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Property Transactions 4/7/17


29 Fruitwood Dr., $231,450. Dale and Denise VanSickle sold property to Mary and Danielle McCaskey. 

77 Sweet Rd., $540,000. Stephen and Ryan Krampert sold property to Joshua and Jennifer Billings and Mark and Rosann englebretson. 

128 Church St., $222,500. Laurie and Edwin Hersh sold property to Ryan and Jessica Meade. 


19 Cortland Ave., $179,900. Gary Plasencia, Jr. sold property to Nicollo and Nicole Maddalone. 


22 Haystack Road East, $101,000. Andrew and Deborah MacIntosh (by Ref) sold property to Richard Solosky. 

97 Dubois Lane, $212,000. Frank Alan (by Ref) sold property to Trustco Bank. 

15 Stoney Creek Dr., $166,000. Maryann Cornwell sold property to Kathryn Farris.

4 Hampshire Place, $298,000. Roy Satzman and Brita Nelson sold property to Eric McTighe.

7 Kimberly Ct., $10,000. Jason Browe (by Ref) sold property to Deutsche Bank Trust Company America (as Trustee). 

32 Saddle Creek Circle, $790,545. Bridlewood Ridge DBA sold property to Nicholas and Jennifer Bennice. 

4 Pine Hill Bend, $450,000. Nermina Ibralic sold property to Claire and Dow Weiman. 

1858 Hwy 9, $134,802. Fannie Mae sold property to Brittany and Michele Grudecki. 

7 Westchester Ct., $163,500. Grace Hastings sold property to Justin Berdar. 

45 Balsam Way, $485,248. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Eugene and Maryann Boehringer. 


 122 Maple St., $95,000. Louis McArthur, Jr. sold property to Jared and Laurie Haines. 

118 Walnut St., $148,000. CCD Property Solutions Inc. sold property to Stacy and Michael Behan, Jr. 


16 Main St./15 Park Ave., $154,000. Kenneth Kohl sold property to Angelo and Erin Spinetta.

211 Daketown Rd., $269,000. Jennifer Bashant (as Trustee) sold property to Steven Shaw.

6, 8 and 15 Humes Rd., $207,000. Casey Cornell sold property to Cartier Construction Co. LLC. 


9 Fairview Rd., $155,000. Nicholas Denno sold property to Sean McCleary.

4081 Rockwell St., $125,500. Vance and Anna Plante sold property to Melanie Locke. 


2 Generals Way, $197,900. Dana Moraci (as Trustee) sold property to Michael Janucik. 

55 Dormie Ave., $283,6778. Fairways of Halfmoon LLC sold property to Anthony Antonecchia. 

3 Gorsline Dr., $454,015. Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Brendan and Kristen Nielsen. 

6 Bent Grass Dr., $310,000. Sarah Clark sold property to Frank and Mary DeGraw.

7 Chester Dr., $409,000. Marini Homes LLC sold property to Gaolong Jin and Qi Wang. 

Lot 3 Victor Dr., $398,753. Hodorowski Homes LLC sold property to Nicola and Michael Tate, Jr. 

10A Pointe West Dr., $256,395. Pointe West Townhomes of Halfmoon LLC sold property to Mohamed Salama.

10 Barn Owl Place, $451,568. Barbara Homes and Development Inc. sold property to Zhou Fang and Danni Chen. 

1858 Hwy 9, $134,802. Fannie Mae sold property to Brittany and Michele Grudecki. 

26 Upper Newton Rd., $359,900. James and Donna Monroe sold property to Elaine Morcone and Lyle Champagne. 

106 Route 236, $95,227. Citimortgage Inc. sold property to Stephen Rousseau and Jonathan Elkind. 

4 Spice Mill Blvd., $385,000. Tracy and Ann King sold property to Insoo Jung and Jihyun Im. 

9 Horizon Dr., $420,000. Matthew Schwartz and Rachel Leimbach sold property to Sondra and Dylan Sample. 


16 Fletcher Ave., $100,000.  Kathryn Hills (by Co-Execs) sold property to Alison Minoogian. 

110 Dunning St., $220,000. Capital District Ventures LLC sold property to John and Corrine Price. 

81 Snowberry Rd., $156,900. Mark McDonald sold property to Teli Chen. 


10 Conan Run, $50,000. Geyser Road LLC sold property to Joseph Mitchell. 

2 Knollwood Hollow, $218,000. Patricia Mabie sold property to Walter and Joan Kopczuk. 

331 Northline Rd., $326,400. Basil and Donna Dobush sold property to Michaela Serseloudi. 

18 Frederick Lane, $195,000. Adept Real Estate Group LLC sold property to Robert Woodard. 

30 Red Coach Trail, $183,685. Debra and William Clabeaux (by Ref) sold property to Christina Trust (DBA). 


6 Third St., $45,000. Christina Trust DBA (by Atty) sold property to Jourdan Darrow and Jessica Dupont. 

6 Park Dr., $185,000. Andrew and Sandra Chadwick sold property to James Krywy and Darlene Gould. 


38 High Rock Ave., Garage #2. $120,000. High Rock condominiums LLC sold property to Chestnut 1204KR LLC. 

52 Winners Circle, $247,000. Kevin and Loretta Crotty sold property to Maria and Christine Pietro. 

32 Andrews St., $360,000. Carol Pulver, Augustus Ross III, Barbara Ross-Cassidy sold property to Shafer and Tara Gaston. 

43 Central Ave., $470,000. Matthew and Tracey Dooley sold property to Nicholas Magina. 

5 Dublin Square Lane, $326,000. Daria Botten sold property to Constance Contompasis. 

453 Broadway, $200,000. CNL APF Partners LP sold property to Jays Acquisitions LLC. 

289 Jefferson St. Unit 22. $269,900. Brandon Ditty sold property to Christopher Wilson and Shannon McCarthy. 

5 Spring St., Unit 302, $322,500. Broadway Spring Corp. sold property to Raymond and Karen Iveson. 

24 Joshua Rd., $799,977. DCD Holdings LLC sold property to Eileen Wood and Jeffrey Swick. 

64 Sarazen St., Rear, $389,900. Barbara Eaton sold property to John and Susan Colucci. 

280 West Circuloar St., $85,000. Adam Siano sold property to DGD Holdings LLC. 

6 Southpoint Rd., $625,000. James and Lisa Fogo sold property to Marisa Wolff. 

24 Wampum Dr., $228,000. Black Horse Development LLC sold property to Michael and Heather Steiert. 


991 Hudson Ave., $161,000. Kyle and Victoria MacKenzie sold property to Edwin and Donna Burmaster.

939 Hudson Ave., $158,801. Robert Sedwick (by Ref) sold property to Beyah Holdings LLC. 

8 Broughton Lane, $99,292. Nancy Messercola sold property to Shaari Feldman. 

19 Native Dancer Lane, $284,000. Gregory and Sally Wilson sold property to Frank and Helen Rosales. 


3 Heather Dr., $340,000. GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust sold property to Patricia Brunder. 

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Property Transactions

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