahar.

12 Marlyn Dr., $282,500. Patrick and Colleen Baker sold property to David and Monique Rath.


2191 Maple Ave., $325,000. Colin and Wendy Baird sold property to Ryan and Brooke Cullinan. 


28 Woodstead Rd., $215,001. Secretary of Veterans Affairs sold property to Christopher Kennedy. 

29 Crestwood Dr., $288,000. Lloyd and Paula Eggleston sold property to Cynthia and John Jennings, Jr.

Pierce Rd., $1,200,000. Country Club Acres Inc. sold property to Pierce Road LLC. 

8 Wall St., $195,000. Lorraine Vittorio (by Agent) sold property to Janice Forte.


 County Route 10, $45,000. Joseph Inzone sold property to Thomas and Kyle Beyer.

22 County Route 10 Rear, $11,750. Carrington Mortgage Services LLC sold property to Ira Emery and Ida Ellis. 

23 Saratoga Ave., $154,760. Kevin Skinner sold property to Travis and Celeste Bills. 

116 County Route 10, $31,354. Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. 


6048 Sahara Rd., $11,000. Joseph Pinkans (as Trustee) sold property to Anthony and Arlene Annonio.

2807 Galway Rd., $164,000. Colleen Amell sold property to Lucinda Buck and Adam Grinvalsky. 


12 Canyon Crossing Rd., $320,000. Jeffrey and Tonya Coulter sold property to Jessica Skura-Capone.


15 Hancock Way, $185,000. Maureen Comeskey sold property to Brenda VanWormer.

5A Inglewood Dr., $300,000. Michael Orchard sold property to Michael and Laurie Ryan. 

57 Devonshire Way, $514,900. Cartus Financial Corporation sold property to Michael Alabastro and Christine Gonzalvo-Alabastro. 

206 Victory Way, $148,000. Mary Thibodeau sold property to Linda Sofia. 

1 Mapleridge Ave., $262,500. Jobert and Chelsea Lambert sold property to Sandra Mardigian. 

45 Halfmoon Dr., $85,500. Michael Lanchak sold property to Emily Lanchak. 

25 New Netherland Way, $268,000. Brian and Mya Ties sold property to Stephen and Heather Giorgianni. 

20 Gorsline Dr. $363,639. Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Diana and Robert Barile, Jr. 


8 Burton Dr., $399,950. Patricia Hoover and Glenn Miner sold property to Elizabeth and Joseph DiBenedetto, Jr. 

32 May Apple Way, $252,000. Jessica Skura-Capone sold property to Rachel Downie. 

2347 Route 9, $989,000. Rockhurst LLC sold property to Abele Builders Inc. 

2347 Route 9, $982,000. Shecky Development LLC sold property to Abele Builders Inc. 

232 Thimbleberry Rd., $175,000. Patrick Haskell sold property to Michael Hornbeck. 

18 Candlewood Dr., $315,000. Jason and Kristen Driscoll sold property to Christopher and Kim Husher.


408 Crooks Grove Rd., $60,500. Fannie Mae sold property to John Noob. 

2 Lancaster Place, $196,900. David and Vanessa Viscusi sold property to Robert Overocker.

12 Van Tassel  Lane, $182,500. John and Rhonda Morris sold property to Jill Hoffman. 

Heisler Rd., $28,950. Loren and Heather Grimm sold property to Town of Milton.


91 Spier Falls Rd., $339,900. Kevin and Jennifer O’Leary sold property to Richard and Lisa Radel. 

32 Briarhurst Dr., $315,000. Gary and Kathryn Peffer sold property to Robert and Cathy Boucher. 

43 Williams St.$229,200. Cerrone Construction LLC sold property to Tanya and Frederick Mangine, Jr. 

548 Selfridge Rd., $313,000. James and Teresa Demeter sold property to Stone Financing LLC. 

548 Selfridge Rd., $313,000. Stone financing LLC sold property to Jenine and Casey Klippel. 


7 Wright Rd., $373,500. William and Tina Maher sold property to Matthew Fuld. 

309 Burgoyne Rd., $303,000. Kathryn Frederick sold property to Ryan and Corinne Coleman. 

22 Church St., $600,000. Carmody Realty LLC sold property to Blackbird 1 LLC.


5 Spring St., Unit 1, $310,000. Broadway Spring Corp. sold property to Joseph McCann. 

5 Spring St., $560,000. Broadway Spring Corp. sold property to Brett Sohns. 

318 Ballston Ave., Unit D, $306,498. 318 Ballston Ave LLC sold property to Charles and Lori Georgalas.

22 Hathorn Blvd., $216,500. Joshua and Kristine Zalen (by Atty) sold property to Shiloh and Megan Crawford.


58 Blizzard Rd., $398,500. John and Laurie LeClaire sold property to Gregg and Bonnie Minick. 


10 Corinth Mountain Rd., $107,000. Nellie Coville and Beverly Young sold property to John Coonradt, Jr.

15 Craw Lane, $364,325. McPadden Builders LLC sold property to Daniel and Emily O’Connor. 

6 King Mills Rd., $241,000. Stephen and Jennifer Clark sold property to Raissa Myron. 

Dimmick Rd., $14,559. Stephen Griffin sold property to Samuel and Viola Wahnon.

45 Dimmick Rd., $327,000. Pennymac Corp sold property to William O’Connor.

Pettis Rd., $281,500. Wade Sjogren and Walter Sjogren, Jr. (co-Trustees) sold property to WHIBCO Inc. 

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Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  1341 West High St., $335,000. James and Mary Schmitz sold property to Matthew and Devin Whalen.  5 Thomas Ave., $105,000. Equinox Properties LLC sold property to McConchie Properties LLC.  8 Roseland Blvd., $206,000. Herbert Gott (by Admin) sold property to Andrew and Amy Ferrone.  8 Willem Way, $135,000. Frank Volpe (by Atty) and Denise Volpe (Ind. And as Atty) sold property to Christopher Naughton and Donna Arini.  38 Forest Rd., $215,000. Aven Real Estate Enterprises LLC sold property to Craig Kincaid. Lot 14 MacKenna Ct., $427,116. John Paul Builders LLC sold property to Richard and Mary Leonard.…
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