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Property Transactions 6/2/17


4 Long Creek Dr., Ext. $440,000. Laurie Larson sold property to Thomas and Bonnie Farineau. 


109 Hubbs Rd., $252,500. Aaron Moore sold property to Corey and Ashley Immke. 

98 Dubois Lane, $195,000. Richard Lewis (as Successor Trustee) sold property to Norma Henness and Tracy Tuczynski. 

9 Maryanne Dr., $305,000. Joshua and Michele Sawyer sold property to Ashley and George Seaton. 

3B LaCosta Dr., $13,650. McGrory Ruby Life Estate sold property to William and Jeffrey McGrory. 

14 Chatsworth Way, $420,000. Jay Cao sold property to BGRS LLC. 

14 Chatsworth Way, $420,000. BGRS LLC sold property to Joseph Sagili and Divya Kethreddy. 

8 Wall St., Unit 437, $262,000. Sanford and Robin Cohn sold property to Constance Brown. 

2 Sunrise Terrace, $315,000. Charles Abel and Amanda Meller sold property to Christian and Elizabeth Fugloe. 

14 Bonneau Rd., $258,369. Elizabeth Ohler and Penny Kenast sold property to Bank of America. 

8 Ridge Lane, $323,000. Patrick and Christine Patell sold property to Gregory and Christen Jones. 

4 Dyer Dr., $236,900. Martha Rideout and Paul George sold property to Heidi Ward.

5 Southwood Dr., $294,500. David and Kathleen Kelly sold property to Shijo George.

101 Balsam Way, $409,485. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Mansoor Siddiqui, Talat Mansoor and Humayun Baig. 

4 Dhara Court, $447,660. DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property to Michael and Elina Wolf. 

20 Prospect Point Lane, $530,000. Ralph Dee sold property to Anthony  and Anne Singer (as Trustees). 


35 Locust Ridge Dr., $255,000. Joshua Brewbaker sold property to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. 

35 Locust Ridge Dr., $255,000. Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. sold property to Christopher Finnerty and Jessica Smith. 

19 Fuller Rd., $63,000. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (by Atty) sold property to Tasha Briggs. 


224 S. Greenfield Rd., $177,500. Ronald McElwain sold property to 17 19 Waterbury Street LLC. 

340 Greene Rd., $185,000. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (by Atty) sold property to Laura Zembroski. 

471 Lake Desolation Rd., $237,000. Robert Israel sold property to Patrick and Jessica Carney. 

104 Sand Hill Rd., $183,000. Jason and Deidra Burke sold property to Richard and Erika Bussing. 


33 Deer Run Hollow, $257,900. Leonardo and Donna Ieronimo sold property to GJA and S LLC. 

5 Christopher Way, $283,550. Marianne Perry sold property to Lisa Michaud.

288 Grooms Rd., $100,000. Marjorie Russell sold property to MRG Family Partners LLC. 

53 Orchardview Dr., $330,000. Alan and Pamela Heaton sold property to Derrick Brewer and Melissa Yager.

10 Vandeburgh Lane, $250,000. Glenn Rockwood (as Trustee) sold property to Heather Dziarcak. 

23 Manchester Dr., $235,000. Richard Edwards sold property to Douglas and Taylor Weinheimer.

2C Inglewood Dr., $302,565. Bordeau Builders Inc. sold property to Scott Young. 


48 May Apple Way, $254,000. Jane Cooper-Freihofer sold property to Brian and Courtney Rocque. 

13 George Ave., $133,900. Louise Bradford sold property to Todd Haver.

61 Yachtsman Way, $649,829. Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Timothy and Kathy Clark.

234 East Line Rd., $165,000. Edward Keeler sold property to Samuel Armao. 

7 Old Chatham Rd., $219,900. Keith Fredrick sold property to Anthony Payne and Karyn Campo. 

270 Thimbleberry Rd., $185,000. Kelly Kenyon sold property to Krystal Nattes and Arthur Mosley III. 

22 Vettura Ct., $85,000. Lecmor Residential LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. 


150 1st Ave., $78,312. Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Starrbuilt Custom Homes LLC. 

173 North Main St., $70,250. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Kateri and Neil Perkins. 


594 Acland Blvd., $335,000. James Perella sold property to Michael and Lindsay Speranza. 

1021 Baker Rd., $105,000.  Christiana Trust (as Trustee by Atty) sold property to Jesse Lena.

83 John St., $148,400. Samantha Blowers sold property to Rachael Rejiester. 

885 Middleline Rd., $315,000. C and P Community LLC sold property to Kayadeross Acres Inc. 

12 Birchtree Lane, $162,029. Leigh Ballentine sold property to Nationstar Mortgage LLC. 


57 Church St., $147,446. Andrew and Jennifer Jennings sold property to Jason Young. 

4 Mennen Rd., $74,500. Glenn Waldinger sold property to Brandon Salvi. 


64 Rip Van Lane, $252,500. Caryn Coughtry sold property to Florence and Reed Abbott. 

2 Wilshire Blvd., $330,000. Al and Laura Palkovich sold property to Christopher Macaluso. 

16 Derby Dr., $197,000. Mary Ellen Walsh sold property to Carmelo Modesto.

11 Bensonhurst Ave., $275,000. Karen Radley sold property to Connor Preece.

748 Broadway, $1,372,000. Saratoga Broadway LLC sold property to Larissa and Peter Rosecrans, Jr. 


565 Hudson Ave., $227,000. Mark Petronis sold property to Sean and Kimberly Labunski.

38 Gurgba Dr., $278,000. Sam Ly sold property to Trisha Darrah. 

57 Lake St., $19,900. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Donald Starr. 

23 Russell Dr., $210,000. Interstate Investment Holdings LLC sold property to George and Melissa Vermilyea. 

3 Musket March, $239,900. 3 Musket March Land Trust sold property to Xi Chen and Jerry Dacchille, III. 


32 Wispering Pines Rd., $170,000. Joseph and Carolyn Prunier sold property to Ellen Brodie. 

17 Circle Ct., $162,000. Michael and Dana Myers sold property to Bethony LLC.

275 Louden Rd., $215,000. Rock Solid Real Estate LLC sold property to Zachary McMaster and Kaitlyn Kroez. 

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Property Transactions

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